Bringing back the Mammoth

Interested in the idea of bringing back extinct species such as the mammoth and the auroch… and saw this.

Vox is a fucking idiot.

Does he really think it will be LEGAL to give your children blond hair and blue eyes ?

Yes our technology allows us to do ANYTHING, but it isn’t going to be LEGAL.

remember the movie Voyagers ?

where they bred those kids to be superior to colonize that planet ?

well they could have been doing this type of stuff centuries ago already.

99% of plant foods on your table did not exist in nature until humans selectively bred them into existence. we bred small, hard, bitter, toxic foods into large, sweet, soft, safe to eat foods.

literally NONE of the plant foods you eat exist in the wild - go to the forest and try to find something to eat there.

the Coconut is probably the ONLY wild food that is the same as what you can buy at the store. wild Bananas are probably edible but nothing like ones you buy at the store. European foods are even more different from their wild counterparts.

We could have bred humans for beauty and intelligence as well and guess what - we did !

This is how we have elite bloodlines and castes. This is why poor people look like this:


And rich people look like this:

but only a fucking idiot like Vox Day can believe that the rich will allow us to look like them !

as for the Mammoth yeah we can probably bring it back.

but what is the point ?

i really don’t care either way.

Same reason men climb Everest…it’s there…for the taking.

it’s weird that you believe in G_d of the bible but want to resurrect the Mammoth …

some scientist in China got in big trouble for using genetic editing to let HIV positive mother safely give birth to children whom he genetically engineered to be immune to HIV …

i don’t remember what was done to this scientist but Elites didn’t take lightly to this kind of fuckery …

in his defense the scientist said he used the technology to cure / prevent sickness and not to enhance the children …

i remember at the time i thought it was noteworthy he brought this up … in other words the elites SPECIFICALLY are worried that the poors will genetically enhance themselves to become more competitive with the elites …

the scientist as he begged for mercy specifically mentioned intelligence …

so the tech is there but they will not allow us to use it …

they aren’t importing retarded Niggers and Spics just to let you then genetically engineer kids back to human level of intelligence …

Vox Day is an old fart who needs to call his internet provider and cancel his service …

in the movie Gattaca:

everyone in the future is genetically engineered and people who are not can only find jobs cleaning toilets.

this is total BS. the actual future is going to be the exact opposite.

genetically engineering children will be a bigger crime than raping children is today, which is to say - every single Elite will engage in it but the poors will be doing life in prison for this.

the poors will be allowed to clean up genetic diseases from their kids DNA but, in exchange the IQ of their children will be lowered as a form of payment for the procedure.

eventually there will be a human to monkey continuum with no gap in IQ with the lower classes having about the same level of intelligence as Chimpanzees today. barely intelligent enough to ride a bicycle.

these subhumans will spend 20 years training to perform tasks like how to change a bicycle tire, and be eternally grateful for the public education system without which they would not know how to do it.

while the Elites will be ON AVERAGE smarter than Elon Musk.

resistance will be absolutely impossible.

intelligence is the ultimate power.

intelligence is worth more than central banks or nuclear weapons.

the elites will NEVER allow people to have it.

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I watched Gattaca…good film.
You are saying the elite share Stalin’s dream of the perfect worker:
the strength of an ape with an IQ just sufficient to carry out orders.

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I remember that news item.
I am sure the outrage was about letting people know that the tech was that far along.
Makes you wonder what else they are hiding.

You are saying the top guys have climbed every ladder and kicked them away. There’s got to be a way…

Unrelated question:
Why no easy-to-use male birth control?

They want fewer poors so…why not?

in Brave New World

They grew human in various grades from Alpha Plus to Epsilon Minus - each person had just the right amount of intelligence for their line of work.

Huxley was their man, so that was their vision. He was basically the Yuval Harari of 1930s.

I see no evidence of Elites abandoning this formula …

But instead of adding poison to test tubes to create retarded Epsilons they are simply importing Niggers, who are already retarded. Then they will attempt to chemically castrate them with Xenoestrogens to make them less violent … of course i won’t work as their women are violent too.

In any case a society where everybody has equal abilities would be extremely unstable. A highly hierarchical society where one’s place is determined entirely by one’s ability would be completely stable.

Of course in our current society we promote Niggers and Faggots but this is probably only short term until family, religion and white race are destroyed.

yeah the average dumb fuck is supposed to believe that we are physically incapable of building a fence on the Mexico border, nearly a century after we built the Hoover Dam.

that’s an interesting way to put it … whether or not they have done it i think that was their goal.

well what exactly do you want to accomplish ? why should the average retard from GAB rape children on private islands alongside the Elites ? it makes no sense. what are we trying to do ?

Probably because males are producing sperm all the time while women only ovulate once a month. In other words a woman is already infertile most of the time, you just have to lock her in that state. A man has no infertile mode or time of month so there isn’t much you can do except Vasectomy.

i don’t think they want fewer poors. they want fewer middle class.

They want less of everybody.
ChatGPT etc. are definitely aimed at whittling down the middle though.

well what exactly do you want to accomplish ? why should the average retard from GAB rape children on private islands alongside the Elites ? it makes no sense. what are we trying to do ?

Not being rational…just thinking of my son…

not really.

they need Niggers to destroy Western Civilization.

they are threatened by out of control rise in standards of living of the White and Asian Middle Class. if they do nothing in another 50 years every middle class American will own five self-piloting private jets and you will not be able to see the sun from all the smog.

if elites do nothing 50 years from now your robot wife will get you dressed, open the door of your self driving 10,000 horsepower car for you, which will drive you to your self-driving private jet which will fly you to the other side of the planet in 1 hour ( just enough time for you to finish fucking your robot mistress ) at 10 times the speed of sound consuming 10,000 gallons of fuel in the process.

how to prevent this nightmare ?

just add Niggers.

they will take care of the rest …

if you think i’m joking you aren’t understanding what is going on.

economic growth cannot stop itself. in one century we went from bicycles ( 0.5 horsepower ) to Teslas ( 500 horsepower ). if we didn’t have decades of emissions regulations combustion engine cars would be at about 1,000 horsepower right now. engine size of cars today is less than half of what it used to be 50 years ago - this is due to government regulations.

Ford Model T had 22 horsepower:

Ducati Panigale has 210 horsepower:

and it doesn’t even have a turbo …

How do you stop this trend ?

It’s not going to stop itself.

People are building 2,000 horsepower cars in their garages these days.

Idiot conservatards and libertardians don’t understand that one way or the other somebody has to stop this.

it’s only a question of who, when and how.

so far the Elites have come up with two solutions:

1 - Communism
2 - Niggers

In the future - who knows ?

Maybe they will force inject us with Vaccine that makes you have retarded children …

can you imagine if we didn’t have government speed limits and government efforts to keep price of gas high by bombing pipelines, starting wars with oil producing countries and so on ?

can you imagine if we didn’t have government engineered traffic ?

we would be driving at probably about 120 mph today consuming perhaps 5 times as much gas as we do now.

only government TYRANNY is preventing this.

freedom … LOL. imagine believing you are free.

we are neither free nor should we be.

humanity is like a wildfire that must be contained or else it will consume everything.

unfortunately the people are too dumb to be told the truth. for millenia human animals were managed using fear and lies and false promises.

that part hasn’t actually changed … at all.

it’s an absolute joke.

to be granted freedom one must demonstrate certain qualities.

which the average person lacks completely.

for example - the founders never intended for Niggers to be free or for Women to vote.

and even then things like slavery and abolition thereof were contingent on shifts in economic situation …

when the economy was agricultural slavery was in …

when it shifted to industrial slavery was out …

freedom itself was appropriate when most of the continent was wilderness and freedom helped unlock the energy to conquer it …

but once the expansion phase is over and you’re facing finite resources scenario freedom has to be rolled back …

but you can’t tell people that because they are retarded animals not interested in reality …

you have to lie to them and mass murder them with MRNA “vaccines” and genocide them with Niggers and so on …

fighting the elites is retarded.

you have to join them.

you can’t save the animals.

nor should you.

the animals are not your friends.

or rather they are but only as long as you are an animal yourself.

the animals don’t stand for anything universally good.

they stand for their own greed just like the elites.

except at least the elites are intelligent and the animals are dumb.

Yeah…this is true…
Behind the cries for “Justice! Equality!” is often a foundation of envy and greed.
There was a rich man who was asked…one of the robber barons…what would he do if the poor rebelled.
And he answered that he would pay one half to shoot the other half.

No doubt that that would work.

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2 party system in a nut shell.

not often - always.

even i am not interested in giving anybody Justice or Equality if it doesn’t benefit me in some way.

nobody ever fights to have less money and power for some noble cause.

people always fight to have more … for a noble cause of course.

so really what all the Social Justice Warriors have in common is that they are the bottom of the barrel human filth. They are the ugliest, the poorest, the laziest and so on.

most of them literally suck dicks for money and STILL can’t afford to pay rent because of how worthless and ugly they are.

the Jolly Heretic:

has coined the term “spiteful mutants” to describe them …

you know if you want to help people literally nothing is stopping you. go and help them. but nobody ever does that. instead they protest for some noble cause which always entails them getting more of something at the expense of somebody else who is guilty of being better looking, more successful and so on …

Robert Greene suggests that additionally social justice warriors are driven by sadism - that noble causes give them the perfect moral cover to inflict suffering and ruin lives. I certainly believe that. My sadist father ( literal sadist, not a figure of speech ) is now a Social Justice warrior on the internet as well for example.

so basically “Spiteful Mutants” are defects who try to take the pain of being literally human refuse out on everybody else under the pretext of fighting for some greater good …

like they will go and burn down neighborhoods or block streets or look for any other kind of trouble but it’s all for some noble cause though which makes them the good guys and not just trash ( which they are ) …

Nazis and ANTIFA are the same in this sense. Nazis are INCELS while ANTIFA are low-paid sex workers, but both are incapable of functioning in society.

This is why i no longer claim to be fighting for some good, or anything at all. I just want to achieve maximum level of awareness possible. It makes no sense to me to live as one of the zombies. I seek out people who are not satisfied with the fairy tales we are told and wish to dig deeper.

NOT because armed with the knowledge we will somehow fix the world. But simply because being kept in the dark about things is insulting.

People always ask me the same question - how do we win ? I always find that question puzzling. We don’t ! Winning is some low-brow shit. It’s not about winning - it’s about being smarter than everybody else !

i know @OldFriendSaysHello has a different perspective LOL