Bringing back the Mammoth

by the way if the above sounded like i’m some kind of a Christian Family-Values Conservative that’s only because i was pitching my point to @marlon who is …

i personally think of those as ideological traps and consider myself above those things …

but because those are the underdog positions right now i do not fight against them, because GLOBOHOMO is winning as it is and doesn’t need my help …

on the other hand @kanyewest was banned because he was basically GLOBOHOMO himself … and even though i don’t necessarily disagree with GLOBOHOMO i just don’t see the point of having somebody echo the dominant paradigm as if having every single mainstream media and big tech platform doing this isn’t enough already …

we are supposed to be the ALTERNATIVE media here. alternative to the mainstream that is.

even though Christianity, Conservatism and Family are a bit too basic for my taste they do fit the definition of “alternative” in the current political climate. whereas pushing for 15 minute cities like @kanyewest was anything BUT alternative. it was the very definition of mainstream - he was basically unironically quoting straight from WEF themselves.

the point is this - i am not on your side or anybody’s side and i am not here so you could win - i don’t believe you can win nor if you could i don’t think it would be a good thing.

i am only here for the sake of reason, logic and facts but i am OK with people like @marlon straying a bit from those things as long as it’s in an ALTERNATIVE direction relative to mainstream ( WEF )

in other words let’s say i am pure reason, then WEF is to my left and @marlon is to my right. because WEF controls roughly 90% of all information channels ( Schools, Media, Big Tech etc. ) there is no harm in having somebody like @marlon counter-balance them with right-wing positions on Family and Jesus even if i don’t believe in those things.

on the other hand @kanyewest was only reinforcing what is already the dominant and STRICTLY ENFORCED paradigm. i tried to explain to him again and again why this was against the mission so to speak but he refused to change and had to go …

side note - what does “Based” mean ? based basically means contrary to the official dogma. in this sense @marlon is based. but not as based as me because i’m contrarian with respect to not only the official dogma but also to him !

meanwhile @kanyewest was trying to convince me that he is most based of all because he is contrarian with respect to me … but for some reason i didn’t accept that argument.

i wonder why.


i mean - i won’t try to stop you from trying to win in whatever way you think you can.

it’s just not something i believe in personally so don’t ask for my support in this “endeavor” …

to use violence ? not to use violence ? IMO it won’t work either way. but you do you - just don’t try to drag me down with you.

my thing is to be smart, which is incompatible with being dumb. but i have no problem with you being dumb - just don’t do it here ! in other words you can try to fight if you want - just don’t ask me how, because i don’t believe in that.

what i believe is what Nietzsche said - when fighting monsters one must be careful not to become a monster.

in other words there is only one way to defeat the Jews - and that is to become the Jews.

considering that - wouldn’t it be easier to simply JOIN the Jews in the first place ?

certainly it would be for me personally as i’m a Jew already, but as i said you do you …

what are the Jews ? what are the Globalists ?

you are defined by your actions.

but victory is also a result of actions.

to defeat the champion you must become the champion.

now just replace the word “Champion” with “monster” or “globalists” or “Jews” …

here is the twist though - it takes thousands of years - and you can’t replace the Jews with whites - you can only replace them with another minority - as majority can never rule

imagine if people actually thought about these things instead of just “protesting” like dumb animals ?

reality is anybody with a living brain cell can figure this out and understand that the real “solution” is “if you can’t beat them - join them”

i mean i’m not against the protesters - they’re doing more than me at least ( which is nothing ) but the result will be the same though ( nothing )

you don’t gain power by protesting. you gain power by networking and scamming. but then you become the very Jew you hate.

this is the immutable law of nature. to try to oppose it is like trying to teach lions not to eat Zebras.

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Yes. Yes it is.

you don’t gain power by protesting. you gain power by networking and scamming. but then you become the very Jew you hate.

this is the immutable law of nature. to try to oppose it is like trying to teach lions not to eat Zebras.

Thinking on this one…struggling to find a loophole…but I can’t.

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