Wrath of Gnon

i had been wondering where Groypers are getting their shitty urbanist takes, like the “just one more lane bro” memes on GAB

who is spoon feeding them this drivel ? well well well … this fucking cocksucker:

is posing as a traditionalist but is a full-time pusher of WEF agenda with regards to 15 minute cities …


the tweet that made it into my timeline was one where he celebrated converting a street from car to bicycle use … do you think Europeans traditionally used to cycle ? NOPE. cycling is what people do in Communist China. he is literally helping WEF turn your country into Communist China under the guise of traditionalism.

@Alkiphron was right. the WEF is taking no chances - full spectrum dominance - they are infiltrating everybody. they are already on GAB with memes like this:

using traditionalism as a Trojan Horse to get you to give up your freedom of movement under the pretext of fighting “car dependency” and so on …

we are more fucked than i realized … they are literally among us …

reality is that McDonalds / Exxon picture above represents the pinnacle of humanity - 1,000 years from now people will look at images like that the same way we now marvel at Ancient Roman Aqueducts … by then we will all be sleeping in pods, eating ze bugs and this McDonalds / Exxon picture will look like Wakanda to people - nobody will be able to believe such a high standard of living was possible …

nobody will believe that people used to own homes and private vehicles and that common people just casually ate meat … eating meat 1,000 years from now will be a luxury similar to r@ping children today. it will be reserved for Jewish Billionaires.

I believe we have been infiltrated for years and we just weren’t as aware of it then because we weren’t quite cynical enough:

1/ I was part of the old frogtwitter. At the time I thought nothing of the kind of people there or the memes they were sharing. But many of the top guys in it, in retrospect, must have been deep state operatives. When you look at the backgrounds of some of these guys when they have been doxxed, they are always very suspicious. And often they used classic infiltration, counter-intelligence and disinfo tactics then, as they continue to do to this day. The introduction of certain memes and their hypnotic repetition looks a lot like classic brainwashing techniques to me as well. Just didn’t feel natural at all, but like someone’s coordinated effort.

2/ There was also the revelation that much traffic on social media comes from places where the deep state has a huge presence. For example, one of the biggest contributors to reddit, twitter, 4chan, etc is the Eglin AFB in Florida, where there is a huge military intelligence farm. They literally published papers discussing their efforts to disrupt and hijack online communities. This was from maybe 2013 or so. But they have continued these operations into the present day. And this is just one of the many centers that do this. Not to mention all of the other members of Five Eyes or Israeli intelligence and so on, who are also quite active.

In conclusion, circa 2016 I actually believed there was an alternative media. Now I realize that this too was part of the con game that the people running the world play. It’s there to capture all the people who go off the main disinfo plantation. Mind you, I believe that grassroots opposition to all of this is real, but the leadership is aware of it and has tried to hijack it from day one.

if you think of population control as investing in ideas …

what is the smartest investment strategy ? invest early into things with big potential while they are still cheap …

so for example being an early investor into Bitcoin or Tesla etc …

why should the FEDs waste time working on the hearts and minds of Normies ?

Normies don’t have any hearts or minds - they just do what they’re told.

it is people with ideas that the FEDs must control first and foremost …

Not to mention it’s much cheaper to buy Niche Micro-Celebrities that influence extremists than it is to buy somebody like LeBron who influences Normies

obviously LeBron is 100% bought and paid for but it cost them a pretty penny …

they would be idiots to waste billions on brainwashing people who have no brains to begin with and then not set aside a trivial amount of money to infiltrate places like GAB where they would easily get 10 times better return on investment in terms of how much influence they can have on the course of history for how much money they need to spend to do it …

now as for @kanyewest he was probably just some kind of homosexual trying to impress me. he was trying to mirror my contrarian approach in order to get me to like him … while simultaneously trying to neg me by calling me a Jew and talking about “the danger zone” …

basically i doubt @kanyewest was a FED. i just couldn’t endure his crap anymore.

“Traditionalist” Wrath of Gnon is always very impressed by Financial Times, which is listed as “Agenda Contributor” on the WEF ( World Economic Forum ) website:

You can literally read these articles Gnon is UNIRONICALLY impressed by on the actual World Economic Forum website …

Tell me Gnon, how traditionalist is Eating Ze Bugs ?

oh wait, let me guess, Ze Bugs are " 21st Century Enhancements "

other 21st century enhancements WEF has in mind for you:

Human Composting

( and that’s just for starters )

if you think this sounds “Traditionalist” there is fairly good chance you might be A RETARD.

the job of infiltrators like Gnon is to take WEF agenda ( Wolf ) and put sheep clothing on it, that is specifically tailored for the Alt-Right.

a person of average intelligence doesn’t have the capacity to look beneath the surface of anything - they “think” in terms of memes, images, emotions …

all you really need to get the average Alt-Right moron to accept WEF agenda is to turn it into some DANK MEME and tell them that it is BASED

i have literally heard people say they are “based” because they … ( wait for it ) … support Israel.

but how can Gnon be a bad guy ? he uses such WHOLESOME PICTURES !

well … as George Carlin used to say if you can’t think past symbols you are SYMBLE MINDED.

here is the real nightmare though - the entire Alt-Right movement is built on symbolism … which means all a “WEF Young Global Leader” like Elon Musk

has to do is post a Pepe Meme:

and now he is suddenly “based” and “one of us” …

it is hopeless to be honest. you motherfuckers are too dumb to be saved.

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If it weren’t for suburbia and car culture, we would have to live with savages who want to kill us. And self-defense is illegal. That by itself would be enough to make it indispensable. But the quality of life is actually much better in general outside the urban cores beyond the mere survival concerns I just noted.

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Urbanists deny the fact that cars represent freedom.

They tell us that cars represent traffic, which is a prison.

They tell us that Traffic cannot be solved - all the while diligently working to increase it.

This mirrors PRECISELY how these same people tell us immigration border crisis cannot be solved … while forcing states to spend millions to dismantle portions of the wall that was already built privately.

In EXACTLY the same way taxpayers are forced to spend billions to dismantle existing roads and plant trees over them.



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motherfuck @kanyewest tried to argue that urban density isn’t the problem - blacks and immigrants are the problem

but you can bet your ass there is a @kanyewest on some other forum arguing that blacks and immigrants aren’t the problem - urban density is the problem

reality is the same exact people are behind both phenomena, just like how they’re behind both democrat and republican parties, just like how they are both white and Jewish …

they are masters at deflecting responsibility and blame … playing their little games …

but we know who they are and what their game is …

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G_d hates cars !

G_d sends floods to punish us for the original sin of driving !

hahahaha !

so the Article he linked ( i didn’t read it ) seems to suggest taxing the middle class into oblivion to pay to protect poor people’s homes which are built in flood zones ( the rich grab the good lots higher up, while the poor live in basically ditches )

and Gnon’s response is basically no that’s not Communist enough. as a “Traditionalist” Gnon demands that these people be genocided altogether.

Stalin took out the peasants with Holodomor.

China took the peasants out with 1 child policy.

Gnon wants genocide too but calls it “traditionalism”

it’s amazing how closely Gnon’s traditionalism aligns with China’s Communism …

this is Gnon’s traditionalist vision:

Gnon’s response to me regarding the above:

i agree !

let’s start by scrapping NYC along with their subways, buses and bike share programs. after all, NYC is a flood zone:

let’s not waste money on flood proofing NYC subway with measures like this:

we have to simply accept that Urbanism has failed.

he literally repeats WEF talking points WORD FOR WORD, for example " people not cars " :


yet his followers are so fucking stupid they tell me he hates globalists …

i asked them to give me one example of him disagreeing with WEF and they couldn’t …

but they remain convinced he is “their guy” …

it’s the same derangement that Trump followers have who insist that " Best for Israel " Trump who has embassy named after him in Jerusalem, whose Children are Jewish and who calls himself the “Father of the Vaccine” … is a revolutionary who is going to save them.

Trump followers are excited because Trump said he will drain the swamp … again

even though all he did last time was fill prisons with his own supporters while pardoning Negros and Jews …

Trump didn’t deliver on any of his promises like building the wall or draining the swamp last time yet his idiot supporters still think somehow he will do it this time …

even though he has literally nothing to gain by doings so whereas in the 1st term he had to at least worry about getting re-elected …

the sad reality we here on DissidentSound are so elitist and disconnected from the common folk we can’t even imagine how fucking dumb they are …

anybody who can be made to support Trump or follow Wrath of Gnon can also be convinced to drink their own piss for example

which is sadly most people

this is how stupid the average person is

poopy pants boomers - they really should just be euthanized

people say we shouldn’t let women vote - well we also shouldn’t let senile people vote

we have to pass tests to drive a car. if we get pulled over we may be asked to touch your nose or walk on a straight line - another set of tests. we need ID for most things in life.

but to vote ? - NOTHING.

no tests, no ID.

you can even vote when you’re dead.

that’s because the system wants voters as dumb as people who follow Wrath of Gnon or support Trump after what he has done ( Vaccines, Lockdowns, No Wall, Jerusalem Embassy, Throwing his own supporters in Prison ).

poopy pants boomers should be given a test such as kicking a soccer ball - if they can’t do it - they are too old to vote.

anybody too old to kick a soccer ball is the type of person who is constantly sending money to the Nigerian prince when they get notified that they won a million dollars by mail, or constantly buying warranty for their Toyota even though they actually have a Hyundai. these are also the same people who support Trump or follow Wrath of Gnon.

the WEF is covering all the bases.

they have “Fuck Cars Reddit” handling the young trannies and they have “Wrath of Gnon” handling Senile Seniors.

as for people who actually have brains - well there are ways of marginalizing them through divide and conquer for example. split their loyalties among multiple candidates during the primary while the Establishment candidate gets through for example.

or just simply destroy the candidate like they did to Kanye West.

or steal the election.

or ban the candidate from presidential debate for a fake reason ( i seen this MANY times )

or give establishment candidate questions for the debate before hand ( we have seen this )

and on and on …

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all the system needs is for idiots to support their cause / candidates to give it legitimacy

then they can manipulate their candidate through by various means

and still be able to act like we have democratic nations representing the will of the people

rather than a technocratic one world state representing the will of Klaus Schwab and WEF