Traditionalism and Localism are Trojan Horses

i made a post specifically about Urbanism here:

but the issue is more general where Traditionalism and Localism are used to roll back economic growth and living standards.

Lyn Alden

Once tweeted that the world has actually been DEGLOBALIZING since 2008 crash ( shown in charts in that tweet, that i won’t be able to find ).

Even as scumfucks like Wrath of Gnon:

are pretending to fight Globalism the real threat is already Localism. In fact THE LITERAL MEANING OF THE WORD COMMUNISM is Localism. that’s literally what Communism means - LOCAL COMMUNES.

do you notice how City Planners are always yapping about COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY ?

i once was a member of an Organic Food Cooperative in Brooklyn which was exactly such a Communist Commune modeled after the Israeli Kibbutz which is in turn related to Soviet Kolkhoz …

and Traditionalism - stuff like log houses ?

do you know what a log cabin is ? you probably think when you build a log house and go off grid you are giving Klaus Schwab the finger ? LOL

you going off grid and living in a log cabin is EXACTLY WHAT KLAUS SCHWAB WANTS.

of course he would prefer if you KILLED YOURSELF but when you go off grid and live in a log cabin you have in fact effectively killed yourself as far as everybody else is concerned - GET IT ?

if Log Cabins really were a rebellion against WEF do you think Log Cabin videos would be getting 10 million views on YouTube ? no they would be banned.

YouTube promotes those videos same as they promote videos about shipping container homes and so on.

anything that will get people to accept a lower standard of living.

when marketed to Liberals they use shipping container homes and sleep pods as “cool”

and when marketed to Conservatives they use log cabins as “based”

remember the Jews always control both sides …

they get both sides to think they are fighting the evil elites while actually working FOR the evil elites.

the ANTIFA who are directly funded by Soros think they are fighting evil capitalists …

and the Log Cabin morons promoted by JewTube think they are fighting Klaus Schwab by giving up on everything that Klaus Schwab wants to take from you ( such as cars ).

it’s the good old " you can’t fire me - i quit ! " type of situation.

you can’t take away my gas stove ! you can’t tell me that i must have a water usage restrictor in my shower head ! i will go live in a log cabin where i will not have ANY gas connection or ANY plumbing ! that will show Klaus Schwab !


Based Traditionalists are TOOLS every bit as pathetic, dumb and controlled as ANTIFA

the reason TRADS demonize Boomers is because Boomers enjoyed a standard of living that WEF has determined no generation should ever be allowed to have again.

and the reason TRADS hate Libertarians is because they are trained to worship Authority so that they can eventually support WEF policy when it is properly marketed to them as being traditionalist.

i don’t like Boomers because they have no taste in music ( but neither do Trads )

and i don’t like Libertarians because they think you can just let Muslims into your country by the millions and they won’t immediately take over ( but Trads as much as they oppose Muslim invasion don’t actually differ with Muslims on any issue of substance - both are against Pornography, Gays, Women’s rights and so on )

so the conclusion is what you already knew - everybody is an idiot. it’s really just Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari and me. and if you’re reading this you’re doing relatively good as well compared to the others.

our dystopian future is GLOBAL GOVERNANCE but LOCAL ECONOMIES.

whereas in the past tribes were defined by their culture, the way people looked and so on - in the future they will simply be defined by travel restrictions. everybody in every part of earth will be the same shade of brown and have the same degenerate culture but you will never be allowed to travel more than maybe 5 blocks from your house your entire life, due to climate lockdowns which will last forever.

everything will be local ( Communist ) and traditionalist.

this is the Traditionalism you were promised:

this is the traditionalism you could realistically build:

and this is the traditionalism you will actually get:

at which point you will realize that literally anything else would have been better …

That is depressing…that last picture is soul-killing.

But yeah, I saw the container stuff as a con for the left but never thought of the log cabins as the con for the right/traditionalists.

Schwab must love the Amish! They are his kind of people.

The restrictions they will/want to put people under will be like that white room style torture…

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