Should you get an Electric car?

short and long answer - NO

my Plug In Hybrid is currently at Volvo and they can’t figure out what is wrong with it

i am already on my 2nd loaner … they still have no idea what is even going on

if you want to get an electrified vehicle make sure it is either Toyota / Lexus ( as those rarely break ) or that it’s a lease ( like mine ) and you’re leasing it from a good dealership that will hook you up with a loaner when ( not if ) you wake up one morning and the car doesn’t start.

also worth noting both my loaners are the same model as my car but they are mild hybrids instead of a plug in hybrid, so i can compare how they drive …

basically the mild hybrids feel much lighter on the feet because they are literally 500 lbs lighter … but the Plug-In has a much more refined feeling off the line as you typically get to about 50 mph before the engine even starts …

also i had the mild hybrid loaner for a few days and went through a full gas tank but in my plug in a tank lasts me a month …

as for fully electric cars that shit is just dumb unless you want to freeze to death in winter …

in winter your electric range tanks like a rock and you can easily go through it all just by trying to heat the cabin when it’s 20F outside … not a problem in California but a huge problem everywhere else - with a combustion engine backup you have plenty of heat to go around to stay toasty warm as long as you want in winter !

on other hand in summer i don’t like to idle the engine just to run AC and i like that in a plug in hybrid i can run the AC with the engine off …

well i got the car back but they broke the emergency release latch in the trunk.

apparently they used it to open the trunk from the inside to access the power electronics that are located where a spare tire is in regular cars.

they couldn’t open the trunk from outside due to no power.

i wonder if they broke anything else while climbing into the trunk from the passenger compartment …

i am going to ask them to fix it …

i never had a brand new car die on me before - this is the first - and also my first car with a charging plug, and the way it died is the battery was drained to the point where you couldn’t even unlock the doors. so pretty sure the issue was related to the car being electrified …

This isn’t the end.

People will complain/ news will be leaked/ reports will come out that electric cars aren’t good enough soo…

Bicycles, walking, electric bicycles, rickshaws, carpooling, public transportation etc. will be promoted.

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yes i have figured this out a while back.

at first i couldn’t understand the push for EVs considering they are no less polluting than ICE and more polluting than PHEVs like mine …

then i realized their real goal was to ban the ICE …

once the ICE is banned they will immediately begin to work on phasing out EVs too …

they have been squeezing ICE for decades now with increasingly restrictive emissions regulations … and when ICE is gone for good they will start to do the same for EVs …

they will begin to tax range, battery capacity, weight of vehicle and so on …

do not even dream of being able to buy something like Hummer EV twenty years from now - it will be illegal

it’s only legal now to get suckers to accept EVs as the future and give up on ICE faster …

oh give me a fucking break !

Zelensky reading from the script like a good boy.
China will be happy for this…more oil for them.
And this war has already achieved one of its objectives -crippling the US “allies” (a.k.a. bitches) economies - especially Germany.

i literally posted a minute ago how Germany is now saying they may ration natural gas …

in light of recent developments:

i now recommend you get a PHEV with as much electric range as possible assuming you have a garage to charge it, otherwise a hybrid that is as efficient as possible.

if you are rich perhaps one PHEV and one full EV.

Can’t do that right now…damn…
They are moving fast on the common man.
What’s next? The electric bicycle???

the name of the game is “densification”

this is the official zoning strategy

in lay man terms means “packing people like sardines into ghettos”

once you’re in a ghetto how to get around will be the least of your worries.

i know we discussed this before … but nothing really changed since then other than we are one step closer to the inevitable …

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The Elites trying real hard to make that 2022 deadline.
Is there a bonus? Inquiring minds want to know.
More underage girls? Another mansion in Lichtenstein?

2022 deadline ? what did i miss ?

i used to believe boiling frogs was supposed to be a slow process but in the last couple years the pace has been accelerating beyond anything i could have imagined …

i think what is happening is the Elites realized that driven by AI economic growth is about to go exponential and there is literally no time left to do anything and everything possible to destroy the economy by any means necessary …

as far as elites are concerned they are sitting on top of an economic nuclear bomb that has already detonated and they have milliseconds left to destroy it before it destroys everything …

the Elites are between rock and hard place. on one hand they know that frogs should be cooked slowly. on other hand they ran out of time.

this is why shit is getting so crazy now even some normies are waking up.

but it has to happen. if we defeat the elites we will suffer the fate of those mice in the experiment.

it’s a lose-lose situation and conservatards don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of understanding the big picture here. they are just too simple minded.

i do think though that in the last 2 years we passed a certain inflection point where we went from people not understanding that they are slaves to people accepting their slavery.

it no longer matters if anybody wakes up or not.

Bed time for me…will re-read your post…

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Your movies…Soylent Green etc. 2022 is mentioned specifically in that film, and I think one other. Mere mortals like you and I have goals and projected target dates - the world-powers are no different.

i think what is happening is the Elites realized that driven by AI economic growth is about to go exponential


Tell me more…I know nothing about that.

if we defeat the elites we will suffer the fate of those mice in the experiment.

Aren’t we there already?

i do think though that in the last 2 years we passed a certain inflection point where we went from people not understanding that they are slaves to people accepting their slavery.

it no longer matters if anybody wakes up or not.

This seems to be the case. Just as how the peons are allowed to vent on the WEF Twitter, we seem to have been reduced to mere cogs in the machine.

oh they have dates all right and i did notice Soylent Green is set in 2022 but i wouldn’t take fiction that literally … nor do i think they would plan something 50 years ahead down to a single year … that would be like predicting what the weather will be like on a given day 2 months in advance …

i thought maybe WEF or UN put out something with 2022 date in it … is what i thought you meant …

where does value come from ? from labor ? perhaps in a hunter gatherer society. from “means of production” ? perhaps in an early industrial society. but where does value come from in a post industrial society ? from technology, from innovation, from intelligence.

well what if intelligence becomes unlimited ? what would be the outcome ? the outcome would be that planet’s resources would be depleted almost instantly … unless everybody is killed off before it happens.

i just made all this up of course while answering your questions … but it’s probably right.

i mean what is the limit to economic growth ? there always used to be something limiting it … but what is going to limit it in the future ?

out of control growth is cancer, exponential growth is an explosion.

what we are enduring right now is a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. they are trying to surgically remove the white race and then poison what remains in an attempt to stop the growth of the cancer ( economy ).

we’re there assuming the fertility collapse etc is occurring naturally. but if it’s driven by chemicals added into food, water, air, cosmetics and on and on then we aren’t there yet.

personally i would rather slow down using brakes than by driving into a wall.

what conservatives do is they deny the existence of the wall and have their foot firmly on the gas driving straight into it. i’m so done with these “people” ( animals )

there used to be people called “accelerationists” who kept telling everybody that things getting worse is good because it will “wake people up” …

i kept pointing out to them that WW2 didn’t wake people up, JFK didn’t wake people up, 911 didn’t wake people up …

but more importantly in countries where people DID know exactly what was going on ( like USSR ) … nobody tried to do anything about it.

the “accelerationists” have been somewhat quiet lately …

as things get worse people don’t “wake up” they simply cope harder until eventually the situation becomes truly hopeless which is actually a relief for them because they no longer have to put in effort into not realizing the obvious since nothing can be done anyway …

Nothing to fear…the Singularity folks are delusional. A lot of machine learning does not equal their god “Artificial Intelligence”.

the “accelerationists” have been somewhat quiet lately …

Alas! The people they want to sleep (the rulers) are always awake, and the people they want to wake (the people) are always asleep.

we’re there assuming the fertility collapse etc is occurring naturally.

Actually, I think it is. Civilised societies from times past to now have below replacement birthrates. As people develop, they concentrate in the cities for opportunities. Space is scarce in the cities, so birth rates drop. Plus there’s more to do in the city, and more pressure to get ahead.

I agree that infinite growth is a fantasy.
Is the surgery and chemo necessary? Or will falling birth rates alone do the trick? The elites are taking no chances!

Getting whites to consume less - by their population and appetites decreasing due to TV reprogramming and economic hardship is key.

Yet the elite allowed the earth to be blanketed by Western TV, inceptioning Western appetites across the world. Odd.
Or was it just a ploy to get their best & brightest into the West, thus preventing those countries from rising, and keeping Western society divided?

that’s your cope speaking again.

yes they always talk about how the elites will “make a mistake” … so the smartest people on earth will act dumb but the dumbest people on earth will act smart …

that’s called cope

America is different though. Cars have given Americans suburbs. Indeed not many people are having kids in cities, but in suburbs i see kids playing outside all the time.

for a man to give up on status is the same as to give up on leaving offspring. i have done so. they will be trying to turn everybody else into me.

no it was just a different phase.

like a baby grows in phases. it has growth spurts then at about age 18 or so the growth abruptly stops.

there is no contradiction. 20th century was a century of growth - by design - at least up to the 70s or so.

then we started to taper and now we’re going into hard lockdown.

How so? I don’t see “AI” becoming a reality to cause the economy to rocket into the stratosphere…all I see is over-hyped machine learning.
I don’t see the elite having anything to fear from it.

you don’t see the exponential nature of economic growth ?

anyway it’s dark i will try to watch a movie.


Yeah…but trees don’t grow to the sky…
We destroy the environment…the elite take the population down…birth rates crash or all of them happen at once. It can’t go on forever.