Random Exhibits in Total Retardation

a bicycle truck freeing you from “car dependence”

ah the smell of freedom …


People are going to go crazy about that horn.

remember the Jewish escort chick who went to study basically WEF propaganda in Amsterdam and was then accepted to an Ivy League University for Master’s or whatever ?

at the time ( that was way back ) she shared with me a propaganda video about African Technology where a Negro cut a hole in the roof of a shed where Negros live in Africa and put in that hole a 2 liter clear soda bottle with water in it and the sunlight refracted through the water in the bottle and illuminated the shed …

( see image below for an example of a more “advanced” installation using the same plastic soda bottle filled with water “technology” )

i can’t find the original video she sent me, but anyway the Negro from the video was celebrated as a genius engineer and bringer of light by his entire African slum, who apparently lived in complete darkness before like rats …

the Escort chick was very impressed by this engineering as well, since, being a woman, she wouldn’t be able to cut any sort of hole in anything let alone a useful one …

and myself, being racist, replied by sending her this:

to make the point that the Negro didn’t actually invent anything - he just implemented a very primitive version of something that is already in use in the west.

i knew she was being brainwashed by progressives but at the time i thought the point of brainwashing was WAKANDA FOREVER ( Black Panther didn’t come out yet, but the sentiment was there ) to show how superior African Ingenuity is to that of White Men who are simply entitled and “educated” and not actually smart …

now in retrospect i see it differently - when i watch that fucking bicycle truck - they are unironically trying to return us to African level of technology.

Why the hell wouldn’t you just put in lights?
Standing lamps?

What if your Solatube isn’t properly installed and becomes a Raintube?

instead of teaching “racist” math in school they will be teaching students how to install soda bottles into the roof.

that Escort Chick became a school teacher …

I assure you she isn’t teaching her students Differential Equations …

because lights use electrical power.

why do you think i’m trying to move to Florida ?

because you can survive there without heating.

they will slowly keep taking things away.

until everything is gone.

hopefully i will be dead before then.

and i’m not having kids.

to be honest with you the WEF will not allow you to have the Solatube.

Solatube uses virgin materials - VERBOTEN. the tube itself may not consume power but energy was used in its manufacturing …

whereas African technology not only uses zero electricity and zero energy to produce the “light” it also diverts plastic from the landfill …


this isn’t some kind of a fucking joke


well if you’re asking why i myself would personally use it it’s because natural daylight is considered superior to artificial in the same way as eating beef is superior to eating bugs.

the spectrum of natural light is considered ideal and no artificial source of light matches it.

the technology that comes closest ( Microwave Plasma Light ) runs about $1,000 per “bulb” ( it’s actually a mini microwave oven with a bulb and a fan ) and only has very narrow use in Hollywood and a few other niche applications that require extremely powerful and natural looking light.

I only know one company that uses this technology:

this light is $8,999 if you want to pick one up LOL

Hive lighting got their start with this light but they since moved to LED because it’s cheaper, smaller and most importantly LED light source color can be adjusted from a phone app …

i was actually considering a Hive LED light to use as color adjustable bias light for movie watching … HIVE are a very innovative company and just as they were pioneers with Plasma light they were also pioneers in the 5, 6 and 7 color mixing LED lights but by now there are affordable Chinese options …

this benefit doesn’t apply to plastic bottle lights, however, because of the following effect:

in other words to maintain perceived color accuracy a certain level of illumination is required and those soda bottles will not reach such a level of illumination ( they are too small, don’t capture enough light ) thus the purity of the spectrum fill be wasted.

think of it as a sports car - you need both power and control. power without control is nothing. but also control without power is nothing as well. lighting is the same.

with lightning you need brightness AND spectrum, to make colors look right. either one or the other will not work. has to be BOTH.

Solatube arguably would have both i would rather be able to turn light on and off, be able to dim it down, shape the beam pattern or even be able to adjust the color to compensate for the color of wall paint and so on … today you can get all that from affordable Chinese lights and most YouTubers use them, which is why YouTubers today have such colorful looking studios whereas in the past they looked quite dull …

bicycle based china shop.

this is your brain on city planning.

Bicycle Garbage Truck

this has nothing to do with City Planning but @marlon will appreciate the sheer retardation of it:

a soccer ball that generates electricity …


no idea is too dumb for Liberals because their ideas don’t need to compete in the free market.

they are enforced at gun point.

i really hope the future doesn’t involve bicycle trains …

i guess that’s why nobody wants to live in Texas …

oh wait - it’s the most desirable place on earth with Elon Musk moving Tesla Headquarters there …

it’s OK, Italy is desirable too - a lot of African Rapists arrive there by boat !

and a lot of Tourists from US stay there as long as 2 weeks before heading right back …

what’s really messed up about the above graphic is it didn’t come from an Urbanist - it came from an Alt-Right meme account:


which means that cuntroaches like Wrath of Gnon:

have successfully subverted the Alt Right to do the bidding of WEF in pursuit of 15 minute cities agenda:

paging @kanyewest please explain this:

oh wait, i banned @kanyewest

what a tragic loss …

if only there was a better way …

if only there was something known as cars …

fucking retard shit-libs are out there simultaneously trying to invent cars and also ban cars that everybody else has already been happily using for the past 50+ years.

a “cathedral” is EXACTLY what it is …

these people have turned cycling into a religion …

and they’re so fucking dumb they think it’s a good thing …

when a road is racist ( which is always ) the punishment is DEATH

killing all the roads will undo the trans-Atlantic slave trade which was totally not run by the Jews

here a retard Cyclist complains that a STOLEN car was speeding

he then claims this would have been solved with speed cameras

you know kind of like how gun free zones stop mass shootings


next time some Nigger steals your car he will be like - i better go slow - i don’t want the owner of the car i stole to get a speeding ticket by mail !

sorry, my Twitter is locked again, otherwise i would tell that retard directly …

San Francisco

100 cars are stuck in a road with half of the lanes converted to bike lanes so that a single bicycle can enjoy 20 foot wide section of the road all to itself


this is the future

ah Europe … why can’t America just be more like it ?