Florida Population Trends

Not only are Americans moving south to Florida, there is southward movement within Florida to Miami (the city…understandable).
Also there is movement away from the interior to the coasts…

Interestingly three northern locations (northern with respect to Miami - that giant magnet pulling everybody in) show growth and also have high pop. densities…Duval, Seminole and Hillsborough.

Broward in south Florida has many Caribbean immigrants in the …don’t know what is up with Duval, Seminole and Hillsborough.

that’s not how i’m reading the PDF document i posted.

do you live in Florida ?

or rather let me rephrase - do you base your comment on personal observations or on the document i posted ?

Both personal observations and the document.
Spent time there years ago.
Hence the comment about the middle being emptier and Broward being Caribbean.

Looking at the doc, pages 10, 11 & 13.

What am I missing?

how did you like it ?

i am not disputing that.

holdon, this may take a while …

since pages and figure numbers in this document run so close to each other i can’t be sure which ones ( page numbers or figure numbers ) you’re referring to, so instead i will just post screen shots of the ones i’m looking at myself for MY observations …

Quote from the PDF:

Figure 3 shows the population and percent change for each county in 2020. Compared to the numerical changes, the percent changes show a different pattern. The most populous counties did not necessarily have the highest growth rates. In fact, counties with the largest percent growth are, in general, those neighboring the more populous counties in Central, Northeast, Central West, and Northwest Florida

It was ok…bit too flat for my liking.
Can get quite hot though.

I was looking at this.

your graphic is for MPO

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an agency created by federal law to provide local
elected officials input into the planning and implementation of federal transportation funds to
metropolitan areas with populations over 50,000

in other words MPOs ignore rural population, which just so happens to be where the actual growth is …

if you could pick a place to live based on weather alone - where in US would you live ?

Actually, northern Florida is cooler…and less hurricane torture but you seem more of a big city guy.

i am genuinely confused.

after discussing for years how cities are open air prisons now i am suddenly a city guy.

care to explain ?

i still really want to delete this chart LOL.

unless you can tell me what information it actually conveys.

i feel like it says literally nothing.

even the PDF itself has NO COMMENT to make about that figure, because there is nothing to comment on in it.

think what i will do is wait until we come to a consensus then remove all of the branches of the discussion that went nowhere.

should probably do that for all threads.

it is not realistic to expect somebody to come into a thread like this and be able to process all of the information in it regarding MPOs and all that.

we want the thread to live organically but we want the fossilized skeleton of it to be less like a pile of bones and more like a golden statue.

same as how memory works - we process lots of irrelevant details in real time but 20 years later we remember only what was important. threads should be like that.

the brain is like that, even the universe is like that.

it starts with a single spark, an explosion follows and then everything collapses back into a single point.

so this would definitely represent an innovation in online discussion - it has never been done before anywhere.

but it makes perfect sense i promise. we just have to try it.

all the chart is really saying is that all the MPOs are near a coast.

yet the highest growth is actually away from the coast and outside of MPOs.

anyway here is the other chart i think is relevant:

from those two charts it seems to me the real growth is around Orlando and to the North in areas like Leesburg and The Villages

i have to admit i am biased - that’s where i want to move to.

i don’t want to move to the southern point or the coastal areas which is why i refuse to accept @marlon interpretation that those are the highest growth areas.

because obviously you want to move to an area that’s experiencing growth if your home purchase is to be a good investment but also i don’t want to get wiped out by flood or Hurricane or live in a swamp.

below is a race map of Florida.

blue = white people
green = black people
yellow = latinos

i circled in red the area i’m looking at as being the whitest:

to the north of that area we have “the deep south” in other words blacks.

to the south of that area we have the Caribbean

which is why when @marlon says everybody is moving out of that area and to Miami i get belligerent because @OldFriendSaysHello is in Miami and he has moved there 20 years ago and i am not about to admit that he outsmarted me !

i understand why you would think this intuitively …

but the way i am trying to see this ( which is laughable and in know it’s wrong but it’s how i want to see it ) is i want to see entire Florida as one southern, coastal mega-city.

within that megacity i see Miami as played out, overpopulated and Carribean … with Tampa and Orlando being the same just a bit further behind the curve.

and i see the area i circled, the white area, as one that’s destined for future growth …

because as cities get over-run my minorities people have to escape somewhere - but in Florida there is nowhere to escape to - everything is a swamp.

and then we consult the topographic map:

and at the intersection of decent elevations ( read: not swamp ), white population and low density is where i envision the future is …

basically from Gainesville to Leesburg

an astute observer will have noticed this is exactly the opposite of the area @marlon has the most faith in which is why i got agitated LOL

here is a zoom:

away from swamps, floods, hurricanes, blacks and Caribbean folk …

now @marlon is right there is absolutely nothing to do in that area

except shitpost and watch porn

luckily that’s all i want to do anyway :slight_smile:

basically @marlon is right that people were initially attracted to the southern tip as well as the coasts, and Miami specifically …

but that train has left the station already …

@OldFriendSaysHello was able to catch that train in time but i missed it …

Miami is now both expensive and nonwhite - basically same as NYC

I am not looking for a NYC in Florida

i’m looking for New Jersey Suburb in Florida

yes Venture Capitalists are still flocking to Miami and in fact at an accelerating rate as California continues to implode and every Californian has to decide whether to move to Miami or Texas …

but those are ambitious guys like @OldFriendSaysHello who, along with prostitutes ( A.K.A. young women ) always flock to the cities where together they enjoy a lifestyle of making money and then spending it clubbing on hookers and blow …

but what if you just want to sleep all day, watch porn and shitpost ? well you can do that in Miami and NYC too - my problem is that i am a hoarder - i prefer the company of old things like speakers i built 25 years ago to company of young women etc.

what i like about the house i’m in now is the 3,000 square foot basement where i keep stuff that has objectively no value but i like old stuff like that.

the problem with Florida is no basements - WAT DO ? best idea i could come up with is putting a shed somewhere in the backyard and stuffing it there. but you can’t do that in Miami.

do you see the problem ?

so it isn’t so much that @marlon is wrong as i simply refuse to see his perspective because it doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:

i want to see the future in areas where you can actually have a large backyard that can accommodate a few sheds :slight_smile:

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Florida to me isn’t about the beaches nor about Miami night life, hookers and blow nor is it even about nice weather

it’s about one thing and one thing only


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