Daniel Moser Twitter Account

ah, a City Planner that works for the World Bank …

i had featured him previously but he is so prolific when it comes to lying that he deserves his own thread:

like much of Moser’s posts the tweet below is a lie:

In the 70s parking lots were used as place holders in downtowns like the one pictured

in other words it was merely space reserved for future buildings

none of these parking lots are there anymore - the picture is ancient

yet there is no mention of this in Moser’s tweet …

keep in mind the average person does not fact check lies like this …

it was Moser who reposted this tweet from Mayor of London:

Which i have already debunked here:

he looks so authoritative and smart doesn’t he ?

explaining with his hands even has the index finger emoji game going on.

too bad all his scientific evidence is actually total bullshit.

but the average person will never figure it out …

as for our very own @kanyewest he was merely repeating BS like this, without questioning. i debated keeping him around in order to have somebody to ridicule but why when i can just ridicule the original sources of the BS @kanyewest was regurgitating ?

if i am going to spend time and energy crushing somebody it should be a high value target. i simply had no time for @kanyewest or @Klaus_Schwab_Slave

sorry Fuck Cars but as a world heavyweight Troll Champion i have to prioritize my fights. just because i can crush anybody doesn’t mean everybody deserves a shot at me.

a random nobody doesn’t get to call out Francis Ngannou

you have to be this tall to ride …

Moser posted this graphic, which is self-explanatory:

retards like @kanyewest will tell you that slippery slope is a fallacy and a conspiracy theory when an “expert” who works for the fucking World Bank point blank tells it to your face that yes in fact that is exactly what they’re going to do.

this is the problem with worthless retarded slaves like @kanyewest is nothing can make them see what is right in front of their nose because they simply do not want to see it.

it doesn’t matter if every conspirator at the highest level point blank admits what they are up to, subhuman rejects like @kanyewest are still going to deny it.

" but if it was true it would be all over the news ! "

Fuck Cars was upset i ban idiots like @kanyewest but reality is there are plenty of safe spaces for idiots on the internet - Twitter is one of them.

This site is not.

Moser posted this graphic:

my analysis:

on the right: what people want

on the left: what they will get

Moser posted this graphic:

what he isn’t saying is that people like him also actively work to repeal minimum parking requirements so that as they remove street parking they are also removing parking elsewhere.

yet as obvious as this BS is the average person will still be duped by it …

No Future

No Choice

if i had a dollar for every time i see a variation on this motif from City Planners - they only really have a few memes like this that they rotate to brainwash retards like @kanyewest

this particular meme is one in which a fast cyclist passes cars stuck in slow traffic - this meme usually comes in form of short videos cyclists record of themselves and City Planners retweet, but in this case it’s a cartoon with a futuristic slant that is basically telling you that no amount of new car technology will prevent City Planners from making driving a living hell for you …

that neither electric cars nor self driving cars will help you in any way whatsoever when city planners simply convert all the roads to bike lanes …

you will own nothing and you will be happy …

or as Comrade Stalin said " the way to make everybody happy is to kill all those who are unhappy "

you notice the woman on a bicycle is happy ? how old do you think she is ? not too old. i have known young girls in their 20s who were happy to ride bicycles to commute. i don’t know anybody in their 60s who prefers commuting on a bicycle.

luckily for them they will be euthanized !

in certain tribes when a man got too old to climb a palm tree to get a coconut he was killed. in ancient Japan when a man got old his son carried him to the top of a mountain to freeze to death. so euthanasia for the old would be nothing new and in many ways our ultra-progress is bringing us full circle to our roots, back to stone age.

this is why they recruit “traditionalists” like Wrath of Gnon to promote it:

so the cartoon is mostly accurate depiction of the future.

the only lie is Moser’s caption about how any of this is “our choice” …

NOBODY would willingly choose to go back to stone age, yet that is exactly where we’re going.

you will ride a bicycle until as long as you can and then you will be euthanized.

that is the future. you can screen cap this prediction.

it’s called natural selection.

if you’re too dumb to look where you’re going you don’t deserve to live.

oh no !