Why Bicycles are the Future ( and Elevators are NOT )

my dear friend FC ( Fuck Cars ) keeps insisting that bicycles have zero carbon footprint, while all other forms of transport such as electric scooters have some …

FC is a very clever FED. He is a smart as me. He is a Troll who has apparently been hired by the Globalists to run Fuck Cars reddit ( he will neither confirm nor deny any of this ). The Globalists themselves are of course Trolls too. Just look at videos of Bill Gates laughing while talking about how his Lockdowns irreversibly destroyed world economy - this motherfucker is a pure Troll.

the actual science of course is that Electric Scooters have an order of magnitude LOWER emissions than bicycles. why ? because human fuel ( food ) is very resource intensive to produce and pedal propulsion is maybe at most converts 30% of energy in that fuel intro forward motion while electric motors convert 90% of electrical energy into forward motion. Electricity is very easily produced from things like Solar, Wind, Hydro and so on while producing human food is a very ugly business requiring chemical fertilizer, lots of land and water, slaughtering animals and so on.

so why does FC insist that Pedal Power is zero carbon while Electric Scooters aren’t ? is he retarded ? does he not understand the explanation i have given him ? no he understands it all right - the reason is entirely something else.

and it has to do with Euthanasia.

notice also that when FC talks about buildings he never mentions elevators. because in the future there will be none. even as lesser men debate the merits of fire safety of hallways and dual staircases they are all missing the point that only i can discern - that all these models are entirely missing elevators.

the reason there are no elevators in the future is the same why there are no electric scooters.

everything must be human powered, no matter how inefficient that is.


simple - euthanasia.

the elites need a simple and fair UNIVERSAL test to determine WHEN it is time to euthanize somebody.

and yes, the question is not if, but when. EVERYBODY is going to get euthanized, and nobody is going to be voting on this.

Bicycles and Staircases are exactly that. They are a TEST. When you aren’t strong enough to walk up the stairs or when your balance is too poor to ride a bicycle - IT IS TIME.

Nobody will be asked to die. Instead YOU will ask to be Euthanized YOURSELF.

It will be 100% optional and YOUR CHOICE.

Of course your only other options will be to either starve to death in your apartment or freeze to death on the street. So it won’t actually be any sort of choice at all but TECHNICALLY it will be your own choice, and thus there will be nothing for you to oppose.

Where did you get the info in block quotes?
This euthanasia drive…mercy!! :frowning_face: :thinking:

Midsommar without the retards…
Soylent Green and that damn bicycle in the apartment :frowning_face:

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i quoted myself from another thread.

my intention with quoting myself was to acknowledge that i am repeating myself, rather than simply sounding like a broken record.

but it didn’t work because i didn’t use the right type of quote …

i fixed it now so it’s no longer a block quote and you can click to see where it is from …