Assorted City Planner Scum

This fucking reject from California ( PHD in City Planning, previously Harvard ) is listing “reduce car parking” explicitly as an achievement.

He isn’t even trying to act like losing car parking is a price we have to pay to get more bicycle parking in.

He admits that it is literally the goal.

Look at his fucking face:


don’t leave children around a city planner !

that’s Istria, Croatia. here is what it looks like from the ground:

ah, what a paradise !

nothing bigger or faster than a moped will fit - perfect !

what is it you say ? you would like to remodel your apartment and need a truck to deliver building materials ? sorry no can do. remodeling like this has unacceptable carbon footprint. learn to live in a place that hasn’t been updated in over 100 years.

and just think of the amazing views you get ! all the windows open right into the wall of an opposing building ! makes city planners so happy !

the important thing of course is that the city looks pretty from bird’s eye view perspective when all you can see is the roofs. i mean that’s where people live - on the roofs ! so whichever spot has the most colorful roofs is the best place to live ! duh !

who cares if you can’t get to work, can’t buy food, can’t remodel, can’t get to a hospital in an emergency ? that shit don’t matter. your roof looks good on a picture. that’s what counts.

and what makes it look good ? well the uniqueness, the fact it’s unusual. and what makes it unusual ? the fact that 99.99% of people, given a choice, will not live like rats in a shithole like this …

that’s a big IF though, because Klaus Schwab isn’t going to ask you.

we’re all going to live in 3rd world conditions like this …

when i lived in Ukraine in Kiev my pops bought a summer house in the countryside for $4,000

later government declared our Kiev communal apartment ( that we shared with 2 other families ) unsafe and kicked us out - that’s when we moved to USA.

last time i checked about 15 years ago the apartment we were kicked out of was worth $7 million because all the corrupt government officials live in that building. that’s of course why they kicked us out under pretense of building being unsafe - so they could move in there themselves. every single person from the entire building was kicked out and then the entire building as well as all surrounding areas were renovated.

they started renovating surrounding areas even before they came up with an excuse to kick us out of our building - the excuse was just a formality - they simply hung some signs from the roof saying don’t stand next to the building it might collapse and that was “proof” it was unsafe. of course they didn’t touch the structure of the building before moving in it themselves - they just made it look pretty.

who knew - Jews are the same everywhere - Ukraine, USA, Israel, Davos …

one of my most vivid childhood memories was when one day a bulldozer started demolishing my family’s garage without any warning whatsoever - i remember looking for a suitable rock to fling at the head of the guy driving the bulldozer - little did i know the garage was just the beginning - they would take the apartment too.

later in life i learned Palestinians live their entire lives like this except my bulldozer was just one guy and i could have realistically taken him out with a rock, and frankly have no excuse for not doing so. whereas when Palestinian homes are demolished the Israeli Army is there to protect the bulldozer and the children who throw rocks are then thrown in prison and kept in solitary confinement as “terrorists” …

Jews gonna Jew …

Of course in my case it was Jews on both sides - the politicians who stole my home were Jews and i was also a Jew, just not one that was connected because i was Autistic, my mother was an idiot, my father a mentally ill Sadist who only cared about torturing children and animals and my grandparents a bunch of fucking Academics …

whereas the Jews that took my home were ambitious, goal-driven sociopaths …

it’s weird how communism works and even weirder how regime changes work. i mean we could barely afford to eat and ate mostly water and potatoes but were living in an apartment worth about 10 suburban American homes ( and more than 1,000 times as much as that summer home my pops bought ) … but nobody knew how much that apartment was worth until Communism failed, we got kicked out of it, it was renovated ( along with everything else within about 2 blocks radius ) and sold off to corrupt Ukrainian politicians.

but here we have a fucktarded city planner educating us that that in fact a Home always costs $2 mil and an apartment always costs $0.5 mil.

as if people can’t figure out on their own when they can’t afford a home and need his help doing the math.

so when my pops went to buy that $4,000 summer home in Ukraine he didn’t even know that he couldn’t afford it because it was actually secretly $2 mil and not $4 grand.

and when those politicians stole our apartment they didn’t even know it was worth $0.5 mil and not $7 mil. ( it was a few blocks away from where the Color Revolution later took place, and it was on the 1st floor, so basically imagine a 1st floor property in Times Square in Manhattan that was basically a low income housing project under Communism but suddenly became prime commercial real estate under Capitalism ). I don’t actually know what is in there now, probably some kind of boutique store, with politicians and mafia living on the upper floors.

anyway the free market simply can’t work out the math of how much housing is worth without communist city planners. ( sarcasm )

you probably think if you wanted to know how much a place to live costs you would ask a real estate agent but you would be wrong ! you have to ask a city planner ! a real estate agent isn’t “educated” read: not communist.

you will be banned from having a home, eating meat, having kids and so on and it will be explained to you that you couldn’t afford it.

your parents were able to afford it despite not being half as educated or productive as you but you can’t. it’s magic !

because the earth ran out of land. even though only 1% of earth is actually urbanized.

also it’s impossible to build a wall with Mexico because where on earth can the government find $4 Billion ? That with 30 TRILLION debt printed out of thin air and hundreds of billions sent to Ukraine and Israel.

ultimately the communist Jews are going to decide what is and isn’t physically possible on this planet, whether the sun affects temperature on earth or not, what is and isn’t money, whether you can afford to eat or allowed to live and everything else …

the Communist Jews are above humanity, above history and science, above nature, above G_d … while also being the most horribly persecuted and underprivileged minority in history ( TM )

the Jews who stole my home and now embezzle billions of American taxpayer money - no don’t think of those Jews. the Jew Harvey Weinstein who raped every pretty girl in Hollywood ( including the wife of the Governor of California ) while other Jews covered for him ? No don’t think of him. Epstein ? Wrong Jew again.

really the only Jew you should ever think about is Anne Frank - you need to go to a Holocaust museum ASAP or lose your Job bigot !

never believe your lying eyes - only believe what the Jews say. OR ELSE.

@kanyewest knows not to believe his eyes. he is a good boy. be like @kanyewest

if you would rather live in the bottom picture than the top picture i feel sorry for you.

that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options:

Jews figured out that they could squeeze every last penny out of people by blowing housing prices out of proportion and lowering interest rates so that people have to spend their entire working lives paying for their houses in monthly payments.

Housing prices aren’t really that expensive in most of the country though. You can get a decent house for under $200k in many parts of the country. They are just out of control in the big metropolitan areas like New York and California and trendy places like Idaho and Arizona where people think they want to live.

You can buy a house in a nice midwestern town with a big yard, etc. and still be within walking distance to a lot of stuff. You don’t have to live in some dystopian high rise or pay every penny you make to the Jew to live in California.

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And yeah the communist Jews who fled the Soviet union are a plague upon this earth. I wouldn’t say they are all powerful though. They are just a terrible pest that needs to be eradicated.

just remember Communism didn’t originate in Russia.

Karl Marx was German.

if you search ( CTRL+F ) Wikipedia entry on Lenin:

the letters “german” appear 50 times !

Germany is responsible for both Communism and Fascism - Russia was just a place where Germany went to test them out :slight_smile:

Klaus Schwab is German too of course …

Everything is German bro … even Kanye West :wink:

wow these people are independent thinkers !

here is the kicker - the graphic above was posted by a city planner unironically as proof that their side is right. his logic is when everybody thinks the same way that means their thinking is “correct” rather than that they aren’t thinking at all.

it is actually mildly horrifying that these people are proud of being zombies …

yesterday i Tweeted that " cyclists are the Jews of the road " and today i can add that internet cyclists are the Hasbara …

i want @kanyewest to remember the image above and realize this is what he looks like when he talks about car dependence …

Car payments? What kind of moron takes out a loan to buy a car? I spent $7000 cash on my car and have driven it 40,000 miles without issue so far. And that’s because I wanted to splurge. When I am in the position where $50,000 is pocket change then maybe I will buy a new car. If you have a few grand in cash you can buy a used Honda or Toyota that drives fine.

In regards to the Twitter bot posts, the truest freedom is being able to drive when you feel like driving. You’re not free when you don’t own a car and you’re not free when you have to own a car and use it for everything you do.

city planner logic explained: the more pedestrians are killed by cars the better, because it will turn people against cars. if a signal can save pedestrians from getting killed by cars then it should not be used.

this person claims to be a pedestrian and cycling safety activist, yet his entire account is dedicated to pushing the idea of NOT wearing helmets when cycling.

you see if you take off your helmet and dismantle the traffic lights and then you get killed - it was the CAR’s fault …

but if you don’t get killed the safety activist has nothing to whine about - unacceptable !

i can accept your definition of freedom but if you had guaranteed parking, a nice, wide, straight autobahn clear of traffic plus a brand new Porsche capable of doing 200 mph plus driving skills of a professional race car driver you would NEVER opt to NOT drive …

it’s only bad roads, traffic, lack of parking, cheap old cars that are rusted halfway through or grandma driving skills ( and most often a combination of all of the above ) that might make somebody choose some method of transportation over a car …

what city planners do is they work to make sure everybody is in that second scenario rather than the first …

they pass laws to limit car speed and power, they engineer 3 hour long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles, narrow lanes, eliminate parking, lower speed limits, make it illegal for young people to drive ( young children can race motorcycles professionally but can’t drive a car to school legally ), and they use all sorts of taxes and fees when you sell your car as well as speeding and parking tickets and license and registration and blah blah blah …

bicycles ? you need NOTHING. there are ZERO obstacles to riding a bike because they WANT you to ride a bike.

bikes only have one safety feature - a helmet - and even that nobody is required to use. cars ? they must have seatbelts, air bags, antilock brakes, backup camera, automatic emergency braking - these are all MANDATORY safety features designed to make cars unaffordable.

everything is designed to make the experience of owning a car as painful and miserable as possible to the point where having “other options” starts to look appealing …

yes having options is always good, no argument there. but the only reason you are even thinking about other options is because they engineered your entire experience to guide you towards that line of thinking …

recently in MMA world there was a mini tragedy where Victoria Lee who was a very high level MMA fighter has died … she was 18

she was approaching the peak of MMA career at an age when people aren’t even allowed to have a driver’s license …

Max Verstappen won his first Formula 1 race at age 18 …

why do we not let people drive cars until they are 18 ?

why can you drive a Formula 1 car before you can drive a Prius ?

it’s because the longer they can keep you from driving the more likely it is that you will never drive …

this is why they have “happy meals” at McDonalds - to get you hooked early. imagine if we had that for cars where small children drove cars - you think they would later in life decide to switch to bicycles ?

not a chance.

their game is to ban kids from driving until 18, then at 18 they go to college where the campus is cycling centric, then after that they go to work for for a tech company in San Francisco where there is no parking then finally by the time car ownership becomes a real choice for them they are now in their 30s and never owned a car and the idea is just completely alien to them plus you have all these added artificial costs and hassles from the DMV etc …

Yeah if it were possible to design a city where everyone can get around by car without inconvenience then people would choose to drive everywhere.

That’s called utopian thinking and it doesn’t work.

The cities we have were designed to allow people to get around by car as efficiently as possible, with almost all of the infrastructure and planning being devoted to that goal, but what do we get? We get cities where people have to drive everywhere, and driving is still a total nightmare.

Our cities were supposed to be the way you describe, with everyone owning a car and getting around on the fly. In the fantasies of the urban planners who designed these monstrosities you would practically teleport from point A to point B because you had a vehicle and it was so fast and efficient for moving around.

But it didn’t work, and getting anywhere takes forever because of traffic. The situation in Los Angeles, one of the most car-centric spread out cities there is, is so bad that you have to plan your entire day or week out around the giant hours-long commute you make if you want to go somewhere else in the city. It’s an unmitigated disaster.

And it will always be a disaster. Making everything better for cars does not make the situation better. We have so much empirical evidence to back this up. There is no way to build the utopian city where everyone gets around by car without major obstacles making the commute take forever. It hasn’t happened and it never will.

Beware of the dangers of utopian thinking. Find practical solutions to problems that actually improve the situation rather than obsessing about some vision you have that may or may not work.

If you want to make transportation more efficient, then make it more efficient. Don’t make people waste their time traveling long distances to do things when you can just put things in obvious places and allow them to travel short distances. It’s not about some fantastical thinking of the WEF about 15 minute cities or whatever. It’s just common sense.

having a grocery on the corner isn’t the issue. i explained to you already i had groceries DELIVERED the entire duration of the pandemic, and i still have spring water delivered.

the issue is employment. if you work at a car factory you can’t put that car factory on the corner block. that factory is wherever it is.

the Chinese solution is to build dormitories right at the site of the factory and install suicide nets for people who try to kill themselves because they enjoy this life so much.

Klaus Schwab solution ? simply ban the factories - have people stay home in their sleep pods and eat the bugs.

yes distances can be reduced by building vertically … at the expense of fire safety and breakdown of social fabric because human brains aren’t adopted to dealing with strangers.

humans are meant to know not more than 150 people and literally fight and kill people whom they don’t know. that’s what we evolved to be. in a city we interact with mostly strangers, thousands of them, and this causes people to become depressed, suicidal and so on.

what causes school shootings - is it the guns ? no it is the schools. schools are prisons for children. cities are open air prisons for adults.

cars allow us to live more like we were meant to - by interacting only with people we know and avoiding the need to interact with strangers on the bus, train, elevator …

with cars you just drive from home straight to work. you know everybody at home and you know everybody at your work and those are the only people you interact with.

even at the gym everybody knows everybody else.

not so on the subway train …

i have been to Los Angeles and indeed the traffic there is almost as bad as in NYC.

most of the traffic is carried by highways … i just looked at Los Angeles on Google Maps and my estimate is that less than 5% of LA surface is occupied by highways …

and of course as i said only 1% of land overall is occupied by cities …

so the traffic is concentrated in 5% of 1% of land or 0.05% land overall …

no “one more lane” won’t fix traffic …


if we increase the number of lanes TEN TIMES the total area of all urban highways will still only be 0.5% of overall land area …

and that’s if we build in one level … whereas we can easily build highways in multiple levels same as buildings can have multiple stories …

isn’t it funny how city planners insist that single family homes must be replaced by high rises … but claim that we can’t use multi-level parking let alone multi-level highways

why do you think that is ?

it’s because that would actually solve the traffic problem. and if traffic problem is solved city planners will never get people to give up cars. thus we can’t have multi-level highways even though for example when i drive from NJ to Brooklyn i cross Verrazano bridge which was built half a century ago and has upper and lower decks … and those are suspended on a mile long span … somehow we could build it half a century ago but today we can’t. LOL

it is not “utopian” to see obvious and simple solutions to artificially created problems.

our car centric cities were built more than half a century ago. since then the number of cars increased, but we aren’t building new roads because they are racist.

i don’t necessarily believe that cars are the only possible solution - you have seen that i have thought of alternatives:

but reality is that traffic is artificially engineered same as parking shortages same as all the other shortages. these problems are so easy to solve it wouldn’t require even 10% of my intelligence to solve ALL OF THEM.

but none of them will ever be solved because they are CREATED DELIBERATELY.

it is not “utopian” to understand how problems are engineered. and i am not proposing any single solution as the only right solution. i gave you already multiple solutions as just options - i am not insisting on any of them.

but i am not here to offer solutions because nobody is asking for solutions. i am here to teach you how problems are engineered. solving problems is altogether trivial - the hard part is overcoming the mental block which tells you that they can’t be solved.

what you have to fundamentally understand @kanyewest is that governments don’t solve problems - they create problems

they create problems in order to justify their own existence, which is ostensibly to solve problems

but as governments get bigger problems only multiply - why is that ?

it’s because as power of government grows they use it to create more problems in order to grow their own power even more because solutions are more urgently needed …

then they PROJECT their own methods onto that which they seek to destroy. so just as Terrorist Israeli settlers accuse Palestinian children of Terrorism so does government accuse roads of creating traffic !

it is pure poetry !

it is of course government that engineers traffic, but the people are so dumb they can be made to believe anything - including that traffic is caused by roads ( induced demand LOL )

or do you also believe that weather is caused by cow farts ( methane - it’s “science” TM ). well if you believe that you will enjoy eating bugs.

it was literally government’s job to solve traffic but instead they blame the traffic on roads, accuse roads of racism, dismantle roads and then say - see ? roads have failed ! we must ban roads ! and then after the roads are gone you must get down on your knees and beg us to save you by offering you “free” sleeping pods.

no it is government that has failed. it is government that needs to be abolished.

open your eyes and smell the coffee LOL

Maybe where you are from governments work that way. Not all governments work that way. There are governments, especially in Asia, who have addressed the traffic problem with great success using my approach.

Build highways 10x as large?

It sounds so dystopian I can’t even fathom it.

To say nothing of the fact that it still wouldn’t work.

Larger highways don’t solve traffic. They make it worse. This has been proven in models and in real life.

you mean like this:

how was it proven in real life ?