Air Conditioned City

i see @kanyewest is scared to start so i will start

one of my huge genius ideas is to cover a city with a roof and use air conditioning …

now this can NOT be done with an existing city …

but is trivially simple to design a city from scratch that would be 100% air conditioned …

i can engineer this to the point where it would require ZERO NET ENERGY to maintain perfect 75F year round … and in fact easily generate more energy than it consumes, all from only sunlight with no use of fossil fuels.

how ?

1 - ground source heat pumps
2 - city roof lined with solar panels
3 - greenhouse design to trap heat
4 - motorized reflectors that can control the amount of sunlight and heat entering the city
5 - heat exchangers for recapturing heat during ventilation
6 - exhausts local to the sources of “pollution” such as kitchens and bathrooms
7 - only electric transportation, heating, cooking etc


Golden Gate bridge has 1,300 meter span and was built 80 years ago. Central Park in Manhattan is 850 meters wide. In other words even 80 years ago we had the technology to cover the entire Central Park with a roof without putting a single support column anywhere in the park itself. Imagine Central Park as an air conditioned space where you can tan in January ? Perhaps with heated lakes where the water is 85F year round ? It is totally technologically possible.

of course there is no need to put the entire Central Park under a single span, i’m just saying it is possible.

The point is you could fit anything under that roof - from an Olympic Stadium to a high-rise office building.

and just like many stadiums today can open or close the roof you could implement similar features in the city roof if desired.

or you could simply just go to the roof itself … you could even build an entire second city above the roof …

Roofs suck. I don’t want to be in a giant room. I want to be outside when I go outside.

you can design in some truly outside areas for those people who are into that fetish.

you could cover 50% of city with a roof … or maybe even just 10% …

but most people would want to live in the covered area where they can RIDE THEIR BIKE to their neighbor’s house in January wearing shorts and flip flops …

you’re just assuming it would suck because most indoor areas suck …

but that’s just because they’re poorly designed …

you could easily build giant indoor parks, have negative ion generators, electrostatic dust filters and so on to ensure good air quality …

no reason why we can’t replicate all the benefits of natural outdoors … indoors

with the benefit of total control of the weather

of course Klaus Schwab would never go for this because his entire premise is that climate is something to be feared … whereas we can simply CANCEL IT.

if you think about it a house today is mostly protection from things like rain, wind, heat and cold …

with my city under a roof you wouldn’t even need a house !

your computer desk and chair might be somewhere in the park … with birds occasionally taking a shit on your head.

live in the park … or sleep in a pod ?

Klaus Schwab isn’t going to ask you which version of the future you want …

parks could be made 3-dimensional.

this isn’t even a new idea - it is called vertical garden or vertical forest:

but with an air conditioned environment you could have flowers year round.

We have indoor cities in America already. They are called malls. They suck and nobody goes to them.

the reason nobody goes to malls is because once you are inside you have to walk. people prefer to drive. this is why strip malls dominate - because people prefer driving to walking.

but what if you could drive your Tesla at 200 mph inside a mall ?

Like I said we don’t need utopian thinking. America just needs to stop being so painfully retarded.

Driving a stolen Ferrari in a Russian Mall:

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also in an air conditioned city many people would choose an electric motorcycle.

motorcycles are a luxury toy in America today because people need something they can use everyday ( a car ) not just when the weather is good.

but in an air conditioned city you can use a motorcycle everyday. no need to worry about slipping on ice or freezing to death.

electric motorcycles do 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds already. you can get an Electric Harley Davidson or Energica if you prefer Italian.

where i live as soon as the weather is good suddenly everybody is out on their Harleys, then they go back into storage for 3/4 of the year. huge waste.