Too Much Farmland?

Yeah nobody wants to walk. Nobody wants to do anything but eat, shit, and consume mindless entertainment. The typical suburban American is a retarded obese slob. We don’t give what these people what they want. We force them to live healthier lifestyles.

Nazis had to be healthy to fight Russians.

What is the point of being healthy if you have nobody to fight ?

Jokes aside …

studies show that we burn as many calories as our ancestors did

The problem is we consume a lot more calories

an approach that focuses on increasing caloric expenditure isn’t the best one

It would be wiser to focus on reducing intake

in other words the idea that we should ban cars to improve health is misguided … yes it will have a positive effect … but good old FAT SHAMING would have a bigger effect by making people think twice before grabbing a donut …

yet the same people who say we should cycle to lose weight are also adamantly opposed to fat shaming …

funny that eh ?

We are also bigger and fatter. We burn more calories than our tiny ancestors just by doing nothing.

Yeah we could reduce the amount of food we are feeding all these fat fucks. That would eliminate the need for a lot of farmland, which could be restored to praries and forests and natural settings.

That’s another WEF proposal though. But it’s true. We don’t need the ridiculous excess of food we have in this country just like we don’t need the ridiculous excess of car infrastructure. What the obese pigs don’t shove down their disgusting throats goes to waste. The rape of the environment that is farming could be reversed and we could have some of the natural beauty of the earth back.

accurate. that’s how we burn calories - just by being fat. a fat person has a resting pulse around 100 whereas a fit starving person has a resting pulse around 40. so a fat person is basically constantly exercising in terms of caloric expenditure. but they can never lose weight because it’s Calories in versus Calories out and when Calories in is infinite it doesn’t matter how many Calories go out …

well it isn’t that simple. we eat more calories but we don’t eat more nutrients. you can’t take somebody who is eating 10,000 calories of shit and just put them on 2,000 calories of same shit. yes they would lose weight but they wouldn’t be getting enough protein and vitamins. if you want to eat 2,000 calories a day you need more nutrient-dense food such as meat ( as opposed to fruity loops ). so you can’t just scale down the farms - you have to completely re-imagine how food is produced.

ultimately what you probably want is so-called regenerative farming which is where the cows are pastured on the grass and shit on that grass thus returning the nutrients to the soil so that grass can grow again … while eco-friendly and healthy this would hardly reduce the AREA occupied by farms … though they wouldn’t really be farms anymore - just fields with some cows on them.

i’m glad you’re coming to accept the obvious LOL.

natural beauty of the earth ? when is the last time you have been to Lake Tahoe ? The Great Canyon ? I been there. My Jewish Prostitute friend i talked about actually went to Galapagos Islands, brought back pictures of fooling around with the Sea Lions there, like this:

( that’s not her, but it’s also from Galapagos islands )

my point is why do you care about natural beauty of the earth if you just sit at home ?

it’s funny i just came across this picture while googling Galapagos Sea Lions:

It’s some girl from Penn State ( which i would tap by the way - THUNDER THIGHS ! ) … but my Jewish Prostitute friend was also from Penn State … now i wonder if there is some Penn State - Galapagos Islands pipeline …

i know i know - conspiracy brain !

if people on average spend maybe 5% of the time ( at most ! ) enjoying nature and 95% of the time living in cities that occupy just 1% of earth surface …

then what percentage of earth surface has to be maintained in pristine condition for us to enjoy the beauty of ?

obviously when i’m enjoying “natural beauty of the earth” i wouldn’t want to be surrounded by other tourists packed like on NYC subway so we will need to devote more than 0.05% of earth surface to various preserves so that tourists can spread out a bit …

but i would suggest we don’t need more than maybe 10% to 20% of earth surface reserved for this, and currently 50% of earth surface is wilderness.

so we can still make farms LARGER not smaller.

i assure you not all of earth is Los Angeles. don’t buy the WEF hype !

you know how you love Netherlands for all their cycling infrastructure ?

well it is the Netherlands where farmers are committing suicides because government is closing down their farms for climate goals.

another coincidence ?


when a nation accepts Klaus Schwab - suicide ( or Euthanasia ) is only a matter of time.

i’m sorry to say but Klaus’s goal isn’t to make you thinner. Otherwise the elites would promote Fat Shaming but instead they promote fat acceptance and “body positivity” …

Klaus’ goal is to make you … EAT ZE BUGZ

your health will NOT improve when you switch from beef to bugs and soylent / TOFU or 3D Printed “steaks” - i fucking guarantee it !

if you want to have best possible health and fitness i can teach you how and reducing calories is going to be part of it but closing down farms i am afraid won’t be …

we have “health”

and “fitness”

subforums where your favorite genius can answer all of your pressing questions ( based on 30 years of personal experience with diet and exercise, plus research and analysis ) on how to - be the best you can be !

We still have natural beauty in places that can’t be turned into farmland. Everything that can be turned into farmland has been turned into farmland.

Forests and praries are also natural beauty. Most of them have been destroyed to make way for farmland.

Yes I think it is important to preserve nature. I’m an ecofascist you see. I don’t look at the world and think about everything in terms of how useful it is for humans. I don’t want the earth to turn into a giant terminate colony for humans. Currently we are basically like parasites, destroying everything in our path to grow our numbers and make our lives more hedonistic. This doesn’t end well. It leads to total ecological collapse and the collapse of our own species.

I actually have a thread specifically dedicated to farmland maps:

but i suppose i can accept that perhaps more than half of all land usable for farming is already being used …

If a bear shits in the woods and nobody is around to see it - did it happen ?

what is the point of beauty if nobody is going to see it ?

do you just stroll around in the middle of a forest that is 200 mile wide to appreciate the beauty of its nothingess ?


that totally doesn’t sound like propaganda lifted straight from movies like the Matrix, which by the way was directed by Trannies ( as pointed out by @RedPilledGod )

in other words i’m sure you’re not brainwashed by the Elites or anything …

you just concluded on your own that you must extinct yourself to make sure the Elites can inherit a pristine planet to fly their private jets over …

well according to Elite’s own experiments it is actually their 15 minute cities ( which you hold dear to your heart ) that will lead to collapse of our species:

as for ecological collapse and things like the bees going extinct i am sure that will happen … but not because of too much farming as Klaus Schwab wants you to believe … but rather because he is literally going to VAX THE FUCKING BEES and then after the crops fail be like " nobody could have foreseen this ! i guess now you will just have to EAT ZE BUGS ! "

and Shit-Libs will be like " well at least we forced half of the farmers to commit suicide by forcibly closing their farms for climate goals or this globodomor would have been worse ! "