Women that i inexplicably find irresistible


this woman’s personality and way of speaking just makes me want to fuck her ass until i die from a heart attack

my current keyboard was bought based on her recommendation

the keyboard is so good i would buy a second one but sadly it is no longer available

i generally find most girls in tech extremely cringe, but she is a rare exception

move to asia, you will drown in them, I have a friend who just moved from UK to Thailand and is super happy.

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her boyfriend is white as well

but it’s her personality that i find appealing

Asian women do look younger and more feminine on average but

1 - i am not dating women
2 - if i did i wouldn’t date outside my race
3 - not moving out of US
4 - if moving out of US certainly not to a non-white country

Re 1 I get it back you dont technically need to date asian women, you just need to lock one in :slight_smile:
Re 4 the only white only countries left in this world are in Eastern Europe :wink:

i only want women as a fantasy.

i don’t want women in my reality.

fantasy should be beautiful.

reality should be efficient.

the two should be kept separate.

that’s true but US is still whiter than Thailand.


the bitch is an OnlyFans model, a math teacher and a Boxing World Champion

now that’s a hard working lady !

especially for only being 5’1" LOL

and no need to move to Thailand !

lol cute face but I hate the tats :slight_smile:

i don’t mind tattoos but they are definitely a sign of some kind of damage.

not that a girl from a good family would become a boxer anyway.

girls from good families are Swimmers, like the princess of Monaco who is a former Olympic Swimmer.

frankly Swimming is a girly sport, which is bad because men won’t respect you.

but good for meeting girls from good families.

of course i don’t actually meet anybody because i’m an introvert.

i suppose Tennis is a lot like Swimming in this respect, probably less athletic ( for the average person ) but more elitist than Swimming.

and Golf is probably the ultimate Elitist “sport” where it’s mostly just about being rich, except for the handful of people who actually do it competitively.

Swimming is very competitive. Literally two days ago ( on Sunday ) i was kicked out of the pool because it was closed for a competition. All swimmers do is train and compete. LOL

obviously at the top level all sports are equally competitive but at the entry level many “sports” are just entertainment ( Tennis ) or business ( Golf ).

or is it the pros ( Tiger Woods etc. ) who are entry level golfers while Trump is the elite ( in deal making ).

anyway, apparently America’s largest swimming pool opened in Ocala ( Central Florida ) last year …

you realize the superiority of redneckland now ? ( go Ocala ! )

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You would like Florida actually. First its a very car oriented place, meaning you can enjoy doing 120 mph on a highway and nobody bothers you or stops you. Also everything is brand new unlike NYC. So yeh having largest pools etc is of no surprise :wink: Plus due to great weather you are literally working out every day in some way because you just want to either go for a bike ride, go gym, go outside gym by the beach a la muscle gym in hollywood etc or use fancy facilities - again all brand new.

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sounds plausible.

for me tats aren’t an issue in and of themselves but they should certainly raise red flags …

damaged girls are more interesting but they are … damaged

I mean what did you expect lol :slight_smile:

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