Is living in Florida inherently Healthier?

Your overall diet [ in Florida ] is also better in warmer climate as you don’t crave winter heavy foods as much, so you can eat cleaner throughout the year.

that’s an interesting argument but i’m not sure i accept it.

nutrition has a strong seasonal angle to it but i’m not sure it works as you described.

if people are fitter it’s probably just because they spend more time outdoors away from the fridge and are more conscious of the way they look not being able to hide under multiple layers of clothing in hot weather.

but it’s also possible that winter triggers binge eating because our ancestors would be starving to death in winter and conversely there would be little need to over-eat in Summer because Summer is followed by Fall, which is the most calorie abundant season of the year.

likewise it’s possible that Winter triggers lethargy as a means of conserving limited calorie resources, even when separate from Vitamin D deficiency. in fact this isn’t even a theory - it’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD ).

not that we have real winter here in NJ … it only dropped below freezing for like one week … i have no problem with weather here - my problem is with heating bills. it’s already as much as a car lease in winter months and it can only get worse as Biden continues to bomb pipelines.

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