Why Roundabouts are so awesome!

Just kidding - roundabouts are the satan !

When i was young and foolish i believed all the same lies that @kanyewest still believes

one of those lies is that roundabout is superior to a regular intersection

as a child i would always try to impress everybody by my knowledge of this “fact” … telling everybody how backwards America is compared to Europe where roundabouts are more common …

well the reason Roundabouts are more common in Europe is because Europe is further down the line to 1984 than America is … they are more impoverished, their cars are smaller and slower and fewer people in Europe can afford cars in the first place …

let’s face it anybody who drives a car fucking hates roundabouts. the fake reason City Planners give for using roundabouts is that they reduce fatalities … which they absolutely do. but how do they reduce them ? primarily BY SLOWING DOWN CARS.

( yes @kanyewest i am aware of the benefits, i am in top 1% IQ and knew about this stuff for decades, you can skip trying to enlighten me about things i knew 20 years ago. since then i have developed the ability to RECOGNIZE PATTERNS and think for myself rather than simply repeat what i read somewhere else )

SLOWING DOWN CARS is one of the main pillars of City Planning. they always say it’s about safety but i assure you that it is not. if they gave two shits about your safety they wouldn’t forcibly inject your children and pregnant women with MRNA bioweapons.

the real reason is simply to make car ownership not worth it. WEF stated goal is to ban private car ownership, but we live in a “democracy” so the cattle has to accept, nay DEMAND their own punishment.

in fact @kanyewest does demand every bit of it. everybody from California and Europe does.

ALAS not everybody is endowed with critical thinking ability. most people when they read a study that shows that roundabouts reduce fatalities by 90% will automatically be in favor of them. what they do not realize is selling your car and staying at home will reduce traffic fatalities by 100%, which is of course the goal ( to take away your car, not to save you from death ).

in fact there is nothing they would love more than for you to die. they would be happy to euthanize you. just like Abraham Lincoln said if he could have preserved the union without freeing a single slave he would - but unfortunately he had no choice but to free the slaves to have an EXCUSE AND MORAL COVER for his murderous war.

likewise if the WEF could ban cars without saving a single cyclist of pedestrian they would. but they need moral cover for their genocidal policies.

in other words a roundabout is just another step on the slippery slope staircase towards a ban on private vehicle ownership.

but 90% of people don’t have the intelligence level to figure something like this out.

if the average person was a cow living in a factory farm and about to become a cheeseburger he would be telling other cows that the cage he is in is there to protect him from predators in the wild.

it isn’t just brainwashing and stupidity … but also fear. most people are too afraid to face the reality of the world they live in. they prefer to wear pink sunglasses and see the good in the world.

sorry to burst your bubble but the good you’re seeing is imaginary and in your head.

the horror i am describing and you refuse to see is real.

you simply don’t have the guts to face it.

seeing the reality of the world requires:

  • Superior Intelligence ( check, top 1% )

  • Lots of time to spend on the internet ( check, 10 hours per day for 25 years )

  • Nihilistic outlook that allows you to look at absolute horror without turning away or trying to find excuse for it ( check, don’t give a fuck if i live or die, haven’t given a shit in a long, long time )

  • Actual Masochism that that makes you seek out pain because you believe ( correctly ) that Pain is the best teacher and the path to wisdom ( check )

  • Having lived in disparate cultures at war with each other making you reject all systems of value as arbitrary ( check, Soviet Union vs USA )

  • Traumatic life experience that makes it physically impossible for you to believe in anything ( check, Sadist Father and entire family covering for him )

the average human animal is driven by URGES to believe and accept and fit in. i am above those things which is why you will never be on my level even if you had my IQ !

you can keep disagreeing with me but all you’re really doing is cowering in fear clinging to the lies you constructed your worldview out of to shield yourself from the truth.

these lies were fed to you by the very people who will literally make a cheeseburger out of you and eat you for breakfast after they euthanize you.

but you believe they are your own ideas because it feels better to think that way, than face reality of being a puppet.

when i recently did a takedown of Fuck Cars FAQ:

i couldn’t help but notice 100% correlation between that FAQ and what @kanyewest has been telling me, despite him claiming his ideas were his own. i also noticed a correlation between that FAQ and the WEF agenda.

the information flow direction is WEF > Fuck Cars Reddit > @kanyewest

of course @kanyewest will say he never read Fuck Cars Reddit and i believe that. Fuck Cars Reddit is only one of infinite number of shill outlets pushing WEF agenda. and the agenda itself precedes WEF and Klaus Schwab. Schwab / WEF themselves, just like @kanyewest are merely tools in the grand scheme of things …

It is really more like a giant transhumanist tsunami sweeping the planet and you’re all just fish trapped in that wave - Schwab is a bigger fish and @kanyewest is a smaller fish but you’re all really just being swept by the same momentum …

only the superior genius that is I can truly stand alone like a G_d and look down upon everybody else as if from mount Olympus …

you know it :slight_smile: