Fuck Cars Reddit FAQ "Takedown"

all right let’s do this !

Does this sub want to ban all cars?

That’s open to debate. Some members want to ban all cars and some only want to see cars banned in cities. Other just want to live in a society that doesn’t force them to use a car.

let me guess, you don’t believe in the slippery slope “fallacy” ? your boy Klaus Schwab has already stated that he will ban ALL cars. those of you who support half-measures ( adding bike lanes etc. ) are merely bringing us closer to Schwab’s ultimate goal. Once enough people give up on cars the rest will vote to ban cars completely. Because nobody cares about the needs of OTHER people and certainly Klaus Schwab doesn’t care.

Ultimately r/fuckcars is striving for a world where nobody needs (to own) a car, where urban areas are designed for humans instead of machines, where the externalities of cars are minimal and where a walk or a ride are more convenient than driving a car.

it’s funny how you use THE LITERAL WORDS of Klaus Schwab who said he will ban private car OWNERSHIP rather than ban cars outright. but i’m sure you’re not a puppet of his like literally everybody else LOL.

anyway, we already live in that world. you can always move to NYC or SF or any other fuckhole that is already designed this way. nobody is forcing you to live in Houston. the reason everybody is moving out of NYC and SF and into Texas is because most people aren’t falling for Klaus’s BS which you disseminate for him.

Cars are responsible for a significant amount of global and local pollution - microplastic waste

Microplastics ? You mean like Covid masks ? You know, the ones mandated by World Heath Organization, the same one you quote as the authority on why we should give up cars …

brake dust

A few grams of Dust is pollution ? Have you heard of SAND STORMS ? how did the planet ever survive THAT ?

not to mention, EVs and PHEVs use regenerative braking and don’t rely on brake pads, thus do not generate brake dust.

emissions from the whole production chain and the energy used in it

that is true of anything, not just cars. houses also require energy and pollution to produce. ban houses next ? sorry that was a rhetorical question. of course you will want to ban Houses you just don’t know it yet because Klaus Schwab didn’t give you the command to jump yet, and you’re a good boy and don’t jump without his command …

tailpipe emissions, and noise pollution). Electric cars eliminate tailpipe emissions, but the other pollution-related problems largely remain.

if Electric Cars eliminate tailpipe emissions then why bring it up at all ? They also eliminate noise pollution as well. Plug in Hybrids do it as well. I drive a Plug In Hybrid by the way.

Cars create an unwanted economic burden on their communities.

Unwanted by whom ? Klaus Schwab ?

The infrastructure for cars is expensive to build and maintain,

So we could afford it 70 years ago when we had to build it from scratch but now we can’t afford it after it has already been built ? you expect anybody to believe this ?

and the maintenance burden for local communities is expected to increase with the adoption of more electric and (possibly, someday) fully self-driving cars.

really … so as productivity keeps going up we can afford less and less - care to explain how that works ? nevermind i know exactly how it works. it’s your friends at the WEF coming up with new ways of fucking with the economy to impoverish everybody deliberately so that we wouldn’t be able to afford things our parents took for granted.

This is partly due to the increased weight of the vehicles and also the increased traffic of autonomous vehicles.

Why is the weight of vehicles increasing - are they eating too much junk food ? or do people CHOOSE to buy heavier vehicles ? And why would autonomous vehicles increase traffic - will they drive in circles for fun ? Or will they provide valuable service that people WANT ?

Cities allocate a vast amount of space to cars. This is space that could be used more effectively for other things such as parks, schools, businesses, homes, and so on.

can your please enlighten me what percentage of earth surface is covered by cities ? and why is it that we must all try to huddle there ?

nevermind i googled it for you - it is 1%.

ONE PERCENT of land is occupied by cities. yet you think that the only way to recover more land is to dismantle the roads within that 1% because we can’t just build outside of that 1% …

We miss out on these things and are forced to pile on additional sprawl when we build vast parking lots and widen roads and highways.

or you can just build new cities like Las Vegas or Dubai that were built in the middle of nowhere.

This creates part of what is called induced demand. This effect means that the more capacity for cars we add, the more cars we’ll get, and then the more capacity we’ll need to add.

Indeed unless we ban cars everybody will be driving five cars simultaneously !

like you’re literally going to work in one car while also going back in the other while also grocery shopping in the third all simultaneously creating exponential amounts of traffic !


what IQ does somebody need to have to accept this - 60 ?

Cars are not accessible to everyone. Simply put, many people either can’t drive or don’t want to drive.

so because some people don’t want to drive others must be banned from driving. well actually that’s exactly how democracy works. if we can make driving miserable enough that most people give up on it then they will vote to ban it for the remaining ones.

this is where roundabouts etc. come in. every normal person hates them so the logic is if you put enough roundabouts and bike lanes and other BS on the road people will give up on driving first and then vote to ban it completely.

Car-centric city planning is an obstacle for these groups, to name a few: children and teenagers,

Teenagers can drive. Cars are infinitely safer now than after WW2 when car centric suburbia was designed. Today we could easily lower driving age to 13 due to safety tech such as autonomous braking, seatbelts, airbags etc. With self-driving tech we will be able to lower it even further to perhaps as little as 10. And smaller children have no business getting around a city unsupervised anyway. You wouldn’t let a 5 year old child ride on NYC subway alone - would you ?

parents who must chauffeur children to and from all forms of childhood activities

HAVE YOU HEARD OF AN INVENTION KNOWN AS A BUS ? when i was a kid in Soviet Union i used a bus to go to the swimming pool. amazing technology !

people who can’t afford a car

who would that be ? two days of minimum wage pays for a month lease for a brand new economy car. if you can’t afford a car means you don’t work and therefore you’re staying home in the first place.

and many other people who are unable to drive. Imagine the challenge of giving up your car in the late stages of your life. In car-centric areas, you face a great loss of independence.

most people lose the ability to walk before they lose the ability to drive. i personally know people like this.

Cars are dangerous to both occupants and non-occupants, but especially the non-occupants. As time goes on cars admittedly become better at protecting the people inside them, but they remain hazardous to the people not inside them. For people walking, riding, or otherwise trying to exercise some form of car-free liberty cars are a constant threat.

the obvious solution to protect people is to move them from outside of cars and into cars. only a person really determined to not understand this obvious reality could fail to see this.

In car-centric areas, streets and roads are optimized to move cars fast and efficiently rather than protect other road users and pedestrians.

Also in human centric areas everything is optimized for benefit of humans instead of rats and cockroaches. Wow. Who would have thought ?

As more people spend more of both their work and free time sitting the World Health Organization has pointed to an inactive lifestyle as one of the greatest risks to public health.

this is the same World Health Organization that locked people down in their homes for 2 years.

Cars exacerbate this problem both for the individual sitting still in their car also while traveling

BULLSHIT ! i use my car to drive to the swimming pool, where i can exercise to improve my health.

and for everyone who feels the streets are too unsafe to walk or bike – because of all the cars – and so choose to also use a car, or just stay at home.

i literally never knew a single person who stayed at home because they were afraid of cars. this is like the lie that black people are afraid of white people. STOP LYING.

Many children are not allowed by their parents to travel actively

Yeah that’s because parents don’t want their kids raped and murdered. WTF does this have to do with cars ? STOP LYING.

but have to get driven everywhere, and many schools even prohibit biking to school.

read my lips: SCHOOL BUS

Regular physical activity, for as little as 30-60 minutes a day can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers according to the WHO. Not to mention the importance to mental health.

No shit ! I have been training regularly for 30 years straight. Cars are the single factor making it EASIER for me to stay in shape by allowing me to train at any gym i want in any weather. as for children ? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A GYM CLASS IN SCHOOL.

Cars are a major contributor to bad air quality around the globe. More than 92% of the global population lives in areas where the outdoor air quality is below recommended limits set by the World Health Organization.

The obvious solution is to move out of the area with polluted air, that is to say move out of pedestrian and cycling centric centric cities and into car centric suburbs where the air is far cleaner.

when i moved out of NYC into NJ suburb i specifically looked for a quietest area with freshest air - and surprise surprise - i found it in the most car-dependent of areas. whereas in a car-independent NYC everything smells and it is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

The total cost of this comes to 2.9 trillion USD, equating to 3.3 percent of the world’s GDP, according to a 2020 report by Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air.

what was the cost of the lockdowns imposed by the World Health Organization ? oh yeah it was only the collapse of world economy followed by hyperinflation, a mass wave of suicides and people not being able to afford to buy food.

yet the same people who did it to us are suddenly worried that we may inconvenience ourselves by driving cars which we were doing for the past 70 years without any problems until WHO decided to task itself with saving us …

anybody who still listens to “experts” at this point is a total idiot …

if you noticed i don’t quote Exxon or General motors who i am sure would be biased in favor of cars … on other hand you DO quote Greenpeace that is obviously going to be biased against cars.

that’s because i have integrity and you do not. you’re either a shill for WEF or a useful idiot for WEF and maybe both.

Exposure to particulate matter from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil made up 18% of global deaths in 2018 — totaling 8.7 million – according to a 2021 study from Harvard University and three British universities, published in the journal Environmental Research.

yeah yeah it’s the climate change causing children to die from heart attacks and strokes and totally not the MRNA injections that the WHO pushed for children who have less than 0.01% chance of dying from Covid according to WHO’s own data.

There are many other sources of air pollution than cars, but already in 2010 there where over a billion cars in the world, and almost all run on fossil fuels. Norway, one of the countries that’s come the farthest in electrifying its car fleet has only 16 % electric cars in 2022, according to the countries public statistics bureau. And still, even electric cars needs energy, which is often produced by burning fossil fuels.

so your argument is … because cars in the past were polluting we must ban cars in the future even though future cars will have no tailpipe emissions and might be 100% powered by clean energy like Solar … wow you must be some kind of a genius !

A combination of the issues above produces the additional effect of social isolation. There are fewer opportunities for serendipitous interactions with other members of the public.

my friend had a serendipitous interaction on a NYC subway where a black man cut his throat for his iPod … i’m sure my friend was glad he wasn’t in a car where he would miss out on this opportunity to get culturally enriched.

Although there may be many people sharing the road with you (a public space), there are some obvious limitations to the quality of interaction one can have through metal, glass, and plastic boxes.

Why do you think people pay to install tint on their cars, in many cases doing so even though it’s illegal ? It’s because people DO NOT WANT to interact with random strangers. if i want to meet a nice girl i will go to a library and do so.

i’m sorry did i say go ? i meant DRIVE TO a library.

nothing opens more opportunities for interacting with people than DRIVING.

People with disabilities?

This subreddit does not espouse “one-size-fits” all solutions when it comes to accessibility. Disability permit parking must remain a part of urban design and infrastructure. However, it’s important to recognize the existing implementation of accessibility in car-oriented cities is exclusive. Mobility-adapted vans generally run $50,000, which is certainly not attainable for people living off of the $841/month of SSI, and many people with disabilities are not able to drive. Disabled people in the US are less likely to own cars than non-disabled people, more likely to use buses and trains, and about equally likely to get around as pedestrians. [1] Paratransit networks are only mandated by the ADA in the US to serve areas where public transit routes already exist, and paratransit services are often underinvested. Public transit can and must be built to universal design standards - including tactile warning pavers, level-platform boarding, low-floor buses, reliable elevators, sidewalk maintenance, curb cuts, and expanded paratransit operations. Enhancing walkability has been shown to disproportionately benefit disabled individuals compared to their non-disabled counterparts.

let’s not kid ourselves you are not going to build any “paratransit” you’re just going to Euthanize people with disabilities like they already do in Canada.

we all know that US is simply following policies of more progressive countries like Canada with a 10 - 20 year delay.

in Canada when you become disabled they simply offer to euthanize you.

Additionally, safe cycle routes are commonly used by people with disabilities in the Netherlands, from mobility scooters to hand-operated tricycles and more. It gets them from A to B safely and independently. In other words; the cycle paths offer people with disabilities a great freedom to travel where they wish. [2] In contrast, many car-oriented “new solutions” to transportation like Uber or Elon Musk’s Boring Tunnel taxis completely ignore wheelchair accessibility.

so disabled people can’t drive a self driving car … but can ride a bicycle !

if you’re stupid enough to believe this - how do you tie your shoelaces ?

Hot or cold climates?

Some of the best cycling is in very cold, snowy Winter climates. Year round cycling is a matter of how well your city does Winter maintenance and provides safe cycling infrastructure rather than how cold it gets. Cycling in hot climates can be made comfortable with a generous urban tree canopy, embracing walkability and ebikes.

yes cycling on ice is fun, especially if you’re disabled ! watch the video below and tell me if this is something you wish for your parents:

watch till the end …


Same goes for walking and public transportation. Extreme climates require thoughtful approaches to maintenance and design of the built environment for all modes of transportation.

yes except that cars already have built in HVAC. so YOU require a thoughtful approach while WE require only that you leave us alone.

but we know that you won’t because Klaus Schwab needs blood sucking leeches like you.

Cars are no panacea to climate extremes: it takes much effort to keep driving possible though the Winter. In the US we spend over $8 billion every year to keep highways clear and maintained from snow and ice. Road salt contaminates drinking water, kills and endangers wildlife, increases soil erosion, and damages private and public property.

so driving in snow is hard but ricing a bicycle in snow is easy … having done both i’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you. and i could do 30 chin ups in one minute the last time i tried biking in the snow. it will be somewhat more difficult for elderly people with disabilities.

Street Harassment?

Many people avoid modes of transport other than driving, especially public transit, because of the possibility of encountering unpleasant people. While some of this fear is ignorance, stereotyping, and prejudice against perceived poor people, some public transit systems have their share of harassers, thieves, public drug users, and other people who aren’t fun to encounter.

It should be noted that bad public transit systems are mostly used by the desperate and have more than their share of riders looking to cause trouble. If a public transit system is good, by being affordable, frequent, consistent, connective, and generally high-quality, more regular people will ride it, which will dilute the amount of troublemakers and discourage people from causing problems. People from countries with good public transit systems do not stereotype public transit as being filled with drug addicts and homeless people.

i’m sorry but the quality of people on public transit has so far been steadily going DOWN despite all of your best efforts … might have something to do with the fact that high IQ people stopped having children and everybody in the cities is now an Immigrant from Africa or Middle East …

to believe that this trend will reverse is wishful thinking …


In car-dependent suburban environments, groceries are generally purchased from big-box stores located far away from people’s houses. The inconvenience of this trip, even when driving, means that groceries are purchased once every week or two in large quantities. In walkable, mixed-use environments, grocery shopping is different. Many smaller grocery stores are scattered throughout the area, close to people’s homes. Most people buy only one or two bags of groceries at a time, and go grocery shopping daily or every few days. If you don’t want to carry your bags, backpacks, panniers, cargo bikes, and small portable carts are an option.

so shopping once a week is inconvenient but being forced to shop every day is more convenient ! do you really think anybody is stupid enough to believe this ?

i have lived both ways. i much prefer the once a week trip to Costco or Sam’s club to daily trips to a local grocery.

not only do i spend a fraction of the time but i also get much better prices in a bigger store than a small local one.

Politics: Is this a “leftist” issue?

No. If you agree with the issues of the sub but aren’t sure how they align to your politics then you may have just discovered some nuance to your political alignment that you weren’t previously aware of.

Consider the city of Carmel, Indiana. It was cited as being one of the Best Places to Live in America. The Mayor is James Brainard. He was just elected to a 6th term. He’s also a Republican and his work is no less meaningful or valid because of that.

Either way, you are welcome here.

Well i mean some people say Hitler was Leftist ( National SOCIALIST ) and some say he was Far Right.

What’s wrong with calling crashes “accidents”?

We don’t use the word “accident”. Car related injuries and fatalities are preventable if we choose to design better streets, limit vehicles size and speeds, and promote alternative means of transportation. If we can accurately predict the number of deaths a road will produce and we do nothing to fix the underlying problem then they are not accidents but rather planned road deaths.

WOW i actually agree with this one ! It’s important to call a spade a spade !

Whenever an Asian woman or elderly person is enjoying their freedom from cars on the street and gets sucker punched and knocked out for no reason we should stop calling the perpetrators “teens” and call them what they are - BLACKS.

Blacks call this game " polar bear hunting " …

often the victims die, but hey at least they weren’t car dependent …

I prefer to drive everywhere. Why should I care about any of this?

Would you rather drive to work on a lean, free flowing road or a huge, congested freeway? It turns out expanding highways and building more roads actually makes traffic worse due to induced demand.

imagine believing this. he wants you to believe that dismantling roads and converting them to parks will eliminate traffic and allow you to sail to work in your car on a road that literally doesn’t exist anymore …

One more person walking, on a bike, or on the bus is one less car you’re stuck behind at a red light.

So why did that person choose to take the bus while i am driving the car ? It seems like YOU’RE LYING AGAIN. They aren’t going to choose to ride on the bus with a bunch of homeless people - they will be FORCED TO and so will i.

Driving is simply better when people aren’t forced to drive, which is why people that truly love driving should be huge advocates for walkability and transportation alternatives.

Stop lying nobody is forced to drive. You can move to NYC or SF or any other anti-car city anytime you want. When most people aren’t driving they will vote to ban cars for everybody else out of jealousy.

If you believe that you will be able to drive while everybody else is stuffed into a bus you are fucking delusional. What makes you so special ? USE IT OR LOSE IT. If we don’t all drive we are going to lose the right to drive. Same as how we will lose the right to guns and so on.

FOR FUCKS SAKE we live in a Democracy. It’s all about maintaining a majority. You lose majority status and you have lost everything. WAKE UP !

Can I still love cars?

You can love car engineering and design while hating the societal and environmental impacts of car dependency. Arguably, car enthusiasts should be huge proponents of r/fuckcars.

I don’t love guns and cars for their engineering but for their freedom you commie !

What’s the solution?

We believe that not only can building walkable environments designed for people save the environment — but they can provide happier, healthier and stronger communities.

Environment doesn’t need saving - It is doing fine ! If global warming is real then why are 10 out of 10 top states that people are moving to all in the southern part of US ? shouldn’t people be moving NORTH ?

and why does every progressive politician own oceanfront property ? aren’t they concerned about the rising seas ?

everybody knows Climate Change is a lie, they just pretend to believe in it to avoid social stigma of being called “selfish” …

What can I do to make my community less car-centric?

One thing you can do is write to your town council. Never done it before? It’s easy! For most towns, you can easily search online "town council contact " The idea is to communicate that you recognize this as a problem and that you’d like to see more discussion about how to make your community less dependent on cars. Here’s some quick tips for public engagement:


What can I do to make my own life less car-dependent?

It depends! Check out this post where many of our users have said what they have done. The little things matter: we understand that not everyone is lucky enough to simply give up driving or pack up and move. Here’s some ideas of little things you might be able to do, starting today:

  • Consolidate errands into fewer car journeys
  • Hybrid journeys - drive halfway, bike/transit the rest
  • Test ride an electric bicycle
  • Advocate and vote for better alternatives to driving (see above question)
  • Keep in mind walkability when looking for new job or housing
  • See what public transit options are available in your area (you might be surprised!)
  • Spread the message
  • Simply being aware of the problem is very important!

those things wouldn’t make me less car dependent as i would still need a car.

How can I learn more?

I already know too much.

Take a look:

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