What could possibly be causing food shortages ? ( sarcasm )


i have just read the comments.

every commenter is a @kanyewest type normie

they are saying it’s a GOOD thing that government is forcing farmers to destroy perfectly good food.

the normies have completed their cycle where first they say you’re a " conspiracy theorist " if you suggest WEF goons are engineering the food shortages but when finally faced with the evidence they just say that " it’s a good thing " …

for your information normies ALWAYS do this.

it’s the only way they know how to function.

first they deny the obvious then when they can’t deny it anymore they say it’s a good thing.

i have seen @kanyewest go through this very pattern as well, when first he denied Klaus Schwab and WEF were a thing, and then eventually said he likes Klaus Schwab and his ideas.

my mother did it too - she denied my father was a sadist as long as she could, then when she couldn’t deny it anymore she said the reason she never told me my father was a sadist is because she thought it was obvious and therefore didn’t need to be stated.


they will always deny up to the point where they say " i always knew that, everybody always knew that "

even in being the lowest filth on earth they will always find a way to get on a high horse - this is just what normies are

normies will NEVER say " i’m sorry, you were right and we were wrong "



they are STUPID GARBAGE all they do is lie, they get caught EVERY TIME but still they never admit anything …

it’s like the saying about playing Chess with a Pigeon - the Pigeon knocks over the pieces and takes a shit on the board.

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There are no food shortages. There never were. The “food shortage” story was hyped up the past couple of years to sell paranoid right-wingers buckets of disgusting chemical garbage.

The system produces a huge surplus of food. Sometimes farmers destroy their product so that the industry can still turn a profit. It’s basic supply and demand.

There have been problems recently with supply lines and transportation, and this led to issues keeping shelves stocked in some areas. The empty shelves were never because of a shortage of food. There has also been a lot of price inflation recently because of the increased cost of transportation because of higher oil prices and changes in the economy due to COVID faggotry. Once again it is not about a lack of food.

You can debate the merits of producing all this food and letting it go to waste, but it is a part of a system that goes back a long time and is not about engineering famines like people twist it to be.

Enjoy your preservative-laden freeze-dried soup out of a plastic bucket. I’m going to go eat a burrito.

i only eat organic grass fed beef and wild caught salmon.

thank you.

and these just happened spontaneously and were not engineered ?

and those were not deliberate ?

" nobody could have foreseen this ! "

yeah well i could fucking foresee it and i assure you so could Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates …

why do you think people like Bill Gates invested into all those bug food companies right before these “unforeseen supply chain bottlenecks” that caused stores to run out of meat and eggs ?


just because you’re unable to recognize patterns doesn’t mean everything is a coincidence.

i don’t know you well enough to diagnose your level of intelligence but pattern recognition is certainly a form of intelligence you seem to lack almost completely :slight_smile:

Like I said I haven’t quite decided to what extent all of the COVID hysteria was engineered.

My point is that the COVID hysteria is what caused the shock to supply lines and made food seem scarce in certain areas. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

Food is not and never was scarce. It probably never will be in the near future.

Engineering a famine is possibly the stupidest way to control a population if you think that is what anyone is trying to do. You want people fat and happy if you want to control them. Hunger is the most powerful motivator and what ultimately causes mass uprisings.

we won’t have a famine.

we will be EATING ZE BUGS.

which will effectively be a famine for those who know that what real food is:

meanwhile for the average soy tits eating twinkies and corn puffs nothing much will change.

you’re just going to have your morning cereal with bug milk instead of real milk.

liberals have been drinking almond and / or soy milk for decades already.

i was actually one of them. i still have a Vitamix blender i used to turn almonds into milk.

the reality is both almond milk and real milk are bad for you.

drink water.

Kanye, here is another coincidence for you.


i can’t stand that fucking Juanita Broaddrick person … she is Donald Trump in female form - Facebook Boomer Filth that grifts off of other Facebook Boomers. I had her blocked for a while.

When your senses are attuned @marlon you will be able to block scum like her from just a single look at her ugly face with that retarded smile. Same as how i blocked Jordan Peterson from just one look at his smug face never knowing who he was. With faces like that no additional evidence is required when you’re a PRO / Jedi Master like me.

the study basically says they VACCINATED THE HENS and the hens deposited the antibodies they produced in response to the vaccine into the egg yolks. these antibodies were effective against Covid in a petri dish, but will likely be destroyed by digestion. not that it matters because the eggs you buy don’t come from vaccinated hens and do not contain these antibodies.

you remember how Donald Trump told us to inject bleach to cure Covid ?

the moral of the story is simple - never listen to Boomers.



how can a person that looks like this have 650,000 followers ?

the only way it’s possible is if THEY ARE ALL FACEBOOK BOOMERS !

you need to learn to recognize plague like this …

my worst fear about moving to Florida ( which i’m currently researching ) is that i will be surrounded by people who are all like this Juanita Broaddrick person …

do you want to know what smart people look like ? they look like this:

that’s Jack Dorsey, but i look the same way ( only with muscles ).

and this is what a FAGGOT CLOWN looks like:

apparently Jolly Heretic has an entire book published on how to judge people from their looks. i haven’t read it but i think it focuses on physiognomy rather than facial expressions.

well Juanita Broaddrick fails on both counts anyway. there is no reason to EVER listen to anybody who looks like her EVER. i can’t imagine even looking at a face like that let alone listening to what it has to say. all i feel is disgust and contempt for it. i blocked that turd based on the picture alone, and clearly it was a good call.

anyway @marlon thank you for sharing - i didn’t actually know that eggs can be manipulated like this - it was quite interesting.

When did I ever say anything was a coincidence? I said there are more salient and prosaic explanations for these cherry-picked phenomena that don’t involve ascribing unrralistic power, a sinister motive, and sophisticated plotting to actors like Klaus Schwab.

Egg prices go up and down. I can think of many times when I was more price-conscious that the price of eggs seemed out of line. I don’t pay attention to it anymore because they are so cheap regardless.

If you want cheap eggs then get chickens.

Doubtful. Bugs aren’t all they are cracked up to be. They are full of diseases and require a lot of food. Eatinf ze bugs is just another hairbrained proposal by the WEF that won’t go anywhere.

They have many proposals like this. So far they haven’t been successful with any of them other than the pandemic thing, and even that flopped in the end. Where are our vaccine passports?

i lived through hyperinflation in Ukraine in the 90s … and in the 25+ years i have spent in US what has been happening since Covid Lockdowns started is the only time i have been reminded of life in Soviet Union and then Ukraine in terms of inflation, empty shelves and rationing …

we also had the chickens in our summer house in Ukraine. after we killed them all it was only enough meat to maybe fill up half of the freezer in one of my two refrigerators.

you can’t make enough food in your backyard to make a difference. and if you start a real farm the government will shut you down as they do in Netherlands and Canada and soon in USA.

Communism failed in Russia yes. But not before it killed millions of people and wasted the lives of hundreds of millions. It doesn’t matter if WEF will fail or succeed - what matters is how our lives will be ruined by their attempts.

They will try to make us eat the bugs. Apparently they are already adding bugs to processed foods in Europe just like Ethanol is being added to gasoline in USA.

But while the worst thing that e85 gas can do is maybe ruin some gaskets or some other engine damage the consequences of eating bugs would be affecting you, rather than your car.

the two most obvious problems with bug eating that come to my mind are:

1 - chitin allergy. then again people have bad reactions to gluten in grain and that hasn’t stopped elites from pumping us full of grains.

2 - when you eat bugs you also eat the contents of their intestines, otherwise known as LITERALLY SHIT.

in other words they are LITERALLY ADDING SHIT TO FOOD in Europe RIGHT NOW.

there are more salient and prosaic explanations

Enlighten me.

cherry-picked phenomena

Must be cherry season then.

unrralistic power, a sinister motive, and sophisticated plotting

Does he have power? Yes.
Sinister motive? “You will own nothing and like it”…Yes
Sophisticated plotting? Unnecessary. They tell you ahead of time what the plan is.

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You sure can’t. But if you are that worried about fluctuations in egg prices then you can get chickens that lay eggs every day that are practically free.

you can’t legally do shit in this country.

you can’t legally grow tomatoes on your balcony without a license.

if you can today you won’t be able to tomorrow.

my whole point is government shouldn’t have power to order people to destroy food or set limits to how much food can be produced and by whom.

it doesn’t matter if this is a conspiracy or stupidity or what it is - it shouldn’t be happening.

what good is it to have chickens if tomorrow government can deem them illegal on a whim ?

or say you can produce a maximum of 6 eggs per month, or whatever …

Bird flu.

This time it’s bird flu + high oil prices.

The vulnerable chickens get culled and new chickens are hatched to replace them.

In a few months egg prices will come back down.

what stops them from declaring a bird flu epidemic anytime they decide the farmers produced “too much” food ?

did they say a fire ?


no that can’t be !

@kanyewest informed us it was the bird flu !

ah well who gives a shit - just eat your fucking bugs already !

where is @kanyewest when you need him to “explain” this shit away ? LOL

WEF wants to plant trees over EVERYTHING

over streets, parking lots, farms …

literally return the entire civilization to a forest …

not even back to stone age as i previously thought …