September 11th - What really happened at WTC and Pentagon?

WTC building 7 not hit by a plane goes down in the middle of Manhattan, WTC owner Silverstein is on video saying he gave the order to “pull it”, building 7 is completely omitted from the 1,000 page official 9-11 report, totally forgotten by the media, most people never heard about it, children learn in school that Osama Bin Laden did 9-11 with ZERO evidence … everybody “knows” the towers fell due to “jet fuel” and not controlled demolition …

if that shit didn’t wake you up - nothing will.

Klaus Schwab could literally go on TV and admit he runs the world and people simply wouldn’t listen.

oh wait, that already happened …

or how about the Pentagon hit by a fucking Jumbo Jet … THAT NOT A SINGLE PERSON OR CAMERA HAS SEEN



@kanyewest can you please explain this phenomenon ?

The Pentagon is not in the middle of Washington D.C. It’s in Virginia.

And yes there is footage showing the plane and physical remnants of the plane.

Of course a plane hit the Pentagon. Why on earth would they lie about this when there are clearly planes hitting other buildings on that day.

OK you’re right, it’s a full 2 miles from the White House.

Show me the footage of the plane flying into the pentagon.

Four Planes were Hijacked that day

And four Targets were destroyed

Despite one plane going down in Shanksville, never making it to the target

and despite WTC 7 clearly never getting hit by anything

and no video or even witness testimony of a plane hitting the Pentagon

they had a list of targets. some of the planes didn’t make it. they blew up all the targets anyway. because people like you will believe anything you’re told without any evidence. and they know it.

why would you assume the Pentagon was hit by a plane when WTC Building 7 was not and still went down …

I don’t assume that it was hit. I look at the available evidence and conclude that yes, it was hit by a plane like we are told. There is security footage from the parking lot and plane parts pulled from the wreckage. People across the street saw it hit.

What happened to Building 7 I’m not as sure. It wasn’t hit by a plane, but it was hit by two falling skyscrapers. Buildings are not designed to withstand that.

I have studied the footage of the towers falling, and the way they fall does not line up with a controlled demolition hypothesis. They undergo systemic structural collapse starting at the impact site just as the official explanation says.

The towers fell because they were hit by planes and the fires that burned for hours.

You could say that Building 7 was a controlled demolition, but I don’t see the point. The attack was real, and the collapse of the twin towers was real.

You don’t have to entertain weird theories about fake planes and controlled demolitions to reach the conclusion that 9/11 was a planned event and agents within the government were involved. What does it matter anyway?

When it comes to a conspiracy like 9/11, you should want to know the who and why. The how isn’t all that important. But people are completely fixated on that part of the story and have missed the point.

i already told you to post it.

don’t talk about it.


show me …

1 - no concrete and steel building ( that i know of ) has ever collapsed due to a fire before or after September 11 ( i haven’t personally verified this, maybe some have - if they did - show me )

2 - buildings do not collapse into their own footprint, let alone at free-fall speed, except during controlled demolition ( again, if you can find an example - i would love to see it )

3 - the fires could have only damaged the structure ABOVE the point of impact. yet the entire structure BELOW the point of impact has collapsed.

4 - regarding momentum - i have seen failed controlled demolition videos where the buildings begins to fall and then stops. there was not enough momentum. certainly no amount of momentum could cause a building to collapse at free fall speed THOUGH its own concrete and steel structure.

5 - if the two towers did in fact collapse without the use of controlled demolition ( 0% chance ) that STILL has absolutely ZERO bearing on the fact that 911 was still an inside job by Netanyahu, Mossad, Bush, CIA, Larry Silverstein and possibly the Saudis ( who are in cahoots with US / Israel ).

6 - most of 911 commission has resigned because they didn’t want to put their names on the lies they were ordered to write in the official report ( which completely omits building 7 ).

Larry Silverstein leased the towers and insured them against terrorism for billions.

He is on video stating he ordered the demolition of building 7. He wasn’t as smart as me or he would have kept his mouth shut and let people like you come up with their own coincidence theories of how the building Epsteined itself.

then again, him admitting it didn’t stop you - did it ? just like Klaus Schwab admitting he has partners in all centers of power doesn’t stop you from saying that he doesn’t.

I watched the video 15 years ago before any of modern deep fake technology was available.

i agree with you that if i was Larry Silverstein i wouldn’t have touched building 7 … but then the explosives would have to be extracted from the building somehow … i am not claiming that what they did was smart. i imagine there was a fair amount of stress involved in making these poor judgements.

the two towers had to go down, Building 7 did not. but if you follow that logic then - do the elites have to do anything AT ALL ? i mean they already have all the money and child sex slaves - what else do they need ?

and on the flip side - there is really nothing they can do to make people like you wake up, so i don’t know why they even bothered blowing up the towers. could have just printed articles saying it happened and you would never question it. after all you don’t question that a plane hit Pentagon.

it is really hard for the Elites to go wrong - that is the point. you are such a perfect slave that there is no scenario in which you free yourself.

when i first realized September 11 was inside job i couldn’t believe that Bush and company had the balls to pull of something so bold. Today ? I would have no problem doing it myself. I would have absolutely ZERO concern about having to face consequences. There is no waking up the sheep. My conversations with them over the years have convinced me of this. They don’t want to know - they just want to turn on their TV and watch sportsball.

there were no fake planes. only remote controlled planes.

well, or the Turbans flew the planes - makes no difference either way. could be both. let Turbans fly the planes - make them feel they are in control - but have remote control as backup. as i said - makes no difference either way.

i agree with you that it doesn’t actually matter whether the towers were demolished or not - it literally changes absolutely nothing.

however considering building 7 was demolished and it takes weeks to wire a building for demolition it is reasonable to assume all 3 buildings were wired and the software was flexible enough to trigger the charges in different patterns depending on the point of plane impact, or if there was any impact at all.

i know the who and the why.

Netanyahu asked Bush and Saudis to work with him so they turn the Middle East into a glass parking lot for the benefit of Israel.

Netanyahu was on live TV within minutes of attacks saying the attacks were “very good” for Israel.

But coming from a family of Architects and being a Physics Genius with two Engineering degrees i find the demolition aspect of it interesting.

Way back in the day i did a mathematical analysis of the collapse and posted it on ArsTechnica forum and was promptly banned. I didn’t know then how he system worked - how outlets like ArsTechnica are controlled. I was naive like you. But i could see that the mechanics of the collapse aren’t adding up.

I agree with you the whole “nano thermite” nonsense is the usual conspiracy bullshit like the idea that Covid is caused by 5G cell towers - but sadly this type of BS will always be present in the community …

I do agree with you it doesn’t matter whether the two towers were demolished or not … that said, they were demolished.

finally you have to consider what Cass Sunstein ( Obama’s Information Czar ) wrote in his paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories”

he wrote that government should ALWAYS LIE even when they have nothing to hide.

he said this is necessary to confuse conspiracy theorists who assume that if government is lying then it must be hiding something. by lying ALL THE TIME for no reason whatsoever it makes conspiracy theorists chase their own tails.

in other words - the DEFAULT assumption should be that government is lying EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE NO REASON TO LIE.

meanwhile your default position is that government is telling the truth EVEN AFTER I PROVE TO YOU THAT THEY ARE LYING.

This is the only thing that matters. Weird theories that speculate about controlled demolitions, missiles, thermite, etc. provide nothing of importance to the discussion and only serve to distract people and make them look crazy.

I’m not convinced that Building 7 was demolished. Maybe. I don’t know. It certainly looks suspicious. However, I also can’t way what would happen to a building like that which was cheaply constructed and withstood the impact of debris of two skyscrapers falling on it and sustained hot fires throughout the structure for several hours.

The way these buildings were constructed meant that if one part of the construction failed, the entire thing would collapse. Progressive collapse. These buildings were cheap pieces of shit.

The towers were the same way. The plane crashes compromised the structural integrity of the levels where they hit, and the fire burned long enough to cause the beams to bow and ultimately fail. When that happened, the weight of the top of the buildings impacted the structure below, which was not designed to withstand that level of stress, and each floor collapsed successfully as the weight of the structure on top came crashing down on top of it.

These buildings were designed to withstand static forces. They weren’t designed to fall 10 feet and survive.

all you really do on this site is repeat the official narrative word for word, as if we haven’t all heard it already.

i ultimately don’t care if you’re a FED or not. today i found out @RedPilledGod is your sock puppet account - don’t care about that either.

what i do care about is that you have to add value to the site.

when all you do is repeat the official narrative you do not add value.

do you understand ?

What about when the official narrative or at least parts of it are true?

i already explained that is never really the case because it is their policy to lie all the time even without any reason.

some people are incapable of telling the truth - like Elon Musk for example. he ALWAYS lies.

he lied about his child dying in his arms and got called out by the child’s mother etc.

I don’t mind talking about conspiracy theories that I believe. I do believe in quite a few of them. To say that I believe what I’m told and think that the official narrative is always true is completely inaccurate. But if I disagree and think that the truth aligns more closely with what people are supposed to believe I will just argue in favor of what I believe to be the truth. I don’t discuss these things for the fun of it.

if you believe the official narrative then just say " i believe the official narrative "

you won’t be penalized for believing anything. for example @marlon believes in the bible and i do not. i have no problem with his belief - why ? because he doesn’t go reposting entire pages of the bible. we know he believes and if anybody cares what the bible has to say they can read it for themselves.

likewise anybody can turn on the TV and listen to official narrative if they want to. when you constantly restate the official narrative word for word you’re just wasting everybody’s time. you aren’t “arguing” anything.

to argue is to tell people something they may not have considered. to repeat something everybody heard 100 times already isn’t arguing - it is spamming.

that’s actually what my father does. he watches TV all day and memorizes the worst, dumbest takes and then goes on the internet and starts to spam everything with these atrocious takes just to make everybody bang their head on the table.

my father is a sadist. he tortures children and animals.

you’re doing literally the exact same thing as he is.