Underwater Bicycle Parking - Open Now!

Lunatics in Amsterdam have built a massive bicycle parking garage under the canal …

here is the timelapse of the build:

and here is what it looks like on the inside:

can you imagine if these kinds of resources were used to simply build a new city in some unused area ?

but Liberal logic be like - why build another Dubai when for the same price you can build … a parking garage for bicycles !

not sure if this is same parking or a different one, but here is what an underground parking garage for bicycles looks like ( video ):


Dubai is a hellhole. It’s one of the most boring soulless places on earth, no doubt in part to the way it was designed. All you do there is drive from skycraper to skyscraper and go to malls that all have the same shops. It’s like Las Vegas stripped of all the fun.

This is a remarkable work of engineering. Isn’t it amazing how they managed to make the city more efficient and accessible without disrupting anything? Just imagine if we bothered spending the money to build cities like this. Underground and overground routes for trains and cars and separate transit routes for pedestrians and bicycles. You could take whatever form of transit you like and get to where you want to go without having to waste any time dealing with the inefficiency of poor urban planning.

impressive ? yes.

intelligent ? no.

kind of like these:

these are really more like statues that remind slaves to worship their climate g_ds.

about as functional and efficient as Pyramids of Giza.

or Covid masks.

we’re talking about a place in the desert where Oil Money Arabs drive Gold Ferraris. what did you expect ?

it was built by degenerates for degenerates in a place where it is a miracle how anybody can even survive.

rather what it shows is that you don’t have to huddle in existing cities - you can build new ones.

you can build these new cities in any style you want - doesn’t have to be like Dubai or Las Vegas.

i do often wonder why they are both in the desert. like if you’re going to build a city - why build it in a desert ?

Atlanta on other hand is a more organic development but it is growing so fast it may as well have been an artificial city …

you’re thinking too small …