The Ultimate Boundary

We are moving to a no-boundary world.
No boundaries between man and woman - trannies.
No boundaries between adult and child - pedos (rebranded as minor attracted people!).

And of course, all this wearing away of distinctions, this erosion of how we perceive reality (what is really going on in Russia with (((Prigozhin)))?), this blurring hides the formation of the ultimate boundary…the elite vs. the rest.

So this no-boundary world leads to the ultimate boundary.
But you can have 52 genders and boycott Bud Lite!
Aren’t you happy?

Aren’t we all Ukrainian now?
Led by heartless billionaires…rich partying away while poor sods are out in the fields being blown up while some weird 3D chess/Hollywood movie plays out with Putin and Prigozhin and the rest.

i am not sure if the two are related but i agree that this is what is happening.

in Soviet Union although it was obviously never discussed in the media it was commonly understood that party leadership lives a completely different life from the rest of us. they had an entirely separate food supply for example.

in other words communism is a system where everybody is equal … but some are more equal than others ( Orwell ).

actually that’s how America was founded as well … everybody was equal … except the slaves, who simply had no rights at all.

Communism is same but opposite - all the slaves are equal, while being told that they are lucky to be enjoying the fruits of communism. Meanwhile the elites live a completely different life but can never be mentioned in the media which they control.

We already see this today. Even Trump is to some extent handled with baby gloves when it comes to his nepotism and his questionable sexual attraction to Ivanka. They let Trump get away with it because Biden is doing the same thing but worse.

In other words even though Trump is not somebody they like he is still a member of the elite ruling class and as such he still gets a better treatment than me and you.

as for breaking down of traditional boundaries yes this is of course how Progressives operate. Order out of Chaos. destroying the old order before the new one can be built.

of course only the elites actually know what this new order will be. the foot soldiers such as ANTIFA, Niggers, Trannies and other scum are just destroying things because that’s all they know how to do. they are allowed and encouraged to do it by the system and they never question why because they don’t have any brains plus they’re enjoying it too much to stop and realize they’re being used.

to be fair i don’t actually agree with most of these traditional boundaries. i just wish we could have a civilized conversation about it instead of the scorched earth warfare the Elites are going with.

but unfortunately it is not possible to have a civilized conversation with bigots. you can’t politely ask a man to have sex with his wife or teenage daughter. thus this man and his marriage must be destroyed in a violent fashion.

i am honestly saddened by this. i wish people could just discuss things. but i had my face broken for trying to have such discussions while drunk and i am not going to try again.

people sadly are dumb animals. they don’t think - they are trained like dogs. the elites develop a set of values which the animals are then indoctrinated with. when these values are threatened the animals fight back.

but old animals are weak. younger, stronger animals are indoctrinated into new values and taught to attack and kill the old animals.

it’s sad but that’s what humans are - dumb animals. after 4 decades on this planet i have finally accepted that humans simply don’t have much in common with demi-god like me. that attempting to treat them as equals was never going to work. they MUST be treated the way Elites treat them - as dumb cattle.

because the elites have been studying human cattle for millenia and they didn’t arrive at their strategies and methods by accident but through exhaustive scientific behavioral research.

in an age where gender bending chemicals like Atrazine are dumped into the water and food supply we can no longer expect there to be just 2 genders …

there is only so much Atrazine a boy can take and still be a man …

i gained about 60 lbs of muscles by taking steroids while also growing facial hair and deepening my voice … Atrazine is like that but in reverse … this is how you get all these femboys.

Atrazine is a pesticide that is applied to your food and eventually makes it into your drinking water …

it is well known that Atrazine “makes frogs gay” and well known that it actually makes ALL VERTEBRATE SPECIES GAY AND TRANS. the elites know this and that’s why they spray your food with it.

so what do CONSERVATARDS do ? do they demand immediate ban on Atrazine ? no. they demand a ban on Trannies. when Trannies are simply a product of Atrazine.

they want your son to be fed a diet of Atrazine but when he grows up 5’6" without any muscles or facial hair and he has two options - go Trans and actually experience sex - or stay an incel and die a virgin - they will attack this victim of chemical castration by Atrazine rather than even ask why 90% of men today are such pussies …

yes culture is a factor, but hormones are a bigger factor …

men don’t become effeminate because they are liberal. they become liberal because they are effeminate.

this whole Liberals vs Conservatives is a dog and pony show

they both avoid all issues that matter

Liberals never attack private jets

Conservatives never attack atrazine

they pretend to have this huge fight but both are carefully guided towards an outcome that WEF has selected

the higher ups in the pyramid are in on it on both sides

and mid-wits on both sides are doing their job as repeaters

diligently fighting each other, getting their fix from attacking other idiots as clueless as they are

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