Space and Time

Space and time.

The ordinary man has so little of it/them.

Can’t get a good job right out of high school…

Need to go to university…

Can’t marry without sufficient substance.

Substance gets eaten up with bills, house, kids…

On the treadmill running in place.

No New World…no new America to start something.

Meanwhile…Zuck & Musk…purportedly billionaires with kids and numerous businesses have time to do an Octagon match…And people think you get there by hard work!!

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i disagree. it’s all about motivation.

if you believe there is some higher purpose to dedicating your entire life to working and saving money you can end up having kids and even leaving some money for them.

all you have to do is literally spend every living hour of your life doing things you hate and living like a dog.

if you simply work AND study full time FOR LIKE 20 YEARS while sharing a room with some other guy and riding a bicycle to work / school, never going on vacations, never buying nice things, never taking women out and just saving and investing …

then by the time you’re 40 you will have saved enough to get married.

this is why all the women want me now while when i was 20 they didn’t even though i looked 10 times better. because they think for the past 20 years i must have been working and saving money, so they figure he is now ready for us to take everything away from him.

little do they know i actually just play Fortnite all day and have no intention of ever so much as buying them lunch let alone a diamond ring.

christianity is a religion that promises you good things in afterlife if you suffer enough while living.

american dream is a religion that promises you that if you punish yourself in the first half of your life then in the second half you will have things for women to take away from you during divorce.

and other people will be jealous of your big house and car even though you won’t actually enjoy anything because your youth will be gone and you will never be able to get it back.

do everything we tell you and there will be a reward at some point in the future. we promise. you trust us, right ?

Chief, that kind of motivation…is not common.
Once, that kind of motivation would have made a man “the millionaire next door”.
Not so now.

As working for 20 years to marry the girl of your dreams, more men are seeing the divorce-rape statistics and getting wary.

by divorce-rape you mean being forced to sell the house so that wife can take half ?

Yes. Not to mention child support.

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that’s not even my concern.

my concern is girls at:

11 = innocent and pure
14 = excited to explore
17 = not innocent anymore but not soul-less yet
20 = fun but starting to get cynical
23 = soul-less husks that just want to drink and do cocaine and have casual sex and just looking for somebody who will enable this lifestyle for them
26 = physically and mentally worn out - just looking for respectability at this point, which means having a husband and kids. husband will pay for nanny and day care and their shopping and vacations. husband will also tell everybody what a great mother she is even though vacations and shopping is all she cares about and she barely remembers what her kids are even called.

let’s say this actually “works out” in the sense that the woman isn’t looking to divorce … what is in this for the man ? the kids ?

you take care of the kids for 12 years …, then you fight with them for another 8 years or so … then you hear from them once a year … that’s in the best case scenario in which they are healthy and intelligent and don’t overdose on drugs or go to prison or try to kill you or anything like this …

my concern isn’t what if things go wrong. my concern is what if they don’t go wrong.


Harsh…it can be better than that.
You can enjoy them for more than 12 years.
But with women…you are 100% on age…
The older they are…generally the more empty they become.

It sounds bad but they are like leaky containers…
External influences go in, sweetness, humility etc. go out.
And the change happens slowly enough to trick you.

To fix women would mean a societal Cinderella story in reverse.
Leaving the high horse for some serious humbling or…
Late teens for the win.

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assuming you’re talking about kids i don’t see anything enjoyable about having them.

kids are just an investment. they have to wipe your ass when you’re 90 years old otherwise they don’t get inheritance.

nobody else is really motivated to wipe your ass when you’re 90 because they have nothing to gain from it.

that’s the only reason to have kids as i see it. to make sure you don’t end up in a nursing home and get beaten to death by a black nurse over $20.

i used to think the purpose of children is to have somebody to pass my knowledge to.

but i pass my knowledge to people every day in real life, on youtube, twitter and here.

True. But you would enjoy passing knowledge to your children.

i wouldn’t speak to my children at all.

i would send them to learn from somebody smarter than me.

i could write a whole essay on that last point i made but i’m falling asleep right now. i am up since yesterday evening. going to watch some porn and go to sleep.


Rest well.

That is the Greek model…sending your kids to a tutor.

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