Sinkholes ( i think i'm done with Florida )

this is Florida Sink Hole map:

turns out Florida Insurance companies are actually more concerned about sinkholes than Hurricanes.

this is probably because since 2002 Florida had very strong building code and new homes are designed to withstand hurricanes, no matter where in the state they are ( Miami area has higher standards for buildings to account for greater exposure to Hurricanes ).

however there is nothing anybody can do about sinkholes. there is no way to build something to protect it from the ground literally opening up under it.

only solution is not to build in an area with high risk of sinkholes - but look at the map above !

the sinkhole risk areas are precisely the areas i was looking at in the first place ! ( Ocala etc ).

the only remaining areas are swamps and coastal areas will be destroyed by storm surge !

Essentially the sinkhole activity area is wherever the ground is elevated in Florida. Because Florida bedrock is trash wherever there is elevation it will eventually come back down by first eroding underneath and then swallowing your house.

and of course wherever it isn’t elevated while you won’t get sinkholes you will get swamps or storm surges.

that’s it bitches - i am done with Florida.

there is no hope for it.

was browsing tracks on Spotify and one was titled " Built on Sand "

so i thought to myself - people are so aware of this issue that it is literally an idiom …

yet they built entire Florida literally on sand …

i also observed in the following thread:

that there isn’t a single new car factory in Florida despite it being the fastest growing state …

Florida is growing faster than Texas yet Elon has moved his HQ to Texas as well as built a new factory there … and at the same time there is NOT ONE car factory in Florida … why ?

a Hurricane wouldn’t damage a properly constructed building … i was thinking maybe it’s Florida demographics ( Boomers and Cubans ) …

but apparently it’s actually the soil. you can’t build anything on that soil. the moment it rains it begins to erode and then a giant fucking hole opens in the middle of your factory floor.