Assorted Industrial Maps

Automotive Assembly Plants in US

best explanation i can come up with here is combustion engine plants started from Michigan and went south … while Electric Vehicle plants started from Silicon Valley and went South-East

can’t really tie what i’m seeing on this map to any geographical features, climate, elevation or anything like that …

regardless, things are moving south and towards population center of gravity which means they on average are moving closer to Atlanta …

it seems we populated US in roughly this order:

  • northeast
  • great lakes
  • the west
  • florida
  • texas

and my wishful thinking says Atlanta will be next …

Money, money, money…states giving relief/subsidies to manufacturers.

there are definitely cases where it’s just a matter of political climate, such as for example Arizona / Las Vegas attracting business from California simply due to having friendlier laws.

but it’s usually the most geographically disadvantaged locations that have to resort to such pro-business practices … i mean Las Vegas is a desert, same for Dubai etc …

by contrast areas that are geographically on the top of the food chain like California and NY do not give a fuck and show middle finger to businesses and even banks

because there is no second California and there is no second NYC - they can’t be fully replaced - so they can treat businesses and people like dirt - and they do

the problem is political climate can change - for example right now Florida has DeSantis - but for how long ? i’m trying to identify more fundamental / persistent metrics that can’t be cancelled with a few keystrokes on a Dominion voting system …