approximately 63F deep soil temperature ( versus 53F for where i am in NJ )

so about 10 degree gain for geothermal heating.

Atlanta vs NYC,%2C%20on%20average%2C%20per%20year.

winter temps also about 10 degrees lower in NY than Atlanta

hitting about 65F indoor temp in winter using geothermal heat pumps in Atlanta should be relatively easy … about 50% harder to do the same in NY / NJ

this is my wild ass guess, not based on any formula, i have to research that still …

but basically in winter:

in NY __ you have to go from 30F outdoor / 53F deep soil to 65F indoor
in Atlanta you have to go from 40F outdoor / 63F deep soil to 65F indoor

it’s a much longer reach in NY …

once you hit 65F or so indoor you can make yourself comfortable using portable heater next to you, heated bed and so on …

we are going to have to give up on the idea of heating the whole house to 75F - that simply isn’t realistic in the Biden area of pipeline sabotage …

we will have to come up with creative solutions for local / directed heating such as for example having some heater in the shower that you use only while showering and so on …

ultimately these problems are solvable - you just have to keep the house warm enough to keep the water pipes from freezing and bursting … something much easier done in Atlanta than NY / NJ …

Tree Fest !

this is important …

trees provide shade and grass moderates heat …

this makes it possible to survive in the south …

you want to be in the south to have access to solar power and to not have winters so cold that when they turn off the gas you freeze to death …

so just plant more trees you say ?

it’s not that simple.

you need the right soil, precipitation, zoning etc …

so far Atlanta has:

  • One of fastest growing Cities, States and Regions
  • World’s Busiest Airport ( 80% of US population lives within 2 hour flight from it )
  • World’s Largest Aquarium ( gives black people the illusion they are able to swim )
  • Most Tree Cover

Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion:

ok this is remarkable

  • every mayor of Atlanta since 1879 has been a Democrat

  • in 1970 Atlanta gets their first Jewish mayor

  • the next mayor in 1974 is the first Black mayor

  • every Mayor since has been black … including two black women


but you know what’s also remarkable ?

despite 150 years of democrat mayors and 50 years of Black mayors as well as Majority black population in Atlanta when we hear of crime it’s usually NYC or Chicago not Atlanta - why ?

low density …

Yes crime is caused by blacks but also by packing people like sardines …

the crime in NYC is mainly due to extreme density that completely replaced cars with mass transit …

in Chicago the crime is due to combination of 30% black population and relatively high density …

Atlanta is 50% black … but density is low …

my estimate for Atlanta Metro Area is approximately 4,000 Square Miles:

by comparison Amsterdam is less than 100 square miles.

so Atlanta Metro is 40 times the area of Amsterdam.

Square Root of 40 is roughly 5, so you need to commute at 5X the speed in Atlanta to keep commute time similar.

Car = 50 mph. Bike = 10 mph. 5X the speed. Everything checks out.

DO YOU GET IT YET @kanyewest ?

for cycling to be viable you need to accept living like this ( Amsterdam = 40X density ):

as opposed to living like this ( Atlanta = 1/40th density ) :

oh noes ! the roads are eating up all the space !

yeah it’s because you have no space in your cycling utopia to begin with.

which is why i would never live there.

guess what @kanyewest ? Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities.

nobody is buying Klaus Schwab sardine packing sleep pod cycling Utopia narrative …

because you can only brainwash people who have a brain to begin with.

high density = disease, crime, noise, stench, depression

and ultimately … extinction

source: Behavioral sink - Wikipedia

The Netherlands is the best place in the world for all forms of transportation including walking, biking, busses, trains, and yes, cars. It’s funny how when you build a place where people don’t have to drive it’s actually better for driving as well. In America you have to drive and most of the time it’s a miserable experience.

FYI I don’t read these threads anymore for the most part. I don’t what you’re arguing anymore or whether you’re actually defending a logical position or just having a mental breakdown. It seems that a lot of Americans lose their minds when you suggest to them that there might be a better way to do things than the way they do them. You’re not really an American, but you sound like every boomer conservative spouting wild conspiracy theories about the government/WEF going after their cars.

Anyway, you could pick just about any populated area in Europe and find that people don’t need or really want cars to get around there. It could be a place like Amsterdam or a little village in Germany. They have enough space to stretch their legs with yards and all of that too.

My family on the mother’s side is in Belgium, which is right next to Netherlands.

Serious question - why don’t you move to Netherlands ?

When we thought NYC was better than Kiev we moved to NYC.

Later i had seriously considered moving to places like Japan when i was still young and stupid.

I did actually move to California but came back, mainly because i had no social skills to grow roots there.

@OldFriendSaysHello moved from NYC to Miami and stayed there, because he has social skills and can easily make friends in a new area.

the guy in the video i previously showed you:

picked up his entire family and moved to the Netherlands.

why don’t you ?

I’m serious !

why do you want to live around stupid Americans ?

if i believed what you believe i would at least try living in the Netherlands for a month. I believe Europe is still the center, as evidenced by the fact that WEF / Davos is in Europe, not America. I always wanted to move to Europe.

I’m sure everybody in Netherlands can speak English and learning Dutch can’t be that hard, i mean Sylvia Hoeks speaks Dutch, German, French and English and her Dutch and English are both perfect ( Dutch is her native ).

Generally speaking ( from personal experience ) European languages are easy. Asian and Middle Eastern languages are hard ( for a European language speaker ).

I would have moved to Europe if i didn’t believe they are under the thumb of WEF and if i didn’t believe that Cars is what makes America great.

… maybe to England if i was too lazy to learn a foreign language, or if i simply felt that Dutch isn’t a language worth knowing.

Another high school friend of mine did move to London though i haven’t spoken to him since.

To me America is about Cars. This is why i’m staying.

that’s good.

As i mentioned elsewhere i will formalize how certain viewpoints aren’t going to be allowed.

just as i had previously said that nobody is allowed to claim that silver cables sound better than copper cables ( because that’s retarded ) tentatively the following will probably not be allowed in the future:

  • using “conspiracy theorist” as a disparaging term
  • denying that Jews control America and have massive influence elsewhere
  • denying that most policymaking follows WEF agenda, whether WEF actually has power or is just a place where people who have power coordinate their agendas
  • denying that we are currently headed towards a dystopian future primarily characterized by reduction of population size and living standards and that Europe and Canada are ahead of America on this downward slope

as i said i fill formalize these later i just can’t figure out where to put that list.

maybe i will just put a copy in every subcategory.

i’m not trying to argue with you about cars or WEF anymore. i know that people have limitations.

instead i’m doing a sort of an expose on where we are now, where we’re headed and how we’re going to get there for those who, unlike you, are still able to keep their eyes open.

people can only see what they are willing to see. some people are WILLING to see but need help of somebody wiser like myself to help them process the information. took me decades to figure some of these things out - but will only take somebody maybe a month to understand these things by browsing this site IF they want to understand it.

all right i’m going to tell you what is going to happen if you actually do this.

you’re going to find yourself living in a tiny apartment, that heats to may be 60F in winter, with tiny refrigerator, expensive food, everything is old, you can’t own a car because there is nowhere to park it, your life will be limited to within a kilometer radius from your home and work.

but you will simply tell yourself that this is part of the charm of living in Europe.

and has nothing to do with WEF.

we have already established that you do not believe in causality.

you believe in coincidences.

finding relationships between cause and effect is something those of us who are in the “danger zone” of the IQ range refer to as intelligence.

but you refer to it as “going down the rabbit hole” and it is a big no no !

stay safe out there bro ! you don’t want to become one of those conspiracy theorists !

I’m happy where I live. It is a city built before WWII, so it is walkable. Yeah there are liberals everywhere but whatever. When they aren’t forcing COVID faggotry upon me I can ignore them and tolerate them. Liberals are in many ways better to be around than the braindead conservative retards you find in the suburbs. They are at least a bit more openminded and creative.

The liberal menace is actually a separate issue believe it or not. It is more a function of our university system and economic changes made in the 90’s than one of city living. Not too long ago cities were not nearly as liberal as they are now and there wasn’t as much of a salient political divide between cities and elsewhere with respect to politics. I don’t think that the situation is irreversible.

so do you drive at all ?

most of the girls i knew in NYC did not drive.

most of the guys did but only to impress girls, not because they needed a car.

this also explains why 90% of FuckCars reddit is homosexuals and Trannies.

because most straight men would not give up cars …

and straight women do not use internet beyond Instagram, Tik Tok and Tinder.

cars, guns and internet are all masculine because they stand for speed, power and intelligence.

FuckCars reddit is masculine enough to use the Internet but not masculine enough for Cars thus homos and trannies …

are you gay by the way ?

don’t worry this isn’t Saudi Arabia or Iran - we’re not going to hang you or throw you off the roof if you are LOL

I have the option to walk, ride a bike, drive, or take the train depending on where I go. It is often more convenient to use a form of transportation other than driving, yes. Traffic is a problem here because too many people drive instead of using the other options available to them.

No I’m not gay. I’m not a liberal either. My politics are more closely related to Nazism and the Third Position. I am strongly opposed to Jewish degenerary like homosexuality and drugs and want to build a cohesive society for White people with well-planned cities and infrastructure and militant protection of the environment. I’m sort of an ecofascist in that respect. I hate boomer libertarian bullshit as much as I hate liberal faggotry.

I wish we were more like China, namely that we used all of our power and resources to make life better for our own people. China is an environmental and human-rights travesty, so I don’t wish to imitate them, but I support the general mission of their government to serve their own people.

here, i have created a Forum Category for you:

if i were you i would start shaking in my boots.