My technique for always feeling great

this is obviously oversimplified but things that make us feel good typically fall into upper or downer category

for example cocaine is an upper and alcohol is a downer ( again, this is oversimplified ) … when you do too much alcohol you pass out, and when you do too much cocaine you probably die from a heart attack ( i haven’t tried this ).

but if you mix cocaine and alcohol just right the upper and downer sides mostly cancel out and you get pure pleasure and confidence without either sluggishness of alcohol nor edginess of cocaine. you just feel amazing.

well i don’t do alcohol or drugs anymore however i can say that porn to a large extent acts like alcohol, in that it is very pleasurable but also a fairly potent downer. food ( especially carbs ) feel much the same.

on the flip side video games are also very pleasurable and a potent upper. gym workouts done correctly are much the same.

if you are not overheated or dehydrated during your workout and do not get injured or overly sore and you consume plenty of carbs and protein as your peri-workout nutrition and get a good pump then after your workout you should feel similar kind of euphoria as from playing video games or doing cocaine.

so the trick is simple - you mix uppers and downers to dial in your high. you do it with food, porn, video games and working out the same exact way as you do it with cocaine and alcohol.

also chocolate by itself is already a mix of uppers ( active ingredients in chocolate ) and downers ( carbs ) both being pleasurable.

if you push any one of the buttons too much you burn out and stop feeling pleasure. you can’t jerk off 24/7 for example. you can’t work out 24/7. you also can’t play video games 24/7 and you can’t eat 24/7.

but if you balance your eating with your working out and your porn with your video games you can stay dialed in pretty much all the time. always feeling great.

provided you can sleep 10 hours a day and never have to work of course.

well i never said my technique will work for everybody.

but hopefully you can still benefit from applying it.

you probably think this guy’s problem:

was that he masturbated too much.

his actual problem though is he didn’t play enough Fortnite.

on other hand if all you do is play Fortnite and never masturbate and forget to eat you will be jumping up and down on the ceiling like somebody possessed from all the adrenaline ( see exhibit below ) …


the key is switching back and forth between porn and video games to balance out your neurotransmitters …

this way you will neither be drooling like a retard nor jumping up and down like a person possessed …

when you combine the two states illustrated by images above the negatives largely cancel out and you are left with pure satisfaction …

to an observer you will simply look like you’re really enjoying yourself to the point where they will be forced to assume your life must be amazing, and it is, but it’s literally just porn, video games and chocolate :slight_smile:

All of these things cause dopamine release. Overdoing any of them will lead to addiction and the pleasure will wear off.

Incidentally, the combination of an upper like cocaine and a downer like heroin is called a speedball. Seasoned junkies do speedballs, and they are known to be more addictive than anything because of the synergistic effect on dopamine release.

Junkies aren’t exactly what I call happy-go-lucky people. They feel physical pleasure when they get their fix, but they don’t feel “great” like well-adjusted happy people.

I feel great when I exercise self-control and moderation. Instead of frying my dopaminergic system with these vices I prefer to keep my brain functioninf properly so I can enjoy the little things in life.

i don’t think you will “fry” your system with my approach.

junkies these days stack Fentanyl with Meth or Cocaine.

what will happen of course is if you follow my approach you will lose motivation to “get ahead” in life.

if you want to motivate yourself to “get ahead” you need to practice “dopamine fasting” which is the opposite of what i described.

“dopamine fasting” is like Christianity on steroids. not just no porn but no fun at all. no Social Media for example. with “dopamine fasting” you make your life so insufferably boring that actual work starts to seem “fun” by comparison because it’s better than staring into a wall 24/7.

there is no doubt that “dopamine fasting” will make you “get ahead” in life.

there is also no doubt that speedballs will have you dying in a ditch in your own shit and piss.

but which is a better life ? i honestly don’t know. the same number of people choose to overdose on fentanyl as the number of people who choose to work hard to get ahead. they both know what they’re choosing.

it’s a choice between pleasure and status / respect.

my thread wasn’t titled " how to get people to respect you "


How fat are you?

everyone has a certain set point weight that their body will reach if they don’t control their diet.

i am fairly close to that weight, because i’m not putting in a lot of effort into being lighter than that.

the set point is completely individual. for one person it may be 150 lbs for another it may be 1,000 lbs.

for me it’s about 230 lbs. i haven’t weighed myself in a while but i’m probably about 220 lbs right now.

what is fucked up is when i was at my fittest i was also 220 lbs, but it was solid muscle ( from steroids ).

i am not happy at any other weight. i can either be fat 220 lbs naturally or solid 220 lbs on steroids to be happy. right now it’s fat naturally.

i can also be lean 160 lbs naturally but that would mean eating salad instead of food and doing 3 hours of cardio per day. i have done this in the past, but frankly it isn’t a life worth living.

Do 400lb fatties have a 400lb set point? When I look at them I just see disgusting gluttons.

how somebody looks is a combination of their genetics / set point, their self-image, and their goals / motivation ( as well as obviously their IQ ).

somebody who is very fat is a combination of high set point, unrealistically positive self-image, no goals or motivation and low IQ.

somebody who is very fit is a combination of low to average set point, body dysmorphia / negative self-image, hyper motivated / goal driven and with average or above IQ.

i have a set point that is on the higher side, though not super high, my self-image is better now than it used to be when i was young and very concerned with looking good for the girls, my goals / motivation are way down from what they used to be when i was younger, my IQ more or less the same as what it was when i could do 30 chin ups in one minute, bench press 400 lbs or swim two and a half collegiate competition size pools under water on one breath. which is to say 20 years ago.

you say you are disgusted by fat people. i believe that. but i also believe that most people are disgusted by nazis and the rest are disgusted by jews. i can’t please everybody. nor do i care to.

I am disgusted by obese slobs. I don’t care if someone is a little chunky if that person is relatively fit and can live a normal life. It’s disgusting when someone is so lazy and gluttonous that he turns himself or herself into a mound of blubber that does nothing but consume.

I am also disgusted by a lot of Jews because they are so hideous and grotesque and look comically evil

well i don’t look like any of those but i do have a weight problem.

it is exacerbated by the fact that the gym is closed when i am awake.

for example today i woke up with sunset. this is unfortunately typical for me.

Having such a screwed up sleep schedule is unhealthy and will not make you feel great. People think that you can sleep whenever you want and you will be fine as long as you get enough sleep, but that isn’t true. Your body’s hormonal cycles are still attuned to the cycles of day and night. Cortisol and testosterone will peak in the morning regardless of when you wake up. Estrogen will be high at night. If you are awake at night and asleep in the morning you will be moody and emotional all the time because your estrogen is high. That’s supposed to happen when you are asleep.

i hate being awake during the day.

waking up at sunrise makes me want to do normie things like get out of the house and go to work or something.

it’s disgusting.


what i try to do is make it to gym somehow once or twice a week and sleep the rest of the time, except at night.

Wake up at 4am and go to bed at 7-8pm. It’s basically the same thing but healthier.

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when was the last time you drank just out of curiosity and do you still have any social life as in going out somewhere for “socializing” ?

last time i had a drink or have gone out was BEFORE i went to California so 2009 or so …

i pretty much decided the physical world wasn’t going to work for me so focusing on the online …

in the end life is just a matter of entertaining yourself long enough to die and it’s more efficient to entertain yourself using a computer without leaving your room …


Alcohol will make your life a lot better

no thanks.

wow thats admirable - I go through periods, 2-3 years off then back to party mode then off agian… Not sure which one is worse better. The clear head and not getting into trouble is great, but also you never gonna get threesomes sober either.

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yeah i also don’t know what is the “right” way to live.