Logan's Run ( 1976 ), The Island ( 2005 )

Was just reminded of a movie based on a book with the WEF plan.
Saw it years ago…don’t if anyone here has ever watched it…


Logan’s run …

i recognize the girl - she was in Walkabout five years prior, which was a good movie:

so is Logan’s run any good ?

i have seen it in many lists of dystopian movies to watch but …

Movielens only predicts 3.5 stars for me ?

i haven’t seen it … what do you say - should i watch it ?

Barely remember it…which means it is pretty forgettable.
Not worth your time…
Another one which is less sexy is THX-1138…similar bland drugged future.

Besides…Canada is doing the live-action version of Logan’s Run with their assisted death machines.

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i decided to give it a shot anyway but after browsing it for only seconds i realized i have already seen something which is a remake of it, namely:

i assumed i reviewed it but i can’t seem to find my review of it, anyway apparently it is basically a remake of Logan’s Run:

i might still watch it though LOL

There is an important difference. You can escape from the Island (a cloning facility?..one of many such facilities?) to the real world - our world.

But in Logan’s Run, the outside, the entire world is untamed wilderness. Logan’s run is an ad for population control.
The elite lock humanity down for generations, keeping the numbers down (below 500 mil?) until the system breaks down.

The Island looks better and has better acting.

yeah but Scarlett Johansson never takes her clothes off in the Island and Jenny Agutter does in Logan’s Run :slight_smile:

you can use the timeline slider on the video to go back and forth to get a pretty good look …

great ass - she definitely works out !

:grin: I forgot. Mea culpa.

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so i watched Logan’s Run … too sleepy to fully analyze it now but it is as much Brave New World as it is The Island …

or rather if we think of The Island as a remake of Logan’s Run they do a complete 180 degree reversal on the hedonism aspect of things …

Logan’s Run society is all sex + drugs - old people are eliminated because why be old ? In this sense Logan’s Run is the same as Brave New World which of course was the original vision …

whereas The Island reverses this to " no touching " policy with a life that has only boring and meaningless work in it …

what they all have in common though is that people will always accept whatever absurd system the elites cook up for them …

because they will not want to " go down the rabbit hole " as @kanyewest puts it.

according to @kanyewest hollywood is “fiction” … when even according to actual Ye Hollywood is run by Ari Emanuel who is the brother of Rahm Emanuel who was Obama’s handler … in other words it’s all one club - The same elites run Hollywood as the ones who run the real world.

Not that there is anything real about the real world anyway … and in many ways the “fiction” is much closer to reality. Or as the saying goes “truth is stranger than fiction” …

Overall “Logan’s Run” is a mediocre movie but i don’t regret watching it. It was a necessary missing link between Brave New World and The Island.

The highlight of the movie for me was the great outfits they had for Jenny Agutter, like this one:

Of course those were the days when Hollywood still believed that women are supposed to be hot.

Today it’s all fat acceptance, body positivity, trannies …

there are NO BLACK PEOPLE in Logan’s Run. that alone makes it worth watching :slight_smile: