KS Books: Great Reset & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Has anyone here actually read Schwab’s two books, the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution? I am thinking of reading both before year’s end.

The reason is twofold: 1. to understand the world we are going into, because Schwab is the mouthpiece intellectual for the Illuminati (or whatever you want to call the people who run the world – I use this because its already well known) and 2. because we can’t really trust online sources to properly discuss or summarize these things for us – too often they get details wrong or deliberately misrepresent.

But it’s important to have a clear idea of what they are planning or at least what they have already told the public they are planning. The rulers don’t really hide what they are doing at all. COVID was hinted at years in advance of its appearance (Rockefeller Foundation/Lock Step, the 2012 Olympics, the 2015 Bill Gates pandemic Ted Talk, the 2017 “pandemic simulation”, etc).

So far I have been disappointed in “dissident” (not the guy running this place, who is an exception, but all dissidents in general) analysis online. There has been a real decline in intellectual standards over the course of my life to the point I just can’t trust anyone else to give an accurate summary of important information.

I have a lot of things to get to for the rest of the year but I’m going to try to fit it in.

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phew !

i don’t read books so i haven’t read them personally.

but i agree with your assessment that it’s better to go to the original source.

i haven’t read Hitler or Marx either but it’s likewise probably preferable to read them directly than to read what other people have to say about their writings.

why do you need other people injecting their own biases in the issue ?

are Hitler, Marx or Schwab going to tell you exactly how they feel ? are they going to tell you they are mad at the world because they have a tiny limp dick and their mommy didn’t love them ? no they won’t tell you that. but if somebody else tells you that about them they will simply be projecting as well.

ultimately folks writing ABOUT people like Schwab, Hitler, Marx etc. have no unique insight into the matter that can REVEAL anything … they’re just going to plaster everything with their own agenda … they will use whatever source material says to advance THEIR OWN arguments …

they’re going to start out with THEIR OWN concerns and then look for what kind of sources i can use to bolster my argument …

but you don’t care about THEIR argument, you care about Klaus Schwab’s argument because he’s the one running the world.

i simply don’t think you gain anything but confusion by inserting a third completely irrelevant person into the matter. You and Schwab can sort this out on your own. If there is anything you don’t understand you can then ask third parties about specifically that - but you don’t need a third party “fact checker” to filter your information for you. you can decide what to believe or not believe on your own.

i think people are lazy, don’t want to do their own thinking, and ultimately don’t want to know the truth - they want somebody to TELL THEM what to think about Hitler, Marx, Schwab etc …

i think any real intellectual would go to the original source and make up their own mind …

so i support this endeavor, though no, i haven’t read it myself but only because i don’t read in general.

but if i was going to read anything other than Robert Greene i would probably read the Art of War and them maybe Hitler, Marx and yes Schwab doesn’t sound bad either.

even Trump ! if you read Trump’s own book ( which i haven’t read ) he writes in it about what his KABALLAH TEACHER taught him … good luck learning about this on Fox News …

so yes, 100% agree with your analysis, i think your plan to read those books is very sound !

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just a few days ago i was researching Urban Forests and Canopy Cover in various Metro Areas to find out what is the best place to live and suddenly i realized i was actually on WEF website …

those assholes are always ahead of us because the world we live in is their production …

i can’t see how reading the script can be a bad idea …

because whether or not you like that script it’s happening anyway …

A mere 213 pages from your leaders.

Here is a quote or two to get you interested (or more interested).

Despite all the precautions certain countries take to control the
power of tech and limit surveillance (others are not so concerned),
some thinkers worry about how some of the quick choices we
make today will influence our societies for years to come. The
historian Yuval Noah Harari is one of them. In a recent article, he
argues that we’ll have a fundamental choice to make between
totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. It’s worth
exposing his argument in detail:
Surveillance technology is developing at breakneck
speed, and what seemed science-fiction 10 years ago is
today old news. As a thought experiment, consider a
hypothetical government that demands that every citizen
wears a biometric bracelet that monitors body temperature
and heart-rate 24 hours a day. The resulting data is hoarded
and analysed by government algorithms. The algorithms will
know that you are sick even before you know it, and they will
also know where you have been, and who you have met. The
chains of infection could be drastically shortened, and even
cut altogether. Such a system could arguably stop the
epidemic in its tracks within days. Sounds wonderful, right?
The downside is, of course, that this would give legitimacy to
a terrifying new surveillance system. If you know, for
example, that I clicked on a Fox News link rather than a CNN
link, that can teach you something about my political views
and perhaps even my personality. But if you can monitor what
happens to my body temperature, blood pressure and heartrate as I watch the video clip, you can learn what makes me
laugh, what makes me cry, and what makes me really, really
angry. It is crucial to remember that anger, joy, boredom and
love are biological phenomena just like fever and a cough.
The same technology that identifies coughs could also
identify laughs. If corporations and governments start
harvesting our biometric data en masse, they can get to know
us far better than we know ourselves, and they can then not
just predict our feelings but also manipulate our feelings and
sell us anything they want — be it a product or a politician.
Biometric monitoring would make Cambridge Analytica’s data
hacking tactics look like something from the Stone Age.
Imagine North Korea in 2030, when every citizen has to wear
a biometric bracelet 24 hours a day. If you listen to a speech
by the Great Leader and the bracelet picks up the tell-tale
signs of anger, you are done for.

The process of automation was set in motion many years ago,
but the critical issue once again relates to the accelerating pace of
change and transition: the pandemic will fast-forward the adoption
of automation in the workplace and the introduction of more robots
in our personal and professional lives.

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yeah this is good stuff.

i will probably read the book(s).

only reason i don’t read books in general is because they are garbage.

but this seems worth the time.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is shorter (172 pages) but more information-dense.

He identifies 23 shifts that will change society. 2025 is the target date. Obviously they won’t all get there in time but these are the goals.

 Shift 1: Implantable Technologies
The tipping point: The first implantable mobile phone available commercially

 Shift 2: Our Digital Presence
The tipping point: 80% of people with a digital presence on the internet

 Shift 3: Vision as the New Interface
The tipping point: 10% of reading glasses connected to the internet

 Shift 4: Wearable Internet
The tipping point: 10% of people wearing clothes connected to the internet

 Shift 5: Ubiquitous Computing
The tipping point: 90% of the population with regular access to the internet

 Shift 6: A Supercomputer in Your Pocket
The tipping point: 90% of the population using smart phones

 Shift 7: Storage for All
The tipping point: 90% of people having unlimited and free (advertising-supported)

 Shift 8: The Internet of and for Things
The tipping point: 1 trillion sensors connected to the internet

 Shift 9: The Connected Home
Tipping point: Over 50% of internet traffic delivered to homes for appliances and
devices (not for entertainment or communication)

 Shift 10: Smart Cities
Tipping point: The first city with more than 50,000 inhabitants and no traffic lights

 Shift 11: Big Data for Decisions
The tipping point: The first government to replace its census with big-data sources

 Shift 12: Driverless Cars
The tipping point: Driverless cars equalling 10% of all cars on US roads

 Shift 13: Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making
The tipping point: The first AI machine on a corporate board of directors

 Shift 14: AI and White-Collar Jobs
The tipping point: 30% of corporate audits performed by AI

 Shift 15: Robotics and Services
The tipping point: The first robotic pharmacist in the US

 Shift 16: Bitcoin and the Blockchain
The tipping point: 10% of global GDP stored on blockchain technology

 Shift 17: The Sharing Economy
The tipping point: Globally more trips/journeys via car sharing than in private cars

 Shift 18: Governments and the Blockchain
The tipping point: Tax collected for the first time by a government via a blockchain

 Shift 19: 3D Printing and Manufacturing
The tipping point: The first 3D-printed car in production

 Shift 20: 3D Printing and Human Health
The tipping point: The first transplant of a 3D-printed liver

 Shift 21: 3D Printing and Consumer Products
The tipping point: 5% of consumer products printed in 3D

 Shift 22: Designer Beings
The tipping point: The first human born whose genome was directly and
deliberately edited.

 Shift 23: Neurotechnologies
The tipping point: The first human with fully artificial memory implanted in the brain

yeah i don’t care how long something is i care if it’s worth the time to read.

shorter texts are on average more likely to be worth the time reading.

but only on average.

 Shift 1: Implantable Technologies
The tipping point: The first implantable mobile phone available commercially

According to a WT VOX article: “Smart Dust, arrays of full computers with antennas, each much
smaller than a grain of sand, can now organize themselves inside the body into as-needed networks
to power a whole range of complex internal processes. Imagine swarms of these attacking early
cancer, bringing pain relief to a wound or even storing critical personal information in a manner that
is deeply encrypted and hard to hack. With smart dust, doctors will be able to act inside your body
without opening you up, and information could be stored inside you, deeply encrypted, until you
unlock it from your very personal nano network.”

Basically zero privacy, insurance going up or down depending on how healthy you are estimated to be…bio-hacking for athletics, torture/telling the truth will take on whole new dimensions if this comes to fruition…massive medical profit in treatments for “fixing” the body…
Near death… one experiences system failure so here step right up! A new bio-compatible pancreas costs so much, a new heart so much more…

he must have missed the memo how Internet and Bitcoin were going to save us from him


Who did all the bitcoin enthusiasts believe helped to make it?
Why else would governments allow it?
No gov’t is going to give up control of its money to its citizens. None.

the real giveaway was energy use.

bitcoin consumes more electricity than entire nations yet the globalists who tell us not to shower, not to flush the toilet and unplug our phone charger ( which isn’t even included with phones anymore ) suddenly sit back and do NOTHING

if the globalists weren’t running cryptos themselves Top Gun Maverick would be about bombing Bitcoin Miners

instead Nvidia was actually selling graphics cards with no display port on them that were designed specifically to mine bitcoin …

that’s the same Nvidia that was providing self-driving technology to Tesla …

a retard at this point could put 2 and 2 together and realize that the Globalists are very much in on Cryptos, but to just to dispel any doubt Schwab spells it out in his book …

and yet the sheep kept telling each other that it’s some kind of a revolution …

i’m just done with humans. they’re simply not worth my time. brain dead zombies.

Shifts 2 - 12 indicate massive build-out of 5G, 6G etc. for internet services for full-scale surveillance. Dead zones will be a thing of the past.

Indeed. So true.
Buterin, the Ethereum founder, is making it more efficient so that gov’t & industry can adopt it when it is ready. By then people will have forgotten about the energy usage (which is still massive).

to be honest with you internet has been fast enough for pretty much any purpose for many years now.

the last time i actually gave a shit how fast my internet is was probably a decade ago.

i don’t even bother to test the speed anymore - i just know it’s fast enough.

all this 5G stuff is just so that when there is a game in a stadium 10,000 people could upload videos of the home run to their social media at the same time …

if i had a dollar for every idiot who tried to justify bitcoin energy use to me and then Buterin just eliminated it …


one of MANY reasons i don’t talk to people anymore

their yapping doesn’t interest me anymore

they either have an agenda, trying to sell something, or just love yapping …

their passion is scamming or yapping, mine is learning.

well anybody who is on this site i assume is passionate about learning.

in a sense 5G and Starlink complement each other …

5G is for ultra high speed and density for places where people are packed like sardines …

Starlink is for uninterrupted coverage in the remotest of places …

so they’re really plugging edge cases at this point as they’re getting ready to cut us off from the real world for good …

Covid Lockdowns and Remote Work was a trial for that …

“Metaverse” is another attempt to get people to give up on real world and just live in their sleep pods wearing their Virtual Reality headsets …

This signals white-collar layoffs - accounting, pharmacists, radiologists - jobs where a human makes a decision strictly based on data assessment. It assumes computers will rise to make these evaluations.

if self driving cars is any indication AI will automate more and more work with humans being pushed to high level supervision.

for example a self driving car currently can execute all driving maneuvers in most scenarios but sometimes it faces problems, the most famous example being road construction - it gets confused and doesn’t know what to do.

also think of self checkouts at Home Depot. 90% of the time a person can use self checkout but sometimes they will need assistance from employee.

so perhaps it’s not so much that some jobs get obsoleted it’s that they shift from lots of workers doing mundane work to fewer workers doing more intellectually challenging work and supervision.

it’s just the continuation of the same trend. i mean it has been going on for hundreds of years. people protested pretty much every kind of machine which was going to put them out of work for hundreds of years.

people are dumb animals they should all be turned into fertilizer not gonna lie.

Generally speaking the value an average person can generate for a business in the future will be so low that it will be easier to just pay them to stay home, which is what AOC suggested.

100 years ago simply being able bodied guaranteed you were in demand. Then came tractors, robots. 20 years ago being good at math guaranteed you were in demand, but math is trivially simple for computers.

Now with AI techniques computers can do things like … intuition.

Even decades ago when Kasparov played chess with IBM computer he described that he could feel the computer’s fear …

In the end everything we think and feel is math …

not the kind of math you learned in school 30 years ago …

but math never the less …

fuck man i may have to go back to studying AI again …

i coded some simple AI that worked back in college 20 years ago but i don’t remember the details and i’m sure its far more advanced now …

i will have to brush up on some basic principles or i will explain it wrong …

but ultimately it’s just about computing power. the brain has ONE THOUSAND TRILLION synapses. we only owe the Federal Reserve 30 Trillion dollars by comparison. So there is a synapse in the brain for every 3 cents US owes the federal reserve.

latest Nvidia chip has 75 billion transistors … transistors are much faster than synapses because they don’t run on chemical reactions and instead of pushing ions they just push electrons and holes which are smaller and lighter …

a synapse takes 1/10^3 second ( a millisecond ) to switch. a transistor takes 1/10^10 of a second to switch. so it’s 10^(10-3) = 10^7 = 10 million times faster than a synapse.

so there are 10 thousand times more synapses in the brain than Nvidia RTX 4090 chip … but the transistors in the chip are 10 million times faster.

so as you can see overall computing power of modern chips is actually greater than that of the brain …

it’s now a matter of tuning that power to the specific tasks because the brain’s power is very highly tuned to tasks important for our evolution …

for example we are very bad at differential equations but very good at telling if a girl is “cute” or not … despite the fact that we can’t even explain what “cute” actually is …

once a computer is properly tuned for some task a human brain can’t compete …