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I don’t like Jews, and I don’t like the Zionist control of our political system that compels the United States government to lick Israel’s asshole every time they ask, but I have zero sympathy for Palestinians or Muslims living in that region. They are violent savages who deserve everything they get. They are vermin. Israel, for everything I hate about its government and the way our government cowtows to it, is a pretty decent place that is nice to visit. They have great culture, food, weather, and an abundance of history and archaelogical sites that they respect and preserve. They don’t behead you for disrespecting their religion. I want Israel to exist. I don’t want it to be wiped out and turned into a Muslim shithole like the rest of the Middle East. For that reason, I am on the side of the Israelis and want the Palestinians to go somewhere else or be exterminated. They are human garbage.

well i posted my opinion on NOSTR but sure, i can post it here too.

Netanyahu was PM when Israel did 911 using a bunch of Saudis to mass murder civilians and then using that to ultimately invade Iraq and remove Saddam, who was considered Anti-Semitic

Netanyahu is PM again, so if inside job worked before - why not do it again ?

Israel got advance warning of attacks and ignored it to maximize the death toll, just like Americans knew the Japs were about to attack Pearl Harbor so they dismantled the radars to maximize death toll.

Now US is sending in Aircraft carrier with a bunch of Fighter Jets ( just like in Top Gun Maverick, which was about Iran ) and Israel will try to escalate the situation with both Hamas and Hezbollah until either US or Iran intervenes ultimately resulting with US fighting Iran.

Not only is this Israel’s chance to take out Iran but also Netanyahu’s chance to solidify his dictatorial powers in the face of historic protests against his attempts to dismantle democracy in Israel.

And Russia is conveniently tied up in Ukraine so they can’t come to Iran’s help.

Finally election is coming up in US so everyone who wants to win will have to show support for Israel.

I am fairly confident this is what Israel is trying to do, but that doesn’t mean they will succeed in doing it.

Iran understands that this is a trap and is resisting the pressure to walk into it. The language Iran used was uncharacteristically diplomatic - they don’t want that smoke.

i expected them to say something like " wipe Zionist entity off the map ! " and instead they said something like " if US intervenes the conflict has potential to spread " … like, that isn’t what you expect Ayatollah to say LOL

also just now i remembered how not too long ago Biden has “forgotten” $40 billion worth of weapons in Afghanistan while pulling out of there …

that pullout was itself wan inside job ( they pretended they were in a rush ) and it was obvious to everybody they were “forgetting” those weapons there so they could fall into the hands of some militant group that would be used for some strategic destabilization in the future …

perhaps those weapons made their way to Hamas and Hezbollah to embolden them to do what they’re doing now …

so they may have started planning what is happening that far back …

or maybe they just like to have general instability in the region in order to have power to affect things …

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All meanwhile western EU will be forced to open arm welcome the leftovers of pissed off muslims while annexed Gaza that becomes Israel will be nice and clean ie muslim free, for Israelis to enjoy.

Palestine population is 5 million
Africa Population 1.2 Billion
India Population 1.4 Billion

Let’s face it they are all coming to Europe LOL

so the good news is even if all Palestinians move to Europe it will be a drop in the bucket

the bad news is 50 years from now you will have to look pretty hard to find Europeans in Europe, and that’s taking the optimistic view that they won’t be slaughtered outright …

same thing in US, whites will be a minority and if you think blacks are cracking heads for fun on the streets now wait till they are a majority. Eastern Europe will be the only place left MAYBE.

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well well well …

the video below shows the Israeli casualties were self inflicted. IDF bombed Hamas militants TOGETHER WITH the hostages. this is according to testimony of the surviving hostages ON VIDEO. this was the case in MULTIPLE instances.

the video doesn’t play when embedded in a web page, instead right click on the link, save it and watch from the Hard Drive.

credit ( NOSTR ): npub179le7mlcuwj7l9dm6gy4seutqgvd7fwj2w35shm4dkr4te3q36ksd3lf56

PS: if you’re able to please re-upload the file some place from where it can be reliably watched so that more people can see it.

So the guy who did the above video ( Propaganda & Co ) is on Twitter, and his new video ( from a few hours ago ) says Israel wants the hostages dead

it seems Israelis figured this out too as they stormed the Knesset

i do recommend you follow both accounts above if you’re on Twitter …

it furthermore seems Kevin Bass ( who is a Jew ):

might have been right when he privately told me years ago that poor Jews are as much victims of the Elite Jews as gentiles are … i did not believe him at the time, but seeing Netanyahu pull 9/11 style inside job on Israelis and then throwing Israeli hostages under the bus, LITERALLY GASSING and DROWNING them in Hamas tunnels with ZERO regard … while his own son who is of military age ( Military Service is compulsory in Israel ) is relaxing in Miami …

yes it very much seems like Kevin Bass was right and the Jews themselves are being used by higher up Jews …

I also noticed many Jews in the IDF look darker than Jews in the leadership roles like Netanyahu … basically the Jews in IDF are actually semitic while Netanyahu is Ashkenazi / Khazar / German etc. So another way to look at it is Ashkenazi Jews are purging the Jewish ranks of semitic mud blood by sending the dark skin Jews to their deaths at the front.

it is kind of disturbing for me as a half-Jew to realize that if the Jewish Elites would GAS and DROWN female IDF soldiers then then a half-Jew like me who never been to Israel and never practiced Judaism is certainly worth less than nothing to the Jewish Elites … even though i look more like Netanyahu and less like the dark skin IDF soldiers …

i really don’t like how i’m stuck between being a Jew and a Human being just like those mongrel babies with Black Thug father and Mudshark Whore mother who are neither human nor Ape and don’t belong anywhere …

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