"Caek Islove" and other Fedi scum ( Israel / GAZA war )

this idiot here:


at the start of conflict in GAZA said ( paraphrasing ) " if you feel anything but sheer glee at Israeli babies being burned and decapitated then you are a traitor "

others of his ilk from Poa.st and elsewhere on the Fedi have largely shared that sentiment and were all celebrating " Israel getting their shit pushed in " at the time …

i tried to explain to them, on day one, that it was all an inside job and only benefitted Israel and nobody else and they all called me retarded and told me to shut up …

well let’s see who is the retard now …

we now know that:

1 - the attack happened on the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur war, which means it happened on precisely the day on which such an attack should have been expected and couldn’t be a surprise

2 - Egypt has warned Israel of the attack a week in advance and Israel dismissed the warning

3 - when the attack happened Israeli Forces were ordered to stand down for 7 hours to make sure Hamas is free to do basically whatever they want

and finally:

4 - the most horrific of Israeli casualties ( that weren’t AI fakes ) were self inflicted by the IDF who were ordered to bomb the hostages along with their Hamas kidnappers

Hamas’s goal was to take hostages but Israel’s goal was to create martyrs in order to justify a genocide of the Palestinians in GAZA as well as try to start a wider regional war with Iran.

so, “Caek Islove” - who is the retard now ?

YOU WERE LITERALLY CHEERING FOR ISRAEL and calling me retarded because i explained to you exactly how you were being played.

the sad part is pretty much the entire Poa.st and the rest of Fedi is as stupid as CaekIslove. just retarded children trying to be edgy and having no idea how to do it.

CaekIslove has me muted of course so he won’t see this but this isn’t about him anyway. This is a warning to the rest of you to not be fucking retarded.

stick to posting pictures of “Milky” Caek and leave geopolitics to adults.

and be extra careful when you celebrate the slaughter of innocent people because when you do there is a 100% chance you are either a retard being manipulated or just a sadist or both, and most on Poa.st and the rest of Fedi are some combination of the two.

whenever you see somebody celebrating suffering, calling for sadistic punishment, refusing to listen to arguments and dismissing any evidence that they are wrong because it is coming from the wrong side … you are dealing with a particular type of Internet Scum that has sadly become prevalent recently.

make no mistake - these people aren’t part of the solution. they have never solved ANYTHING in their own personal life ( most of them are incels ) and they certainly they will not solve any of the larger problems that better people ( like me ) are unable to solve.

finally don’t call people retarded when you live in a glass house LOL

probably my favorite part of all this is when these Fedi bottom feeders all gather to tell me that i shouldn’t watch porn because that is “bad”

watching porn is “bad” but cheering when Israel bombs their own children to frame Hamas and use that pretext to then bomb Gaza children … is good.

so good in fact that you’re a “traitor” unless you feel anything but “sheer glee” about it.

you must forgive me but i’m afraid i’m going to go ahead and ignore their moral judgements and watch porn to my heart’s content.