I may be banned from Twitter, but

i may be banned from Twitter but Jack Dorsey replied to me on NOSTR he he he

this is in his thread where he argued that Alcohol and CAFFEINE are poison.

he also said that he thinks Meat and Water are pretty much all a person needs to eat.

Dorsey is more based than people realize. When people think Dorsey they think Twitter but Dorsey himself said about a week ago that “Twitter is no more” which is obviously why he is on NOSTR.

Twitter became too big for somebody like Dorsey to control - he was forced to relinquish control to the FBI and the DNC. He welcomed the sale to Elon saying it was probably the only thing that could save Twitter but after Elon also cucked Dorsey declared his own creation “no more” …

it’s easy to criticize somebody like Dorsey for not being Andrew Torba but how many of us would actually choose to be cancelled by the banks and credit cards like Torba or Kanye West ? how many of us would do it if the other option was to be a billionaire ?

not many.

it’s easy to be a critic.

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First Kanye West and now Jack Dorsey? You’re turning into a real eceleb. Good work.

except he’s the real Jack Dorsey

here is the link to the note:


coracle client has two search icons on the top right and they don’t perform the same search.

use the upper of the two search icons, paste the link there and it will find the note.

This is interesting because it seems to be what Twitter was intended to be early on but evolved away from, i.e. a place where you can actually interact with the “celebrities” rather than simply liking their notes or retweeting them as is the case when they have 100k-1m+ followers. It also seems to be where they are hanging out to avoid the idiots infesting social media because they are too stupid to figure out how to use it :joy:. I will be joining it seeing that you can interact with people like Alden and Dorsey directly.

After all there is little reason to be on Twitter anymore. There are still some good niche accounts, but it has gotten to the point where the smallest thing can get you shadowbanned or worse. And the main level of content there is now basically memes and one liners with barely any interacting.

Btw is Alden actually a female? I heard an interview and the voice seemed awfully deep to be a real woman.

I’m better than that other Kanye

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only thing i miss from Twitter is the AI girls and the PUA accounts.

according to Google she’s a female but according to DuckDuckGo she is a tranny.

with the amount of secrecy surrounding her ( nobody knows her birth date, she keeps talking about her husband but never shows any pictures of him or reveal his name ) and the slightly odd look to her face that seems like maybe plastic surgery … i would guess she’s a Tranny.

but she seems to be very small physically. i think if you’re that small it makes more sense to transition from M to F than from F to M like Elliot Page.

i mean can you think of any man that small who is enjoying their life ? she seems to be 5’6" … for a man that would be brutal. even if you were a jacked billionaire all the conversations around you would still revolve around how short you are.

basically what i’m saying is if she’s a Tranny she made the right decision.

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here is Dorsey saying that Nostr is better than his own new Bluesky system while also admitting that Bluesky is going the way of Twitter which Dorsey himself said is “no more”

getting ratio’d by Lyn

the original graphic ( the meme with the urinals ) was Lyn poking fun at her own new book “Broken Money”

how she has to keep pretending it isn’t a bitcoin pump … when we all know that it is LOL

Bitcoin is a cult these days. Twitter is like a hive of delusional Bitcoiners who think it’s going to be $1,000,000 in the near future. You can’t reason with them.

the premise is that bitcoin supply is limited, like with gold

but it is false because you can create as many shitcoins as you want that function exactly the same as bitcoin

whereas you can’t create anything that functions like gold - people were trying for thousands of years

all bitcoiners do now is talk down other coins, whereas no gold holder ever had to talk down other metals because the difference between gold and aluminum doesn’t need to be explained.

whereas the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum can be debated forever and while you are debating it 20 other coins will be created ( whereas the last element to be discovered in nature was Francium in 1939 )

so Bitcoin is not digital gold.

and unlike fiat US Dollar it isn’t backed by US taxpayer or US military.

bitcoin holds no more of a monopoly on digital money than Tesla does on electric cars. Elon Musk is rich because average IQ dumb fuck haven’t yet figured out that anybody can make an electric car.

the last time i saw a review of an Electric Hyundai it said that this Hyundai is more expensive than Telsa but worth it because it’s better quality. YES REALLY. just don’t tell that to investors who think Tesla is worth more than the entire auto industry.

Bitcoin is 15 year old technology. Ethereum is eight year old technology. People talk about them like they are “the future,” but they are both basically the same as when they were released. Blockchains are great technology, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are both old and outdated versions of them. They are historically significant, but they are dinosaurs.

Blockchains are not limited to money. The “coins” are not what make them useful or special. This is what Bitcoiners and other crypto people don’t understand. Bitcoin and crypto fanatics think they are early investors when they buy their favorite coins, but nobody will ever need those coins in the future and the only people who will want them are other crypto fanatics. To the extent that blockchains are useful for money, people use them to send real money, namely dollars in the form of stablecoins, as payment.

Bitcoin is a cult because it’s the worst blockchain and it doesn’t even do anything but move coins around in the slowest and most wasteful way imaginable, but its adherents think it is the only blockchain we need. Of course they think that because they hold a lot of Bitcoin and they need a reason to think it’s valuable.

Being a Bitcoiner is like thinking that we don’t need better computers than the mainframes from the 1960’s that took up entire rooms.

We can do a lot better.

it’s like when Elon Musk said that Teslas are an “appreciating asset” because with over the air updates to the “Autopilot” software the car will eventually become a robotaxi that will make money for you !

it was supposed to become a robotaxi by next year for the past 10 years …

until we’re finally at a point where Teslas BRAND NEW are worth less than Hyundai …

well, Kia EV6 GT to be exact …

and that Kia doesn’t even have power seats …

people buy it literally because it’s not a Tesla and thus not complete trash …


Electric cars depreciate by like 70% the second you drive them off the lot. Car dealers want nothing to do with them.

unfortunately as Mark Twain ( very smart dude ) has said " it is easier to fool somebody than to convince them that they have been fooled "

the people are thirsty for being lied to by somebody, anybody …

this is why they believe in Jesus, in Trump, in Elon, in Bitcoin …

their desire to believe some bullshit is insatiable …

i am really starting to appreciate the wisdom of my former friend ( who went back to Ukraine ) who by default assumed everything was a lie.

he didn’t wait for any reason to suspect something was a lie. he simply assumed everything was a lie until it was proven to be true.

the sad reality is that this is the correct approach.

for example @kanyewest when you hear that Urbanism will make housing more affordable and lives more pleasant you could do what i do which is analyze literally all information in the universe and finally conclude that nope, in fact it will accomplish the opposite …

or you could do what my friend would do, and simply assume that reality is the opposite of whatever he was told and he would also be right without having to think at all …

instead of course you just believe everything you are told like a 3 year old baby …

you are under impression that you “think” but actually what you’re doing is remembering the thoughts that were put into your head and confusing them for your own …

your thinking cannot even start until you begin rejecting everything you are told by default …

well, actually everybody has to take their own path towards finding the truth …

for example i kept believing all the lies while simultaneously analyzing information which ultimately proven them all false … because the nature of my mind is to constantly think …

my friend took a shortcut by simply throwing out all the received information as the worthless trash that it is …

i am sorry to say but his approach was, all things considered, better than mine …

you really don’t need to think very much if you simply stop listening to all the lies …

the great OSHO also spoke about this:

namely he said something like " i am not a philosopher. philosophers think. i just open my fucking eyes and see what is in front of my nose "

indeed i was always a philosopher, which according to OSHO is nothing to be proud of. while my friend was more like OSHO himself - he simply saw what was in front of him without having to think and while completely rejecting the explanations others were giving. there is no need to explain anything - the truth is in plain sight.

but i think i’m getting better. i think i’m letting go of all the bullshit i was brainwshed with and starting to allow myself to just see.

reality is really uncomplicated. when Fridman asked Harari what is the meaning of life Harari said it was really simple. “The meaning of life is to suffer and die” according to Harari.

he’s right. it really is that simple. everything else is just bullshit people project.

Harari has a lot of good ideas but they can’t be taken at face value - he is a lying Jew after all.

but there is a lot of truth hidden in his lies. maybe i will explain some of them elsewhere later.

Lol you keep bringing up urbanism.

I’m not going to bite.


i am really starting to appreciate the wisdom of my former friend ( who went back to Ukraine ) who by default assumed everything was a lie.

he didn’t wait for any reason to suspect something was a lie. he simply assumed everything was a lie until it was proven to be true.

the sad reality is that this is the correct approach.

I will think more on this.