Happy Marlon Music!

I don’t actually listen to music like this but that doesn’t stop Spotify from feeding it to me so why not post it here since @marlon actually does listen to it !

jokes aside this is a brilliant track so i felt like sharing it but it doesn’t fit into any of my threads because it’s too happy …

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Happy Marlon Music!

Noo…now I truly know what it means to break out in laughter over comments!!

Second time this week laughing …Russian…
I’m gonna listen…

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so “Mewone!” is Russian … that explains a lot …

i find music coming out of Russia the hardest to classify …

Mewone! - Universe (Original Mix)

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didn’t BAP say that Trump will make Anime real ?

i feel betrayed …

jokes aside, i don’t watch Anime but Anime chicks are cute :slight_smile:

Zorza - Bodiless

Ok. This is happy music. But give it a listen.

sometimes after jerking off if i come pretty hard i start to laugh for no reason other than simply feeling good …

well i just finished jerking off to some Hentai Monster Porn and i knew i was in the right state of mind to give “Happy Marlon Music” a shot …

i like it ( succducc - me & you ) !

but this won’t last for more than maybe 20 minutes …

there is only maybe half an hour to an hour on a good day where i would be in a state of mind that would permit listening to something like this.

this music would go well with Ecstasy ( MDMA ) or 2Ci ( a research chemical psychedelic we used back in the day )

it’s weird - i took 2Ci with a few people on separate occasions and all of them said it was the best drug they ever took yet nobody ever knew about it … i don’t get it.

Marijuana - things get weird and you’re “stoned”
LSD - things get weird but instead of stoned you’re full of energy
MDMA - euphoria and feeling of one-ness with others
2Ci - kind of like LSD and MDMA rolled into one substance - you’re happy for no reason and can’t stop laughing - i remember when i took it with my GF we were laughing so hard we literally kept falling off the couch to the floor …

i suppose i’m lucky because i know exactly what happiness feels like but 95% of the time i can’t endure anything happy.

Donatachi - forever + ever

The tone is good…but the song itself is too simple…thank you…
I know it must have been difficult for you to listen through that.

not at all !

i love this track !

i love the bass and the speed …

was a little worried it wouldn’t be happy enough for you :slight_smile:

i feel like this track is energy first happiness second …

i think the simplicity can be forgiven because it is intentional, with matching album art …

and besides - isn’t happiness about simpler times ?

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Robots With Rayguns - Excess

EASYFUN - Be Your USA feat. Iiris (Lyric Video)

let me rephrase that.

i’m not often in good enough mood to listen to music like this.

but occasionally i am.

i don’t know what’s wrong with me today @marlon will not forgive me for this LOL

this “Donatachi” is a genius though LOL

either that, or i’m losing my mind …

Donatachi feat. Kady Rain - Take Me

last one today i promise !

Donatachi & LÂLKA - FWD

It’s ok to be happy from time to time :+1:!

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Kotori & JVNA - Waterfall

Guru Groove Foundation - Golden Love (Mr. Frenkie Remix)