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apparently this is a Twitter page of a Reddit:

assuming he doesn’t block me, i will post his horrible takes and deconstruct them.

his latest tweet:

so much wrong with this …

first of all such developments aren’t designed to be viewed from a camera drone, but from the ground, you know, WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE.

these communist cuntroaches always show pictures of suburbs from way overhead, a height from which you can see that all the houses are the same. this is a well known psychological trick used for dehumanization. it is well understood that from a high perspective people look like rats for example. this is also why Stalin said " one death is a tragedy - a million deaths is a statistic "

do you think the average person cares that there is some other house five blocks away that is exactly like his all the way down to the slightest details ? chances are he will never see that house in his lifetime. but the WEF cuntroach will get on a helicopter and find that house and show it to you to make you feel invalid.

this “fuck cars” WEF shill is using psychological manipulation to TEACH YOU HOW TO FEEL, which is what these people do professionally. it’s their job to teach you how to feel about things. to have the “correct” feelings, such as hating white people for example and hating cars and suburbs and so on.

now what if instead he used a picture of what suburban hellscape looks like from the ground:

and then used a picture of his alternative, namely the city. tell me which one looks more like a prison ?

( the picture below is from Hong Kong ):

we are in an information war.

your enemy is smart and skilled.

are you ?

Look at the picture and think about the practicality of a design like that. It’s not the monotony that you see from a bird’s-eye view that makes it look silly; it’s the fact that the neighborhood is completely devoid of anything but houses. There is nowhere to walk except to another house in the neighborhood, and you will have to walk on the street to do that.

Where are the shops? Where are the parks? What if you want to walk to the convenience store and buy a snack? There is none. You have to get in your car and drive somewhere for something that should take no longer than a few minutes. What if you are working on a project and need something from the hardware store? The hardware store is a giant big-box store like Home Depot or Lowes and to get there you have to waste your time in traffic driving miles to get there and then wander around the thousands of square feet of space looking for the thing you need and then drive back home. What if your kids are old enough to walk or bike to and from school and you don’t want waste your time every day driving there to drop them off and pick them up? Yeah right. They are totally dependent on you for everything until they are practically adults and can get their driver’s license and you buy them a car.

The reason the picture looks so dystopian is because, like the picture of the high-rises, it is not a space fit for humans. Each individual piece of property is fit for humans when they are at home, but that is it. It does not work as a community. People are isolated from each other and the only way they can participate in anything is by hopping in their car and driving somewhere. They don’t know their neighbors and never interact with people other than those at their destinations. People who can’t drive like children or people with disabilities basically can’t participate in the community whatsoever unless they have someone to drive them around. The community is broken and people are demoralized.

post a space that is fit for humans.

must be current and real.

and also explain why you don’t live there.

developments designed for young families feature playgrounds that children can safely walk to from their home. not all developments have such playgrounds but also not all people have children. a 55+ retirement community for example doesn’t need a children’s playground.

as for getting to school there is such a thing as a school bus. the difference is in the suburbs only children have to take the bus while in a city everybody has to do it.

not to mention, schools in suburbs are quite different from schools in cities. city schools have metal detectors and steel bars on the windows and in general all the attributes of a prison. there is not enough space outdoors for children to play in city schools.

here is a google maps capture of a High School in NJ that i pass every day:

you can ask @OldFriendSaysHello if he would have rather gone there, or the prison we actually did go to in NYC

no wait, i’m not allowed to bring up NYC, my life experience is not valid …

well you show me how it should be done. doesn’t have to come from your personal experience. show me anywhere on earth where they got it right.

a school bus stops by your suburban home and drives the kids to this school. then they play outdoors with the other kids. what a nightmare.

by the way my cousin in NYC has kids, and he drives them to school himself. ironic, isn’t it ?

again, i know, NYC is invalid …

oh and by the way with modern safety technology there is no reason why we can’t lower the age at which children can drive.

modern car are so much safer than cars used to be 50 years ago it is an order of magnitude difference.

50 years ago driving would have been a bad idea for anybody but high IQ adults over the age of 25 …

today you can probably let 13 year olds drive no problem …

recently in the news there was a story about a father who tried to kill his family by deliberately driving his tesla off a 300 foot cliff with his entire family inside … they all survived despite the car making that 300 foot plunge.

just like people don’t realize that air travel is the safest form of travel they don’t realize that cars are actually safer than bicycles and yes, safer than walking !

a car is the safest place on earth pretty much. as long as you don’t drink, text or speed you pretty much have nothing to worry about in a car. i haven’t had a single accident in over a decade. not even a scratch on a bumper.

can you die in a car ? yes. but a sufficiently stupid person can die anywhere.

I’m not saying your experience is invalid. I’m saying that your experience is incomplete and unrepresentative of living in a well-designed urban community.

I grew up in a middle class household in the United States. I had a decent sized home (way bigger than a NYC apartment, but not some oversized McMansion) with a nice garage that could fit two or three cars and a backyard big enough to play. Basically everyone in the town had the same.

By the age of 10 I was old enough to walk or ride my bike to and from school. I have never ridden a school bus in my life except for field trips. It would take me about 10 minutes. I wasn’t the only kid doing that.

If I wanted a snack I could walk 5 minutes to a convenience store and buy one. The grocery store was only a little bit further away. No part of any of these walks involved some perilous journey on highways or high traffic streets.

Basically everyone who lived in the town had all the luxuries of the suburbs with nice homes and lawns and all that, but the city was built in such a way that people could and did still walk around when driving was unnecessary.

Moreover, we knew eachother. People were out and about and interacted with eachother. I knew all my neighbors.

The more I think about it, I realize that my experience living in a town like that had a part to play in making me as independent and mature as I am. I am not afraid of the world. People who live sheltered lives and never interact with their communities don’t understand the world. They are either afraid of it or very naïve about it.

My town wasn’t unique. Basically every town in the United States built before World War II is like it, especially those built by German immigrants. New York City isn’t like it though.

i lived a block away from High School in Brooklyn - literally across the street. but other kids ( with better parents than mine ) would ride the train all the way to Manhattan to go to Stuyvesant High School. in retrospect i wish i had as well.

i lived in NYC for 20 years with a grocery on every corner and never bought a single snack in my life, because i don’t eat junk food and because i understand that $3 tube of pringles doesn’t contain even $0.1 worth of nutrition. instead i ordered protein online even 20 years ago.

knowing people is a matter of wanting to. there is a guy in my gym who talks to every single person there. he spends 2 or 3 hours every day just talking to people, everywhere - in the locker room, in the sauna, in the jacuzzi, out in the parking lot etc …

by contrast when i lived in NYC apartment we had 200 apartments in the building and i never spoke to a single person there ever in all the years i lived there. because i didn’t want to. there were plenty of opportunities from the elevator to the swimming pool that the building had and where i routinely went to swim. but i simply didn’t want to talk to them. i never knew the name of a single person who lived in that building even though half the women there ( of all ages ) wanted to have sex with me.

i’m not afraid of literally anything lol. not because i don’t see how i could lose something but because i see how it was already stolen from me before i was even born.

it’s not about your town vs NYC it’s about the way you analyze information vs the way i do it.

my development here is 1/2 square mile in size, with about 1,000 people living here and has very nice sidewalks on both sides of the road for walking dogs etc.

there is a clubhouse in the development that has amenities such as gym as well as indoor and outdoor pools. i can reach it either by walking or on bike easily. i could drive there as well.

but i never do. instead i drive to a better gym and swim in a better pool.

there are also some shops less than a mile away, which works out to 5 minutes on a bicycle according to Google Maps. i have literally never visited them.

i don’t even go local Shop Rite that is 5 minute drive away.

instead i go all the way to Sam’s Club. why ? because i have just enough electric range in my plug in hybrid to get to Sam’s Club and back and everything there is twice as cheap as in Shop Rite, which means i can eat nothing but organic grass fed beef ( i’m basically a carnivore ) and still not spend any more than you would on GMO hydrogenated soybean oil potato chips from your local grocery.

i literally do not give a fuck what is closer, i care what is better.

most people are like me.

otherwise we would be moving from suburbs into cities but literally nobody does.

no matter how much the WEF talks about global warming people still move south because they know warmer is better.

and no matter how much WEF talks about walkable 15 min cities people still move to suburbs.

did i mention that when i lived in Brooklyn i would drive 40+ miles out to Long Island to train ?

i chose to train with world class athletes in a gym rated by Flex magazine as number one hardcore gym in America instead of whatever was closer.

i don’t care what is closer. i don’t care what can be reached on foot. why would i want to walk when i can drive ?

after moving to NJ but before i got a plug-in hybrid i used to drive all the way to Princeton to train, because i wanted to train at LifeTime Athletic. but with a plug-in hybrid i decided to switch to a gym that was closer so i could stay in electric range. not having to buy gas is a considerable benefit. but not having to drive isn’t.

i literally just precondition the car from the phone app and then drive to gym and back in electric mode. no need to open garage door - the car heats or cools electrically drawing power from the wall plug. why would i walk ? because the WEF says i should ?

and as long as i’m driving it doesn’t really matter if something is 1/2 a mile away or 5 miles away. as long as i can get there in electric range it may as well be in the next room - makes no difference to me.

i don’t even need to get dressed. i literally went to gym in shorts and flip flops yesterday. that’s in the NorthEast in January.

i keep a full set of warm clothes in the car in case of emergency. warm jacket, hat and gloves in a laundry bag on the back seat plus a pair of boots in the trunk. but i have yet to use it.

should the car break down i would be able to walk to wherever i need to without freezing even on the coldest day of winter, but of course i would just get an Uber anyway.

we have this amazing technology and now the challenge is how to ban people from using it.

reality is that nobody who has tried it will give it up. but the brainwashing of course targets children who have no experience of their own to lean on and will believe any lies.

just like there isn’t a single person who is going to give up their private jet but it would probably be easy to brainwash children who were never on a plane into believing that flying is bad.

people aren’t meant to fly ! we aren’t birds ! when i was a kid we never used to have no airplanes ! etc …

a video you will never see on a " Fuck Cars " feed:

i wonder if any of these people would be willing to swap places with somebody living in a " minimum security prison " a.k.a. American suburbia …

would they be willing to drive these horrific and totally unnecessary contraptions known as cars …

and here is the kicker - all of these people in the video have the option of using a bicycle or walking, and since they aren’t exercising that option it means that option is even WORSE than this train from h3ll …

also note they don’t have any diversity problem there - they’re all the same - it’s almost like public transit itself is the problem …

it’s almost like cars are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind and America after WW2 was the closest humanity will ever see to heaven …

Indian people are just retarded

No the challenge is getting the new generation of sheltered, closed-minded Americans who grew up in suburbs to open up to a new form of urban development that isn’t zoned to hell with everything really far apart requiring cars for every trip. Like I said, it can be done and most practically designed cities were built that way before.

This modern concept of urban design came about after World War II. This period in time was a bonanza of terrible ideas and inventions, almost all of which were scrapped in short time. People were more delusional than ever back then and came up with batshit crazy ideas about living in a fantasy sci-fi utopian society like the Jetsons. Everyone was an Elon Musk.

Unfortunately their retarded concept of urban design is still with us today. It is a lot harder to scrap. All we can do is be smarter about how we build and rebuild new cities. The challenge is getting all the obese retards to understand how making cities more friendly for pedestrians is better for everything.

BTW Texas is the fastest growing state because people are moving there from California. California is the worst offender when it comes to urban design requiring cars for everything. People are moving to Texas because California is a hellhole. You still need a car for everything there, but you have to drive through a zombie wasteland of homeless people everywhere you go. The suburban sprawl of California plays a large part in why it is such a hellhole. People want to live there, but the housing market is totally out of control because the land is used so inefficiently and there are way too few houses for the number of people who want to live there. It’s hard to build new housing because all of the land is being used for highways and parking lots and infrastructure for cars. The situation is comical.

California should be the most desirable place to live in America. Unfortunately the way everything was planned there is so laughably bad that people are left with no choice but to move away from what is essentially paradise. This is a place where the weather permits people to walk or bike 365 days a year, and the morons who designed turned it into a place where hardly anyone who lives there does anything but drive. Instead of walking around people waste their time in traffic and lose their mind and move to other states.

There used to be great bodybuilding gyms in Brooklyn. Kai Greene wasn’t traveling out to Bev Francis every day when he lived there. I don’t know how many of them are still open though. Bodybuilding isn’t very popular or lucrative anymore and the COVID lockdowns fucked over gyms.

as a society yes, but not genetically as individuals.

i had brown friends in College and they were easily in the top 10% by IQ. they passed classes like Differential Equations and so on.

don’t forget CEOs of both Google and Microsoft are brown. obviously they were diversity hires but they play those roles far more convincingly than Biden plays the role of our president.

also remember it is actually Tokyo subway that is infamous for these types of scenes, though of course the Japs are far more polite and have policemen in white glove shove people into the train.

also it wasn’t that different in NYC on bad days. it was a fucking bloodbath. and of course there is no AC on underground stations and on some days the stations would get so hot you had to seriously wonder if you were going to die from heat stroke there.

so the issue isn’t the people. the issue is mass transit itself. it has dehumanizing effect - turns people into cattle.

people don’t grow up in suburbs - they grow up in classrooms, where Jewish professors will brainwash them into whatever Klaus Schwab wants them to believe, which so happens to be exactly what you believe. Namely so-called “15 minute cities”.

You have nothing to worry about mate.

Well then I like Klaus Schwab just like I like Hitler. He has some good ideas.

period after WW2 was that of great optimism, which is like mania for people who aren’t bipolar. people were having lots of kids because they believed things will be better.

currently we are entering a period of despondency with everybody killing themselves left and right and euthanasia being promoted on Canadian TV.

interstates and suburbs were built after WW2 out of this optimism that in the future everybody will be able to afford a car. and indeed that was the case until we replaced white people with subhuman apes. eventually even subhuman apes were able to afford cars and that’s when Bill Gates and WEF said enough is enough, time to go back to stone age, lock everybody down, ban combustion engines and give roads the death penalty for the crime of being racist.

it is literally not a challenge at all since nobody actually asks people what they want. society is engineered by the elites and the obese retards just live in it.

actually Florida is the fastest growing state because people are moving there from New York. @OldFriendSaysHello is one of those people who moved from NY to Florida.

actually that would be Texas ( worst offender for car dependence ):

here is a video i watched when i was considering moving to Houston:

it explains that Houston is the worst city in the world when it comes to car dependence.

Not only is the world’s widest highway ( Katy Freeway ) in Houston, but also the world’s highest level of standard stack interchange, the 5-level stack interchange:

is actually known as “Texas Style” which means Texas is so far ahead of every other state in car dependence that they literally have their own form of super interchanges that for the most part don’t exist anywhere else on earth …

those two facts ( widest freeway and Texas style interchange ) is why i wanted to move to Houston in the first place. it wasn’t to escape car dependence but to embrace it !