Equilibrium ( 2002 ) / Christian Bale


Feeling is a privilege for the elite…who can control themselves.
The masses must take their libria and keep their feelings down.
The masses are shown as consisting of different races and sexes but always numb, grey and lifeless.

Only the system and the rebels are shown as having personalities.
And the system uses the rebels to further its mandates.
In fact, the masses are entirely inconsequential, and the rebels to a lesser extent, as even the rebellion is led by former system elite.

At least the Matrix showed people waking up, and they had to be taken over by the agents to do dirty work…but in Equilibrium regular people just don’t matter.

Here there is no real awakening. Bale always had feelings, and his kids woke up when mommy died. Taye Diggs had feelings but he was a sadist and wanted to keep killing and hurting.

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in the actual society we live in, instead of numbing people with drugs we numb them with meaningless entertainment.

the obsession of Americans with “fun” and “social life” and other nonsense is fairly striking if you come from a different society.

Americans take their moronic lifestyle for granted … but i read quotes from the Elites from like 50 years ago how they were going to engineer this dependence on bread and circuses style BS to the point where the only thing people will care about is having access to this entertainment …

when the slaves lost their ability to have their meaningless “social life” during the lockdowns they were ready to fall on their knees and do anything to get it back - just as that Jew / Elite dude from 50 years ago said it would be …

these sci-fi dystopian movies don’t always show things as they really are / will be but there are usually interesting parallels to examine …