Elon Musk needs to take the redpill

LMAO does he even know who Klaus Schwab is? Has he even seen The Matrix? Has he even chopped off his genitals like the guys who made it? What an idiot.

He needs to take the red pill like me so he can wake up from The Matrix and see the reality of Klaus Schwab’s dastardly plans for the world.

Klaus Schwab is basically Darth Sidious from Star Wars and anyone with an IQ of less than 133 like mine is too stupid to see it.

I am a genius so I see everything that these morons can’t see, especially parallels to sci fi movies from 20 years ago.

He is more powerful than anyone can possibly imagine. Every politician, businessman, banker, intellectual, and any other person of influence is controlled entirely by Klaus Schwab and the WEF. He pulls their strings like a puppet.

Just wait until Klaus Schwab executes Order 66 and takes complete control over the world and makes us live in pods and eat crickets and walk to work and take vaccines. This is the dystopia that he has planned for us.

Even Elon Musk will be eating the bugs and living in a pod it appears. The bluepilled 132 IQ moron can’t see what’s going on like me and thinks Klaus Schwab is anything less than the Sith Lord mastermind that he is.

Not me though. I took the redpill. I am a genius and see everything. So I won’t be living under Klaus Scwab’s grip. I will be living in a mansion off the grid eating beef and driving around in my Bugatti like Top G because I can see Klaus Schwab’s master plan and not fall for his traps like the stupid normies.

I am a god.

this has been addressed before:

but for your convenience i will repost it here:

i haven’t “fact checked” these charts - they are from GAB. you are welcome to try to “fact check” them but they will probably check out.

and if so then Elon has been under Klaus’ wing for AT LEAST FIFTEEN YEARS.

Trump also pretends to rail against the globalists and then …

in case you haven’t figured it out yet they put on an act for people like you who take everything at face value

Jesse Ventura, a Wrestler turned Politician:


has explained that politics is exactly like wrestling. according to him politicians pretend to hate and fight each other and then they go backstage and have drinks together.

so that’s what you’re seeing here - Elon trying desperately to signal that he is part of the resistance while actually being their god boy. do you think Wrestling is real too ?

the way things work today is you’re not truly a slave until you believe you are a rebel. Feminists, LGBT, ANTIFA etc. they all always thought they are rebels even as they directly get funding from globalists.

imagine believing you are fighting the man when the man is literally paying your salary …

but that’s where you are …