Think Elon Musk will Save Us ? Think Again

You don’t get to be a billionaire without permission.
Not now. Not ever.
You already know what this article below says…but it’s a good reminder for me.

Why CEOs Are Psycopaths…f**k Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the rest…

You can’t be a popular CEO unless you are a serious psychopath willing to have sex with aliens, gorillas, dinosaurs and all kinds of things in order to reach the highest realms of success. It just doesn’t happen.

Why? Because while climbing the latter of success you are forced to witness a million of injustices, turn your back, close your eyes and pretend like nothing happened. You have to be senseless and ruthless.

If you are not willing to be such a person, there are plenty of humanoids that will be happy to take your place and eat your heart out.

In order for a person to become very rich (millions, billions, trillions) a lot of people have to make a sacrifice.

The money of every single CEO out there is made on the back of poor people from the so-called developing countries. Do you really think Steve Jobs was unaware that people were working 36 hours shifts and being paid 1 dollar day to produce the magic piece of crap called iPhoooony? He was well aware of that fact and didn’t care. If he cared, he would have revolted and left his job. He didn’t do any of that and stayed until the end while getting his balls sucked by brain dead Apple zombies. That’s the exact behavior one has to have in order to make it as a CEO.

The same holds true for all the rich businessmen you see on TV.

It usually starts with the same old story - they started from nothing and became the richest men in the world. Nice, but this never happens and never will.

Every major company has been started by well selected and controlled people with others backing them up. They just want you to believe that their success was accomplished ghetto style.

while all successful people are sociopaths there are many psychopaths and few are successful

not every school bully becomes Elon Musk or Steve Jobs

no you can’t be a pussy like Caleb from Ex Machina if you want to get to the top

but simply being heartless isn’t going to get you anywhere by itself either unless you also have ambition, intelligence, charisma, connections etc …

getting to the top requires having a very particular mix of properties and a very particular personality …

there are plenty of people who torture animals, rape women, murder people and so on - and they don’t get anywhere except prison. it’s not as simple as simply having no empathy or moral compass.

the idea that poor people are poor because they are good is a delusion. plenty of poor people are scum. most people in prison are poor.

Elon is very gifted. His main gift is acting. He could be a professional actor if he wanted to - he’s that good. He can both cry and laugh on demand and it’s completely fake and nobody can tell.

Oh yes.
If one were to switch the rich with the poor, the world would be just as it is now.

You say Elon is a professional actor…just thought of him as a damn good liar.

Let me ask you something: How much of Musk’s life is real?
The wives… the five kids (or is it six now)? The houses…Is it real?
Or is it like the single house he lives in down in Texas?

The same goes for Bezos and Gates and Zuck-not-quite-human-berg…
These rich guys are but puppets but Musk’s constant contradictions, and that house in Texas make me wonder just how much do these puppets actually enjoy.

my guess is Elon enjoys scamming everybody

and he enjoys feeling his power over women

he probably enjoys everything he does

otherwise he wouldn’t have the energy to do so much

he runs more companies than i have shoes

as for kids if you’re a billionaire there is no reason not to have a new kid every year or so … Elon and Trump got it right in that regard

even i would have kids if i was rich

Yeah…he does seem to be having the time of his life.
He should let Zuck in on the secret.

As for kids, I wouldn’t go for 6 with one woman, but every wife needs to give you around 2 kids, so that explains the number that he and Trump have.

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