so as you probably know Dugin’s car was bombed but he wasn’t inside, instead his daughter was the one who got killed …

here is the video of the aftermath showing Dugin in shock:

apparently he had a heart attack after witnessing this and was treated at the hospital …

anyway, it’s a good time to ask who the fuck is Dugin ?

my nigga Thuletide has answered this question … his answer is extremely long but i’m afraid you have to read it.

because this is the missing piece of the puzzle … without understanding Duginism there is no understanding what is going on in the world …

so here it is:

don’t bother with the “short TL DR version” because it’s just as long. just read the long version. they really are about the same size. both about 100 pages long probably LOL.

Thuletide really doesn’t know how to be succinct but at least he isn’t retarded.

and here is the interview with Dugin by Edward Dutton ( the Jolly Heretic )

and here is an interview with Dugin’s Daughter who was killed:

Commenting on Daria: Christian feminism a.k.a oily water.

She is a standard feminist…to cut a long story short.
(Granted mainstream Christianity would agree with her) but she is just another feminist.

The separate…but equal (!) worlds of men and women…Simone Beauvoir…radical French feminist…Orthodox views on men and women…the Western church…blah…blah…a long stew of feminist and Christian influences and philosophies have led her here…basic bitch feminism.

Still reading about Dugin.

yeah to be honest i didn’t watch that whole video about Feminism, but i am watching this shorter one about geopolitics in full:

i also watched the 1.5 hour long interview between Dutton and Dugin ( linked above ) in full.

yes they are tricky bastards these Dugins …

i will accept your assessment of her Feminist positions …

I’ll watch that one soon…but he feminism one is just crap with lots of big words thrown in.

So far Thule’s analysis of Dugin is very interesting.

Who did the hit? Russia or Ukraine?
Warning Dugin or hardening his resolve?
What does it mean for the war?

somebody even suggested that Daria stole money she was supposed to use to make Marine Le Pen defeat Macron and she was assassinated for that …

i have no idea who killed her and why.

Dugin’s ideology is pretty much the same as Putin’s. I doubt there is even one point of disagreement between Dugin, Daria and Putin.

Well, if people are desperate for a reason then that is the extent to which they will dig. Please…if they wanted Le Pen to win, why go through Daria?

This is not about her…there are dozens of basic feminists…some with better looks and better English…this is about Daddy.

We have only three actors, the West, Ukraine and Russia.
One of them did it.
Maybe only two actors if you count Ukraine as the West’s bitch.

i actually think Daria is more than just Dugin’s daughter.

yes she has adopted 100% of his ideology but she was a political commentator on TV in Russia - you don’t need good English for that.

a political commentator potentially has a lot of power - think Tucker Carlson.

also Dugin was getting old and Daria was 29 or 30 so if you think long-term she may have been a higher value target than Dugin even if nobody in the west knew her but she had more of a future than her father simply due to age …

i think if she wasn’t killed she could have ended up as president of Russia one day - why not ? She was brought up by Putin’s brain after all and people like to vote for women as we see with AOC and others.

but the Assassination wasn’t to take anybody out but to send a message … since they may have accidentally mixed up Daria and her father it is hard to say who the message was for as Dugin is better known in the west and Daria probably was better known in Russia ?

Interesting…but the timing is off.

Kill her when Dugin is going down then, his star is still ascendant.

We need more info on what both Dugin and Daria were going to do next.
I think the war is the context we have to look at for this.

A mix-up of identities…possible but anyone monitoring the situation would have seen her without Dugin approaching the car.

More speculation…maybe it was a message to Putin…and it didn’t matter which of them died.
“We can touch you or those close to you”.

in the last video i posted just now she does make some comments about the war in Ukraine - she calls it the end of Globalism - that the war in Ukraine is a war on Globalism …

the interview with her father is unfortunately before the war - but he is still asked about the possibility of the war in it and replies that he sees the future of Ukraine as split into two countries - east and west.

here she is speaking French:

i have no idea what she’s saying but i did hear her mention Marine Le Pen in this video …

also one of the men in the conversation is speaking Italian, so she must understand Italian as well, and she has referred to some Italians in her other video …

actually feel bad for Dugin now - he clearly put in a MASSIVE amount of work into educating his daughter just to watch her get blown up with a bomb …

he was clearly training her as his replacement of sorts …

Yes, yes…an advisor, future prime minister etc.
She was to take his agenda to the next generation.
How will he cope? Can he cope? :grimacing:

Not to shift too much…but here’s another thought leader…no bombs for him though.

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probably going to retire to some village a broken man - like me.

yeah i’m 100% on the same page with this fellow Jew Elite here - people are worthless garbage.

you know i’m a transhumanist …

You aren’t broken.

As for Dugin’s link to the French, you are onto something there.

Dugin has strong links to the French New Right, who he essentially described as his greatest allies in Europe, stating that the French New Right, particularly Alain de Benoist, is implementing his own Fourth Political Theory. De Benoist has, in turn, spoken glowingly of his old friend Dugin on many, many occasions; he even named his own book after Dugin’s ‘Fourth Political Theory.’

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According to Thuletide, Dugin is just another globohomo shill.
Well…Russia’s resident expert globohomo shill.

Liberalism always uses weaponized victimhood to push forward, and Dugin is no exception.

It remains to be seen what the war is for (in the full sense):
To break Europe?
To dismember Ukraine?
To weaken Russia?
Or some mix of the above 3?

The war has already made Europe America’s bitches.
Will they be broke bitches as well? Or will the war end before winter?

very interesting. i will have to read that second part or “update” from “Thuletide” that you dug up, i haven’t seen it until you posted it.

i was reluctant because on one hand his stuff is long and on the other i had been obsessing about something ( digital cameras ) the past few days that was eating up my brain cycles.

even though i already pretty much concluded that i don’t need one and should not get one ( because it will never be used ) i can’t just stop half-way through my research. just like sex or sleep it can’t be interrupted - it has to run its course. i have to complete the puzzle of the digital cameras question.

i think the Assassination itself may no longer be of much interest to me but Duginism and the role of Russia and China in the NWO obviously are subjects that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon …

after all Dugin is just a guy who formulated and put into words what was probably inevitable. in his interview he’s asked if he believes in free will and he says 100% … well he is a 100% shill. Personally i do NOT believe in free will.

anybody who has ever studied math and science will have noticed how in the end no matter where you go with your calculations everything cancels out and if it doesn’t it means you made a mistake.

my math professor in college used to ask the class “hard” problems he didn’t expect anybody ( except me ) to figure out and most of the time i had my hand up with the answer before he would get to even the middle of explaining the question and my answer was always right. the reason was i saw the symmetry and resulting cancellation and i knew that he saw it too but nobody else did and i knew what sort of “trick” question he would ask before he even asked it so i always had the right answer before he could even ask the question. after a few times i started to feel bad for the rest of the class and instead of raising my hand i would just smile and wait and not give the answer until everybody else gave up.

well the world runs on the same principles as math and science, which means that in the end everything has to balance out somehow. nothing just exists in the vacuum - there is a concrete reason for everything that traces back to fundamental things like physics and math.

in other words reductionism - you have to keep reducing everything until you are dealing with DNA and thermodynamics, game theory and things like that.

discussions on GAB are on the level of " will somebody think of the children ! " or " OMG she has a PENIS that is a MAN baby ! " … they will also post videos of mama duck leading baby ducklings across the street and be like " how adorable " ( even when half of the ducklings fall into the sewer ) …

the sad reality is that 95% of people on GAB have intelligence on the same level as that mother duck … nothing more than primitive emotions … and they are PROUD of this …

they are PROUD that they do not possess the intelligence of transhumanists like me … of course as i told you before stupid people are so proud of being stupid that it took me almost 30 years to realize that they even find it offensive when i call them idiots … i couldn’t understand why it offends them because literally all they do is brag about their inability to understand anything …

the point is Russia and China are half the equation - we can’t solve the equation by solving only one side of it. and to believe that Russia is good or China is bad ( even though they’re allies LOL ) is to think on the level of that duck where you only have emotions and all your children fall into the storm drain …

if you haven’t seen that video the storm drain has openings of such a size that mother duck can walk over them but baby ducklings following in her footsteps fall through into the sewer … but it’s adorbs because baby mama loves her kids and they love her - aww ! this is GAB 100%.

we have to keep digging into the whole Russia and China thing until things start adding up ( or cancel out - same thing ) otherwise we’re just masturbating, making ourselves feel good by finding emotional common ground with our retarded mama duck comrades and reassuring each other with idiotic phrases like “we’re all going to make it” or “after we win” or with meaningless signaling like “trans women aren’t women” or empty threats like stuffing pedophiles into the wood chipper and so on …

to summarize - Dugin assassination attempt is mostly yesterday’s news at this point but the whole question of “Multipolar World” remains a key mystery that we should solve if we are going to claim that we really know what’s going on …

sorry if the above is making little sense - i was trying to put into words how i feel intuitively about the whole geopolitical state of affairs. my intuition is that something is fishy and doesn’t add up when it comes to Russia and China and the point i was trying to make is that things ALWAYS add up ( or cancel out depending on perspective ) and if they aren’t that means we aren’t looking at it right ( yet ).

people of GAB / Duck level intelligence have no concern with having anything add up and i have no concern with their “opinions” ( emotions ). they just want to FEEL a certain way about Russia, Ukraine, Putin and Zelensky … you can tell it from even the language they use - they refer to Putin as “Vlad” ( as if to imply they are friends, since “Vlad” to “Vladimir” is like “Bob” to “Robert” ) and to Ukrainians as “Ukes” ( sort of how we referred to VietCong as “Charlie” or to Germans as “Jerry” )

with such language these subhuman GAB apes are communicating to each other how to FEEL about each side of the conflict in Ukraine because that’s the level they operate on - feelings. they aren’t interested assembling the geopolitical puzzle, only picking a side and rooting for it - like in a football game - which is the entire reason why we have games on TV in the first place - to teach people how to be retarded.

i read the comments under Daria’s video about “multipolar world” obviously not a single person was able to follow anything she was saying because they are all retards but they all celebrated her being burned alive because they all “know” which side are the “good guys” and so on …

disgusting, retarded fucking animals … how can one NOT want to wipe them all off the face of the earth ?

anyway i will look at Thuletide’s “update” that you linked but can’t give a time frame right now …

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Bastard…it was you!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Multipolar world: as for that we know the end-result - the US diminished somewhat (how much we don’t know) and the Asian bloc , lead by China to rise. Where Russia fits in? I don’t know.

It is looking like a tri-polar world: US, China, Russia.

The elites seem to hate Russia and Germany. They stood by and let the Communists destroy Russia at the start of the 20th to plunder her, and got their wish with Yelsin. Even in WWII, they delighted in Russia and Germany ripping each other to shreds.

Now Germany is shackled (Merkel has ruled as long as Putin but she is no autocrat…oh no no no!) and it remains to see what will become of Russia. Is Putin chosen to raise them up to full strength as the opposing pole to the US? Or is he another Yeltsin?

As for China, the Taiwan thing is just theatre…it will be absorbed, bit by bit…and latest war games surrounding the island are just China making more cuts in the meat.

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to me Russia is a paper tiger. they were first decimated by Communism then by Brain Drain and low birth rates and then by Sanctions. all they can do is is turn off gas to Europe which quite likely is what the Elites want anyway ( remember Biden cancelled Keystone pipeline as soon as he got into office ). Russia is a Non Player Character. Putin and Dugin are simply exploiting Russia’s old Glory of defeating Napoleon and Hitler to try and act like they are a superpower but reality is they never defeated Napoleon or Hitler - Napoleon and Hitler defeated themselves with Russian Winter. If we instead look at Russia’s record of successfully invading other countries for the most part they were only able to do that by “liberating” them from Hitler … and of course they are currently “liberating” Donbass etc. Except it was a trap.

Russia is going down the tubes - they are going to lose - their time is over. They are done.

They will lose the war, Putin will die from Cancer and / or he will be overthrown and quite likely all three !

Ukraine was a trap Putin walked into like Poland was a trap Hitler walked into.

Putler is fucked.

now China … is much smarter. of they aren’t world’s number 1 superpower it’s only a matter of time.

to me the world is 3-polar. US, EU and China. and all these 3 poles get along with each other pretty fucking well.

Russia is a fucking joke only slightly less pathetic than North Korea. Look we got nukes ! Yeah nobody gives a fuck !