Didn't realize Dakota Skye was dead

it’s crazy that she was one of the top porn stars but was listed as homeless at time of her death at 27 and she died in Skid Row in a company of complete strangers overdosed on a combination of drugs …

also crazy she was getting cast as a “teen” her entire career pretty much all the way up to her death in her late 20s.

people who had normal parents have no idea how lucky they are.

retarded boomers over at GAB would of course say she was ruined by Porn and Drugs … but in reality she was ruined by her parents. Without Porn she would have never been anybody at all and without Drugs she simply would have suffered longer. Porn and Drugs is all she had after her parents robbed her of her mental health ( which is everything ).

both Conservatives and Liberals are only capable of victim blaming. none of them are interested in reality - only in virtue signaling. their entire life consists in pointing out how they are the opposite of “the other side” and nothing infuriates them more than pointing out how they are, in fact, exactly the same.

luckily from them their low IQ and strong ability to go into Denial shield them from this realization quite effectively. both Liberal and Conservative ideologies can be summarized in the same way as follows:

" we are the good guys, we are smart and moral and beautiful and on the right side of history and they are the opposite - stupid, ugly, mentally ill sickos driven by jealousy and hate "

this is why i don’t mind being on a tiny platform like NOSTR - because every time i go on GAB i feel the need to wash the Boomer off of me afterwards.

anyway back on Topic going to post this Porno in honor of Dakota / Lauren


i actually jerked off to it yesterday before reading in the comments about her being dead

but it’s hot that she’s dead so now i will jerk off to her some more !

also according to wikipedia on the night of her death all of her friends refused to let her crash at their place ultimately causing her to die from an overdose essentially on the street …

my first reaction reading it was that her friends were a bunch of assholes …

but when you consider she was a mentally ill junkie realistically they cannot be blamed …

feeble human minds always try to assign guilt to the bullet first, then to the gun, MAYBE to the person who pulled the trigger … but NEVER further than that down the chain of causality …

reality is her fate was already sealed at the “sexually abused as a child and raised by an alcoholic mother” point …

Porn, Drugs and “Friends” were essentially bystanders / spectators …

@marlon who was recently talking about this in his Choices vs Options thread:

namely that as we get older we have few genuine choices … in case of Dakota / Lauren for example she never had a choice of starting a happy family because you need to be born in a happy family in order to want to start one yourself …

this is why Army Veterans become homeless and then commit suicide. it isn’t because they are too stupid to find employment. it’s because if you see enough ugliness early on in life you then begin to see ugliness everywhere and nobody can live this way.

also reminds me of how ugly fat Boomers want Andrew Tate imprisoned for “sex trafficking” while the women he ostensibly sex traffics defend him.

reality is you can’t get a girl from a good, happy family that was never abused as a child to do porn.

all those girls in porn ( and in Martial Arts ) either come from divorced parents or have been abused as children. when they meet somebody like Andrew Tate who offers them security they see him as a savior and a father they never had.

that is not Tate’s fault. it’s the fault of the father they never had or the one who raped them.

for example the Jewish Escort girl i used to date - her parents were divorced and her first orgasm was when her father was spanking her. she also was a lot more excited when i spanked her than by anything else i did. yes she was brainwashed by Liberals to become a prostitute but they never would have succeeded if she wasn’t primed for it by her messed up family.

remember jerking off to this back in the day:


also the guy fucking her looks like “El Presidente” the Bitcoin pimp from El Salvador.

I have to say it’s harder to get excited watching her videos now when you realize she must have been getting sexed in some capacity for a decade by the point the video was made.

the fantasy when you watch these videos is that the girl is young and innocent with no more than maybe 2 or 3 years of experience in sex.

you imagine you’re seeing a coming of age story when in fact you’re watching somebody near the end of their adult life.