Choices vs. Options

Choices: decisions that affect your lives or others for the better or worse; an exercise of power.
Options: decisions that do not affect your lives or others for the better or worse; an illusion of power.

The brand of pen I buy: an option.
The contract I use the pen to sign: a choice.

There is often more data, articles etc. on the types of pen than on the consequences of the contract you are signing!

The modern world reduces choice and multiplies options.
A zillion cars to buy but the loan conditions are pretty much all the same.

For the ordinary man, his choices gradually (sometimes sharply!) reduce with time.
Marriage is a choice…but much of what follows are merely options.
No wonder that men have mid-life crises…the brutal realization that so many of his choices were just options. He was programmed in a certain way from birth, rendering him incapable of really choosing for his benefit.

I think of the Matrix 2 and 3. Lots of folk didn’t like them.
Neo flies off at the end of the first film. Woo-hoo! Everything is ok!
Movies 2 and 3 - the One is a part of the Matrix, bro…
He is the system test and the upgrade. He has no choices…none.

Smith, the rebellious agent, introduces choice. From the 1st film, he wants out…no more hunting the One, no more running around in circles shooting and torturing rebels.
He is done.
It is his choice to to take everything over that gives Neo a choice.
Let Smith take over and fight the machines or stop Smith in exchange for some breathing room from the system.

Voting is the classic choice vs. option system presentation.
Billions spent to make people believe they have choices…
Trump/Reagan/Clinton etc. will save us from the Chinese/Democrats/Republicans etc.
Your vote counts!

Pepsi or Coke, brethren…Pepsi or Coke.
No fruit juice at this store. Or bottled water.

the main choice we face is whether to take the blue pill or the red pill

you @marlon


pretty sure you did LOL

our friend @OldFriendSaysHello also took both pills …

@kanyewest has taken the blue pill but licked the red one

meanwhile myself and @Alkiphron are injecting red pills intravenously


to take the blue pill is to accept the world as it was presented to you

you parents @marlon probably told you that Christianity was true and that Marriage was good and you have accepted those positions

on other hand you chose not to accept the ideas that Jews are victims, Whites are evil, Blacks are Scholars, Democracy is real, America is a free country, Vaccines are safe and effective, Israel is our greatest ally and so on …

in case of @OldFriendSaysHello he accepted the idea that life has a meaning and the meaning of life is to be successful. he took the red pill on all other issues.

i started out on team blue but, like Neo, i could always see that things just aren’t adding up. overtime through various traumatic events like 911 or breaking up with my GF i started taking red pills until eventually i didn’t have any blue left in me.

i never believed in religion even as a child and i started doubting family after reading the Communist Manifesto in college ( we had to read it for class ). i also never believed Soviet Government was good ( nobody in USSR believed the government was good ) and even though my mother told me US government was different it wasn’t very hard to figure out that it was in fact exactly the same.

from there it was learning about how the Jews built a world of lies where everything is the opposite of what it is called, as per Orwell …

then realizing my father was a sadist and my mother covered up for him my entire life …

and finally it was getting red pilled by Robert Greene books to realize my mother and father aren’t even that unique in this respect …


the elites have choices.

the peasants have options.

not gonna lie i hated Matrix 2 and 3 ( watched them this week ).

but i may have to watch them again LOL as i’m still not sure how to respond to the above.

isn’t it remarkable how water, the most obvious choice for a drink, is also the most obscure ?

of course this was handled PERFECTLY in the movie idiocracy ( 2006 ):

where not only did nobody drink water, but also the plants were watered with soft drink until ultimately all the plants died.

likewise everybody has to choose between Republicans and Democrats while both sides agree Libertarians are crazy for wanting people to just be left alone.

no you must choose left or right tyranny. blue or red tyranny. you can’t choose freedom.

coke or pepsi.

water is verboten.

Have you seen the new Matrix movie?

no please i don’t want to watch part 4 LOL

It’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

I wonder what pill the Wachowskis took.

they took the estrogen “pill”

the wachowskis transed themselves

they used to be brothers

now they are sisters

They could have merged both films…cut out a lot of the action, and let the points I gave stand out more. But the $$$ to be made!

yeah right you love the action :slight_smile:

take the Action out of the Matrix and you get something Cosmopolis like - which you would say is garbage :slight_smile:

jokes aside i tried to figure out why i liked the first matrix but hated 2nd and 3rd. i think it’s because …

  • i was a teenager when i watched the first one, so i liked the action and didn’t mind how cheesy it is. and then only years later i understood the metaphor where The Matrix = New World Order

  • i hated the 2nd and 3rd because i am older now so the action doesn’t do it for me and i can’t get over the cheese anymore …

  • i also don’t like how they put blacks and women everywhere for no reason, which didn’t bother me when i was a teen because i didn’t know it was NWO agenda …

  • i hate it how they try to make everything about love because i don’t believe in love anymore either, or rather my view of love isn’t as childish and laughable as that of the Wachowski brothers who since making the Matrix decided to transition from male to female …