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The accusation of being a witch seems to be one who abused knowledge of herbs etc…not necessarily old & ugly women.

Short article.

if these ugly old women were abusing herbs it means they wanted to be killed …




if these ugly old women were abusing herbs it means they wanted to be killed …


Really… :slightly_smiling_face:

A bit more from Wiki - should bring to mind Charlotte furiously masturbating.

Use patterns[edit]

Berries of belladonna

Decoctions of deliriant nightshades (such as henbane, belladonna, mandrake, or datura) were used in European witchcraft.[21][20] All of these plants contain hallucinogenic alkaloids of the tropane family, including hyoscyamine, atropine and scopolamine —the last of which is unique in that it can be absorbed through the skin. These concoctions are described in the literature variously as brews, salves, ointments, philtres, oils, and unguents. Ointments were mainly applied by rubbing on the skin, especially in sensitive areas—underarms, the pubic region,[25] the forehead,[23] the mucous membranes of the vagina and anus, or on areas rubbed raw ahead of time. They were often first applied to a “vehicle” to be “ridden” (an object such as a broom, pitchfork, basket, or animal skin that was rubbed against sensitive skin). All of these concoctions were made and used for the purpose of giving the witch special abilities to commune with spirits, transform into animals (lycanthropy),[26] gain love, harm enemies, experience euphoria and sexual pleasure,[22] and—importantly—to “fly to the witches’ Sabbath”.[24]

i used various hallucinogens and even sold them yet nobody ever called me a witch

funny that …

Good…no burning alive for you.

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the concept of exterminating boomers isn’t new

but i didn’t realize we were appropriating it

You even have to die in a politically correct manner!

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Sonikku - Sweat (SOPHIE Remix)

by the way “SOPHIE” was a Tranny that killed itself …

actually made great music …

Trannies make good artists because as i pointed out elsewhere their entire being is artificial …

they are masters of crafting illusions / shaping perceptions and stuff like that …

it used to be Gays and Jews that were at the cutting edge of art but now it’s Trannies …

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original, which is excellent:

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