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she - music like this

gold geisha - belladonna

Video unavailable for these two songs.

what do you mean by “video” ? these are audio links.

audio doesn’t play for you ?

i don’t know about YouTube but other sites will sometimes block content by country which can be circumvented by using a VPN.

I have to go on YouTube and search for them to watch them.

odd … i tried it using different browsers, different locations ( via VPN ), logged in and out - works fine

is it just these two tracks on this one page ?

Just those two.

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there are some signs of life in this track … some good attempts to do something interesting …

but also overall sound has a lack of sophistication to it …

it’s like the person who did it is passionate but inexperienced …

A for effort

C overall

it’s catchy … just doesn’t quite pass my standards

it’s sort of how if you watch a James Bond movie the cinematography just looks RICH … even if the movie is shit you have to admire the talent that went into the production … well this track is kind of the opposite of that … the kick and everything just sound very plain and generic like some default preset on a 20 year old freeware program to make music that comes bundled with an iPad or something - know what i’m saying ?

sorry i’m just playing a critic here …

i think you know i’m critical of basically everything …

keep em coming …

WOW … amazing !

this is the definition of quality !

just imagine forcing a boomer to listen to this LOL

asking a boomer its opinion about music is like asking a prepubescent child for sex advice …

the difference being that you don’t even need to ask - the boomer will offer its valuable opinion itself …

funny how having a rotted decomposed brain suddenly makes people experts on subjects they have no hope of ever understanding …

i do my best to try and practice boomer acceptance but let’s face it … they are NOT GONNA MAKE IT

HIGHSOCIETY - Louder (Take Your Pain Away)

What have boomers done to you lately, man?!

i was just reminded of how i got banned from both DiyAudio and AVSForum both times when i posted some music and was attacked by boomers who said my music was just distortion, has no melody, no real instruments etc ( boomer comments are always the same ) and then i retaliated against them but because they were in the majority moderators sided with them …

and then i remembered when i had episodes where for whatever reason ( such as high fever or concussion ) my brain wasn’t working right and i would be unable to listen to my own favorite music because it wouldn’t make any sense to me and just give me headache … and that’s when i knew what it’s like to be a boomer …

marijuana and alcohol gave me some clues to what it’s like to have average intelligence …

between alcohol, marijuana, fever and concussion one can get a pretty good idea of how other people “think” … ( i don’t actually recommend any of those things )

the difference is when i had a fever or concussion i didn’t go around the internet telling healthy people that things they enjoy are trash because i am unable to enjoy them … but of course that’s because i was expecting to recover from those conditions …

but there is no recovering from being a retard or a boomer …

they just search the internet for other boomers so they can together reassure each other that people whose brains still work have got everything wrong … and since they’re retired they have a lot of time to do that …

imagine you’re driving down the road and suddenly the road turns into a sewer and you’re drowning in sewage … this is what it feels like when boomers suddenly start offering their opinions …

boomers have to realize that they don’t understand anything and never will understand anything and their job is to simply watch sportsball and post pictures of their dog and grandkids on facebook and not open their dumbfuck mouth and not try to speak to humans let alone living gods like me …

but of course they do the exact opposite - they go online and be like “we gon teach those kids how it wuz is da old dayse so dey know” … and every time they repeat the same thing they expect everybody to clap their hands and be like " wow old farts who shit their adult diapers are so awesome ! " …

this is of course why globalists have EUTHANASIA - can’t come soon enough !

you should only associate with people who are either winning or are expecting to win - positive, happy, successful people who are looking to the future.

boomers are the opposite of that. they just look at everything that is good and think - how can we ruin it for young people ?

i’m right between young people and boomers and that’s why i have the clearest perspective on this dynamic. i’m sort of on both sides of this. you never really understand any issue until you have been on both sides of it.

boomers hate young people because young people are beautiful and happy. young people hate boomers because boomers literally spend all their energy trying to ruin everything for young people.

why do boomers always try to ban sex, drugs etc ? because young people do those things and boomers hate young people.

and you still ask me what boomers have done to me ?

they have done absolutely everything that was in their power to make my life miserable.

boomers laugh at young people saying " they think we were never young " … that’s true … young people can’t imagine that boomers were ever young - but that’s not the fault of young people that they can’t imagine it. the reason they can’t imagine it is because boomers hate young people so much young people can’t imagine boomers were ever young themselves …

Why are boomers so hateful?
They had a good life.

I know you said this:

boomers hate young people because young people are beautiful and happy.

But there’s got to be more.

there is :slight_smile:

but i want to go to sleep in a good mood.

i’ll save this negativity for later !

not sure how experimental this is … but i don’t know what to call it so it’s here :slight_smile:

Remember your comments on boomers.

fuck … i was hoping i wouldn’t have to do this.

but basically it’s a built in self destruct mechanism.

without mechanisms like that tissues become cancerous.

organisms like humans have similar self destruct mechanisms as cells.

death from old age is an obvious one but there are others as well.

for example one can die from grief or depression. the feelings of being worthless can be literally fatal because your species doesn’t need useless eaters so when you know you’re a burden to your species your body will try to self destruct.

but there is another mechanism … and that’s when the tribe kills you for being worthless.

the reason ugly people are so repulsive is because in a healthy tribe they will be killed for their ugliness. ugliness is a sign of genetic defect and it’s repulsive because a healthy tribe needs to correct genetic defects.

old people are ugly because in many societies they were also killed for being useless eaters.

but sometimes old people are not ugly enough to get killed and that’s when they start to act disgusting - it’s actually their self destruct mechanism attempting to trigger the tribe into killing them.

ugliness for old people is a feature not a bug and they are ugly on the inside for the same reason they are ugly on the outside. it’s their way of begging to get killed without them being aware of it.

Tough to follow. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Ugliness, in the young or the old, means ostracism…less kids or no kids than the good looking. I see genetic death as the result there not physical death.

Elder veneration is common to all cultures and spaces.
Yes, some cultures have a “long walk” option for the old to die.
And we see the elderly die quickly after retiring, the death of a spouse etc.
Basically, after we have matured enough to have children we get another 20 to 30 years to care for them and then that’s it…

Increasing ugliness with age, (less so for men than women), is sign of decreased fertility/ability to take care of offspring.

Is getting uglier as you age a tribal sign that your head should be on the chopping block?
Not sure about that.

Maybe we live in an age where older peopie being miserable is tolerated/promoted.

We see Biden, incoherent and incompetent shuffling around, playacting at being President, and Trump still going on strong…

You got to give me more content…data…arguments…

so “Antichrist” ( 2009 ) was about witches …

what is a witch ? it’s an old ugly woman.

they were burned alive …

why would any society keep useless eaters around ?

they didn’t have democracy then - they didn’t need worthless people voting for handouts …