Contemporary EDM

Just started listening to them.

Yeah Odesza is good - either Spotify or Pandora ( i used to switch back and forth ) started serving them to me a couple years ago.

I honestly feel more threatened by algorithms than by people. if an algorithm can have better taste in music than me - what value do i have ?

reminds me of a cartoon ( i think posted by Elon Musk ) in which Internet Explorer asks " why do i exist ? " and gets the answer " you install Chrome … "

perhaps we existed only to create AI …

Humans simply like music that is structurally similar, and there are only so many structures out there, I suppose.

i don’t understand why humans like music at all.

as for algorithms - they don’t listen to music - they just analyze preferences of other listeners.

same as how movielens algorithm doesn’t watch movies.

the thing is if they DID watch movies or listen to music their suggestions would be WORSE.

that’s what’s fucked up.

sort of how the most successful politicians are the ones that don’t believe in anything at all - like Biden - he doesn’t even know who he is which actually makes him perfect.

Correct. The music and movie algorithms, at the heart of it, aren’t analysing movies or songs…they are analysing preferences.

By figuring out which groups of preferences you have, and what others with your preferences like, they can pin you down accurately.

Politicians…the job requirement is just to be a blade of grass while appearing to be a redwood…it’s tough…lots of rewards though.

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More Apashe - Dies Irae (instrumental version); not a fan of rap

this Apashe guy strikes me as a producer rather than an artist …

i like the “uebok” track - it is well produced and that demented hoe with silicon injected lip gives it some personality.

his other tracks are equally well produced but sound generic to me.

he should make music for movies and video games and such - he is skilled just lacks personality - in a soundtrack that’s a good thing because you’re creating background for what is on the screen - but for stand alone music so to speak you need a little more character IMO.

he will do well but he really should run a record label not make music.

Something softer.

doesn’t sound like sheep committing suicide. sounds like sheep getting molested :zipper_mouth_face:

anyway, here is a track for you …

The name of the guy is she…and he wants to f you up…
Ok…Weights aren’t sufficient to get your rage out…take up MMA!!

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ok but you have to remember i am a subversive Jew …

to me art that isn’t experimental isn’t art …

the best painting if it isn’t experimental in some way is just a bad photograph …

first i want to stress that this song / performance isn’t bad and that i’m not talking about it but about conservatives and art in general … they typically do not mix

conservative idea of art is the same as a six year old’s idea of art. well at least if the six year old is in the top 1% by IQ and comes from a family of artists. literally when i was a child my idea of what is quality art was the same as that of conservatives.

but at some point you realize there is something called innovation, and without it human life has no value.

if we can’t innovate there is no reason for us to exist.

the song / performance is nice and all that but - what is the innovation ?

anyway if you want to watch a proper doomsday movie here it is:

not sure this movie has a point it’s just really properly fucked up.

Well…I knew there wasn’t much to look at so I put it in this section.
You want your music video to have music and video; this was all music and no video. Fair enough.

i wasn’t talking about that at all. i have already accepted that you will just put things in whatever category pleases you and there is nothing i can do about.

i literally meant what i said - that human value is only in our ability to innovate.

why is Elon Musk the richest man ? because he is better at FAKING innovativeness than anybody else.

many Tesla Shorts got completely destroyed because they couldn’t understand how a company that barely sells any cars can be worth more than companies that sell a lot of cars ? and the answer is because only innovation has value.

Shorts pointed out that Tesla has the worst quality of any premium car and is also the worst in basically every other metric as well … whereas Elon Musk stressed that the only thing that matters is “pace of innovation” …

Now i’m the biggest critic of Elon Musk ever but indeed real innovation can never be over-valued. My problem with Tesla is their innovation is fake and gay.

But the smart money knew that it doesn’t matter if something is fake … as long as it SEEMS real.

You must be thinking … if only innovation has value then 99.999% of people have no value … WELL YOU WOULD BE RIGHT


art must be original FIRST and good second

art that is good but not original isn’t art

it’s high quality forgery

i don’t mean that a cover is automatically not original - not at all

it’s just that when i skip through songs on Spotify i’m always listening for something different, something unfamiliar …

and the video you linked is nice but doesn’t strike me as different or unfamiliar in either the sound or the picture …

it’s also not EDM ( electronic dance music ) but as i said i have already accepted that you have nothing but contempt for such arbitrary boundaries as thread topics LOL

take this video for example:

it’s completely ridiculous but that’s what makes it great.

and it’s not about the video either - it sounds pretty much the same way it looks.

i was surprised / impressed to hear Corvad in “the Batman” … the hollywood Jews aren’t dumb … they know what’s up …

they edited out the entire “Corvad-Tesla” track and left just the hook, still i should have recognized it - instead i knew that i know this track but i couldn’t remember which track it was … that was really embarrassing LOL

it’s also not EDM ( electronic dance music ) but as i said i have already accepted that you have nothing but contempt for such arbitrary boundaries as thread topics LOL

:grinning: :grinning: :rofl: :rofl:
I’ll get used to it…the music thread topics, I mean…

You must be thinking … if only innovation has value then 99.999% of people have no value … WELL YOU WOULD BE RIGHT

Two responses: mine and then a quote from someone who agrees with you entirely.

The innovator needs an audience to appreciate and elevate his work…so even you have to keep some people alive.

  1. The notion that there is such a thing as “mankind” as generally understood, and that it is it which creates culture and civilization is a fantastically erroneous conception of how all these things actually work, and banishing it forever from one’s mind is essential if one wants to understand much about philosophy.
    Take for example electric lighting. The claim that “mankind” invented it is universally believed despite being falsified by every modern history book ever written. For electric lighting was of course invented by a lifeform called “Thomas Edison”, and this phantom “mankind” that everyone’s yapping about had nothing to do with it; indeed billions of homo sapiens all over the planet still don’t have access to it, and even most of those who do have not the faintest clue of how it works — so how could any of them or their ancestors be said to have invented it lol? The vast majority of them can’t even figure out how to properly use it, while some of them don’t even want to, ever (e.g. the Amish, or pygmy tribes of hunter-gatherers in central Africa who spend all day chasing little furry animals around and don’t even want to learn how to breed them in captivity so that they won’t have to run around the jungle all day long and finally find the time to — I don’t know — perhaps read a book or something).
    So electric lighting was invented by the lifeform “Thomas Edison”, and then adopted by a select number of lifeforms around him. Moreover, even those who adopted it didn’t do so in an equally beneficial and productive manner. For if one of them simply used it to extend his bedtime for a couple hours past sundown, just so he could autistically re-read a few pages of the Bible for the thousandth time, while another used it to invent the television or the digital computer (—not to speak of all the countless ones who fried themselves or inadvertently set their homes on fire with it, lol, burning down half the neighborhood in the process), how could all these people be said to have adopted Edison’s legacy in an equal manner? And is the son who squanders or merely maintains his inheritance as much his father’s son as he who builds on it and expands it? Ask Edison himself and you will see what he has to say on the matter, and look into his life and you will see the answers. Did he hang out and correspond with African pygmies and unscientific commoners, or did he focus the vast majority of his attention on the scientific community that truly felt like him and understood him? Who are his real sons if not the Lumière brothers and Alan Turing? Who belongs to the real mankind, if not them and only them ? Are the monkeys NASA sent to space part of mankind too despite not having the faintest clue of what was happening to them, just because someone stuck them in a rocket and pressed the launch button? We can send rocks to space, for crying out loud — we can play Bach to rodents — but all that would no more render all these creatures part of mankind than the invention of email made David Attenborough, who still refuses to use it. And just as electric lighting was essential for pretty much every invention that followed it in every domain of human endeavor, all of which are unthinkable without it, so will email be for all future inventions (good luck finding e.g. a science lab that can function today without it). So, do you have a problem with the internet? That means you don’t belong to mankind. Don’t like the sound of cloning? Neither do sheep (even though we’ve already cloned some of them despite their will and without their consent or even knowledge) or Jean Baudrillard, and guess what: they are not part of mankind either. Which leads to the startling conclusion that, instead of indiscriminately extending membership in mankind to all homo sapiens , no matter how tiny and wretched the fragment of our culture that they’ve made their own and colonized, we should restrict it to those who’ve grasped and parsed and used ALL of it! — every single last advance in it, in one way or another, without exception!

i don’t know if you are going to believe this but what this guy wrote about mankind i kept telling my parents since i was a little child and my father kept yapping about mankind because he was a sadist and always said anything that he knew would make me angry …

took me decades to realize he didn’t believe anything he said and it was all simply calculated to upset me …

when i last spoke to him the entire family has accepted that he’s a fucking idiot and that everything he says is dumb and that in all our arguments i am always right …

which made me wonder … how can i be so smart if my father is so dumb ? well the answer is he wasn’t actually that dumb. he was mentally ill. he was PRETENDING to believe all those absurdities. he would rather be called an idiot to his face 100 times a day than give me the pleasure of confirming that i am right … because i won ALL our arguments not realizing that he wasn’t fighting to win - but to torture me …

he would say things like “you should eat ketchup - it’s a source of tomatoes” or “there is no inflation - it’s the prices that are rising” and on and on … and i would wonder how anybody can be this dumb ? when he was faking it …

most people also believe politicians when they play dumb for the same reason i fell for my father’s act …

well talking about how “humanity” has achieved all these great things was his absolute favorite way of torturing me. i kept telling him that retards like him have accomplished nothing in all of history and that geniuses like me are responsible for 100% of inventions in history … and by next day he would be back to yapping about humanity and its achievements …

it must have started when i was about 10 years old.


but you know what i mean.

You had a hard childhood.
Mine started great - excellent first 10 years - then…
But at least my father just ignored me; yours was being a sadist.

And I know what you mean, any audience for any man’s work is a very minor portion of mankind.

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