China and America are one

This professor is saying that Chinese higher education has been infiltrated by the West thoroughly and completely.

So how can China “win”?

Bigger points:

There is an international elite that moves freely from country - jobs and posts freely provided/created as needed - China accepts this elite gladly.

To caricature it in the most simplistic way possible, humanity has fallen into two separate types of people, the selected meta and the rejected infra . I use these terminologies for better illustration as we go along. But think of them as a new breed of magicians or creators or enlightened beings. The meta (Greek for hidden) are the manipulators who switch everything and do what they want. The infra (Greek for subpar) is everyone else. The infra people lead banal lives and produce all the stuff for the advancement of meta . In the past, throughout human evolution, a tiny minority of elites had always been able to accumulate all the labor, resources, and technologies to cement their rule.

Here is another quote:

The owners and caretakers of the system do not sit their own tests. There are several other ways for them to get the positions they want. Democratic ways, even. For example, all presidents, directors, professors, researchers, and so on, are handpicked, selected, nominated by… guess by whom… their mentors and peers. Next, the entire spectrum of graduate education and research runs on nepotism, recommendation letters, and vague, flexible ideas about excellence . Excellence is deliberately kept vague, and the plantation owners change the definition at any time.

One year excellence could be enrolling more minorities, the other year it could be enrolling athletes. Money and guanxi —connections—are always excellent , see. During the last twenty years of globalism, excellence was enrolling the kids of parents who had overseas qualifications. That is also the reason why Chinese elites send their kids to Western universities where there are no entrance examinations. When they return to China, all entry barriers here have also disappeared—excellent ! Western education means global. It also means: local rules do not apply.

For that last quote…TL;DR…hard work is for suckers.

Another quote on the scam:

Next are the foreigners. If you are American, you just apply and walk into PKU. You have read this correctly. You just walk and bypass the 1.4 billion Chinese, pay maybe a symbolic $4000 study fee, and, voila, you are now a Peking University affiliate. This is what I mean by meta knowledge, or the hidden world.

if anything its the US educational system has been long ago been infiltrated as per the interview of ex KGB from the 80s…US does export its mental garbage via hollywood but Chinese are shielding their side better than we are shielding our side.

I don’t think it was infiltration…Yuri does…
I think it was both planned and inevitable.
Planned in the sense that the elite wants one global system.
Inevitable since gov’ts want control over its citizens and controlling the educational system is one way to do it.

Those selected to rise are the meta and the rejected are the infra…and the meta, the masters, the elite recognize each other anywhere in the world.

contrary to what the blog is claiming Ai WeiWei is cool :

( AIWW retweeted and followed me on Twitter on my last account )

i don’t think the post is saying America controls China. it says America is winning the power struggle with China.

Not really the same.

Yes there are tunnels from Harvard to China but they go both ways …

i’m out to sleep. will comment more tomorrow.

I expect American elites to walk to the head of the line for American universities. I expect Chinese elites to walk to the head of the line for Chinese universities.

I understand American universities to be eager for the chance to influence Chinese elites so they lower the bar.
But I didn’t expect that American elites would just waltz to the head of the line in China! I thought their firewall was stronger.

Chinese president Xi was educated in America

his daughter according to your own link goes to Harvard

does that mean China controls American education ?

300 million Americans count for more than 1.4 billion Chinese - why shouldn’t Universities prioritize Americans over Chinese ? Americans are more important.

in the movie “The Lover” ( 1992 )

the girl is allowed to break all sorts of school rules because she is white and in that 3rd world country having a white girl in the school immediately increases the school’s prestige

who gives a shit if some fucking Chinese monkey can spend 20 hours a day studying for tests ? will they ever amount to anything ? the chance is literally one in a million.

on other hand a son of some American diplomat is almost guaranteed to become a somebody regardless of his academic performance.

should a school accept somebody with 80% chance of succeeding in life or somebody with 0.0008% chance ?

this is basic common sense. schools want to make sure they are investing in students which are likely to become a somebody which will in turn benefit the prestige of the school, or may result in donations or these people will send their own children to the school and so on.

and as for why would an American linked school be more prestigious than non-American-linked one ?

well because what all Chinese really want is to learn English and move to America.

i don’t disagree with the Author but i simply didn’t find anything surprising in his blog.

that isn’t really what he is saying. he’s saying that “meta” people ( his term for the Elites ) are international in nature and all the top universities are interlinked. furthermore the west has a hegemony in academia and is actively suppressing Chinese intellectuals except dissidents like Ai WeiWei.

however even though Ai WeiWei is certainly against China’s regime he isn’t exactly on the same side as Klaus Schwab. AIWW hangs out with white nationalists for the most part. Or at least the female ones. There is a picture of him with just about every white nationalist female politician.

i really don’t understand why this German author wants China to win so bad.


that doesn’t mean they let these Americans into political office in the Communist party.

they don’t even let them into Teaching positions unless they are ethnically Chinese ( though educated in the west ).

Chinese recognize they are SECOND RATE HUMANS compared to Americans and welcome Americans for that reason … BUT NOT INTO POSITIONS OF POWER.

no argument there.

i don’t have a problem with this. the institutions are run by the elites for the elites. but they refresh their bloodlines by allowing the best of the non-elites to enter their circles.

look at British Royals - their sons get to choose exceptionally attractive and classy non-royal women to marry, while their own qualification is simply the family they come from and nothing else.

likewise top Universities get to admit exceptional students into their general population mainly comprised of connected meta who never opened a book.

a high school friend of mine went to Yale - he later told me that he gets drunk with George Bush’s daughters. my friend was of course a Mutant - the type who studies 10 hours a day - and i’m sure Bush’s Daughters never opened a book in their life. But there is no problem with this - they get along just fine. My friend gets connections and they get somebody who is actually smart who can work for them.

no, not for suckers.

hard work is for people who don’t have connections.

however with enough hard work you may eventually get the connections, but of course only if you are actively seeking those connections. in my case i could get the right test scores but i didn’t get shit out of it because i am anti-social and the idea of networking never even crossed my mind because for me it would be as repulsive as sucking cocks for money.

now @OldFriendSaysHello on other hand is a prodigious networker.

you either need to be connected, or you need to be a hard worker and a master networker.

great. so if you’re an American you can forego something like University of Florida with facilities that look like this:

and instead attend a Unviersity in China with facilities that look like this:

i think i know which one i would rather go to …

actually i would rather not go to school at all …

you can learn using internet and books …

and you can network maybe by selling drugs to the rich and famous …

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anyway @marlon thank you for sharing.

i believe the Author was speaking his mind honestly for the most part, except where he said he might get killed for writing that blog which he added for dramatic effect.

although his blog didn’t really answer the question of how China fits into the puzzle it does provide some additional perspective which could potentially be valuable.

True. I read somewhere else that even the sons and daughters of the Chinese higher-ups that study overseas are not allowed into certain positions.

It will be interesting to see if that changes.

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