The Lover ( 1992 )

3.5 stars.

its kind of an erotic leaning drama where the drama is fairly weak though not bad

and the erotic side is also fairly weak but 18 year old Jane March leaves nothing to the imagination and all her parts look very good ! for this the movie gets 3.5 stars ! the producers really went the extra mile to get the freshest possible meat for our eyes to feast on and for that i must reward them !

she actually turned 18 during the filming of the movie and her character was only 15 and a half …

guess i didn’t realize it was even legal to have explicit sex scenes for a character that is supposed to be 15 even if the actress just turned 18 …

anyway i was very pleased with the package brought by 18 year old Jane March:

not that this is an erotic movie - it is not. it’s a mediocre romance / drama but with extra fresh teen sexiness.

i will leave it up to you to decide whether this is something you want to watch or not …

or you can just watch the nude scenes from the movie here: