Brent Toderian Twitter Account

city planners rarely have normal looking faces and this guy’s face is as fucked up as you expect from a city planner …

oh look, a “Global Cities” Advisor

Global Cities … that totally doesn’t sound like something Klaus Schwab and WEF would pimp LOL

he is clearly close the source. closer to WEF than FuckCars.

i can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of dissecting his bullshit WEF propaganda tweets LOL

of course FuckCars follows him, and smaller, lower level fish like @Klaus_Schwab_Slave and @kanyewest get their propaganda way downstream …

so far downstream they have no idea how easy it is for us elites to put whatever we want into their heads.

in my estimate @kanyewest is an honest victim of the PSYOP. @Klaus_Schwab_Slave is probably in on the scam, or at least a homosexual, but might be a victim as well. this Toderian guy is clearly on Team Schwab though - you can see it from his face.

You can see from his face that he gets his energy from sucking the lives of others. Was probably raped as a child. Now he lives to rape humanity.

for example this is a comment i just received:

checking the profile real quick … yep … a " trans girl "

it is already well known in psychology that opposition to guns is a sign of sexual dysfunction in men

apparently so is opposition to cars

anti-gun activists try to gaslight pro-gun activists by saying pro-gun men are “compensating” and so on …

yeah maybe but at least we’re not cutting our dicks off !

they want to take your cars, your guns, your gas oven

and cut your dick off

and @kanyewest be like " we have to be open minded about this "

fuck …

Oh no !