Account Locked - 7 days ( again )

i think it’s interesting that this time they locked me for TWO completely UNRELATED tweets

one was from a discussion about Urbanism and another from a discussion about Education

I am really having doubts about involvement with Twitter as there aren’t too many good accounts and they keep getting banned, even after Elon’s fake amnesty.

But I am also reluctant about getting involved with Gab because you have desceribed it as a site for retards and incels. You are right that it’s necessary for success to associate, if anything, with those that are a bit better than you. So it’s hard to see how that is fulfilled with such conditions on Gab.

Gettr, Truth Social are probably boomer hangouts and also no doubt racism is banned, because the GOP is going full “integrationist” (i.e. liberalism from the 1960s).

It’s an unfortunate time for social media. YT is still relatively good, just so long as the content is not political, as any truth telling was banned around 2017 or so.

A bit of a dilemma…

Hmm, maybe I’ll just catch up on movie watching, since you have so many recommendations on here that I haven’t seen.

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