A rare glimpse into your Urbanist future! ( Japan vs Texas )

there is currently a NOSTR conference in Japan and somebody posted this picture from over there:

notice the people walking their bicycles. they can’t ride their bikes because there are too many pedestrians.

this is literally your future if you accept Klaus Schwab’s Urbanist vision that says you have to maximize density by eliminating “wasted” space.

ask yourself - would you rather be in Japan, pictured above …

or in Texas, pictured below …

that is, would you rather move at 1.5 mph or 65 mph ?

here is drone footage of the same interchange in Texas:

and a ground level driving view of the same interchange:

in case you can’t tell i believe ALL interchanges should be modeled after the High Five …

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i can already hear @kanyewest screaming " OMG you can’t be serious we can’t afford to build such things ! ! ! "

well according to Wikipedia entry above it cost $260 million to build. for reference this week Biden announced a Ukraine / Israel spending package worth $100 billion.

you can build THREE HUNDRED of such High-Five interchanges for the amount of money Biden spent in ONE DAY.

and yet Urbanists tell us that traffic problem isn’t solvable and that we can’t afford to have roads … or a border wall … ( but we can afford to police the entire planet )

the reality is traffic is artificially engineered by Urbanist City Planners who spend more money dismantling existing roads than building new ones because their ultimate goal is what you see in the opening image from Japan where young people walk and old people are euthanized.

you’re a good boy aren’t you ?

That’s a busy commercial area of Tokyo. It’s the equivalent of Times Square. If course you can’t ride a bike there.

How often did you ride your bike through the heart of Times Square when you rode around the city?

i typically rode the bike at like 2AM in the morning and i would take the west side highway which has a massive bike path that was obviously empty at night

i only ever rode a bike for cardio never for transportation

well, i used it for transportation when i was 15 but never since getting a driver’s license

that’s the thing such areas should not exist. if you want to walk around shops etc. we have malls for that in America.

for example here are some pictures from the “American Dream” mall, just outside of Manhattan:

you get in a fucking car and you drive to the mall and then you can walk around there for the whole day.


walking is RECREATION

spaces for walking should also be air conditioned.

we are living in the 21st century - stop trying to go back to the Middle Ages.

Malls are a good idea in theory. In practice they don’t work because they are too expensive to maintain and nobody wants to pay for it. Shop owners always get screwed.

They would be better if there were apartments in them and there were a broader variety of businesses that fulfill people’s basic needs like grocery stores, gyms, hardware stores, etc. People could live there and never have to leave. If you lived somewhere with crappy weather you could just stay indoors all the time and never have to deal with it.

As it stands most malls are vacant and falling apart. The mall concept doesn’t work and they aren’t beinf repurposed into anything else.

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you’re starting to think now.

i wonder if you still feel the same about this older thread, in which you were clearly refusing to think:

yes i am all in favor of people having spaces to socialize etc. and where one can get around on foot. we can build those spaces in areas that are currently barely developed.

an ideal location would be a space between two or three existing cities where people from those cities can gradually migrate to without any major disruptions with the old cities eventually becoming abandoned, razed and turned into a forest.

but that isn’t what urbanists want. they wan to take existing cities and then literally just destroy roads and parking. that’s it. they don’t want to build anything. they want to put a concrete block in the middle of a road and say it is now a park. literally.

what to build specifically ? well one possibility i have already outlined in my entries in “Ecofascist Utopia” subforum:

but we can also go with a less radical idea that you have basically suggested here - namely mall-like structures repurposed for a wider range of uses.

we build a grid with 1 mile by 1 mile squares ( that we shall call hyperblocks ) and in every square there is a mall type singular air-conditioned structure that serves a particular rage of uses as follows:

potential types of hyperblocks:

  • education / university ( includes student housing )
  • hospital / medical center ( includes housing for nurses )
  • office space / downtown ( includes housing for interns and low income staff )
  • warehouse ( amazon fulfillment, includes housing for low paid workers )
  • residential retirement ( includes physicians, therapy pools etc )
  • residential family ( includes kindergartens, pediatricians )
  • residential young adults ( includes clubs, diners etc. )

all roofs will be converted into outdoor parks for those who don’t like air conditioned indoor space, thus there will be enough park space for the entire city population to use at once such as on holidays.

these hyperblocks are connected by a subway train grid as well as a highway grid. the train ride is 2 minutes for every 1-mile stop / hyperblock with the city being about 20 by 20 miles or hyperblocks. that means it takes about 20 minutes to an hour to get from any hyperblock to another by train and also about 10 - 20 minutes to traverse a hyperblock itself on foot.

  • most people will rarely need to go outside their hyberblocks
  • when traveling to other hyperblocks the train will suffice most of the time
  • highways will be used mostly for large items like furniture and by rich people

in other words we minimize travel time and energy required to travel just as what the Urbanists promise … but we don’t ask 90 year old grandmas to ride a bicycle on black ice and under freezing rain. instead they ride an electric mobility scooter in an air conditioned space.

we build new things instead of destroying things that were previously built.

because i’m actually all for reducing the need for cars ! that just simply isn’t what Urbanists are trying to do. they aren’t trying to reduce the need for cars. they are trying to make car use impossible or as painful as possible. this isn’t the same at all.

even when they add bike lanes the real reason is simply to destroy parking or remove car lanes. it isn’t like people weren’t biking before bike lanes ! nobody needed, wanted or asked for these bike lanes. these bike lanes are nothing more than an excuse to create obstacles for car use by reducing space available for driving and parking.

Urbanists are Communists who care about people about as much as Stalin did. Their goal is to eliminate cars and they only need to PRETEND that they are offering some viable alternative, even though it is obvious that it has no chance of working.

If you referring to something I said then why are you quoting yourself?

i’m guiding your thought process seeing how difficult it must be for you to think on your own :slight_smile:

That idea of yours was you coming around to my way of thinking, not the other way around. You were arguing for urban sprawl wherein everyone has to get around using an automobile. I was arguing for more compact communities in which unnecessary driving is reduced. The livable mall is more akin to my way of thinking.

i wasn’t arguing for urban sprawl i was arguing for resistance against WEF tyranny.