Zack from Jerry Rig Everything MELTS DOWN Samsung S24 Ultra for TITANIUM

TLDR: the Titanium is real, but is mainly for aesthetics.

The phone, however, is very well built with chunky aluminum mid-frame, large vapor chamber and most importantly …

Great repairability !

The back comes off easily, battery has a pull tab and internally screws are used in place of glue.

I seen another reviewer give S24 Ultra 9 out of 10 for repairability whereas same reviewer gives most other phones 4 out of 10.

Zack also commented that Samsung did a great job in terms of repairability of the phone ( without giving it a rating )

I think S24 Ultra is a great phone, unfortunately my S10 Plus does everything i currently ask of it, even if it may be on its 3rd battery, so i have no excuse to upgrade.

but if i lost my phone today i would replace it with S24 Ultra without any hesitation.