You are free to change your avatar to whatever you want

i put in some placeholders for you because it was weird that @Alkiphron had a custom avatar and everybody else was a capital letter initial

you could argue that @kanyewest @kimkardashian and @Klaus_Schwab_Slave all being letter K was a feature rather than a bug since they are in fact the same person … but then @RedPilledGod is also them and is a letter R …

basically it was starting to get on my nerves …

i suppose if you want to go back to being a capital letter initial you can do that too … but if you think about it you never chose to be that letter either - the system chose it for you - just as i chose your avatar for you - but only as a starting point …

you can change it to whatever you want

or you can keep the one i came up with for you

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I am not @Klaus_Schwab_Slave

IDK who that was. Someone from Twitter I guess.

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even more reason to not have all of you represented by the same letter K in place of avatar.