YE24 Merch?

i don’t care if it is real or fake ( unaffiliated with Ye )

does anybody know where i can buy some Ye24 merch ?

specifically T-Shirts.

i won’t pay Yeezy prices and i won’t do weird payment methods but if i can use Credit Card and pay a sensible price for a T-Shirt i would wear it to gym :slight_smile:

it must be available in larger sizes though …

Here’s one. It’s not one of the cool ones in this picture. I don’t think those are real.

I think the real merch is in development. It will probably be way cooler than anything you can get now.

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not bad

i wish “ye” and “24” were on opposite sides of the shirt though

and most importantly i wish they would skip the cross as i don’t believe in that stuff

just have two swastikas one on each side of the shirt - keep it simple

low-IQ people ( everyone on GAB ) can’t understand that elegance, class and taste are about simplicity and decluttering … their “designs” and “art” are like an explosion of diarrhea …

like all that architecture and art they consider superior to modern art …

i would rather have a fucking solid color square hanging on my wall than any of their so-called classic art.

Like I said, the good merch doesn’t exist (yet)

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