Ye on Gavin McInnes

these videos get periodically deleted for copyright if it’s removed just search for “Kanye Gavin” on Bitchute

of course Bitchute themselves have been debanked this past week so they may go down completely

the interview was after the Alex Jones one - it is much shorter and a lot less epic basically just Ye going over most of the same points he made on Alex but in a calmer fashion

there must have been several interviews since that one - for some reason it took me weeks to finish watching this interview - i was watching about 5 minutes per day of it :slight_smile:

I like Kanye West. I don’t call him Ye because that’s retarded. However, I think he should learn to control what comes out of his mouth so his career isn’t destroyed because of stupid stuff he says. As someone ostensibly running for President, he made a really a stupid mistake posting the stuff he posted on Twitter. I don’t care how famous you are or how gay Twitter is; getting banned off of Twitter is basically the same as death for someone trying to promote a message on the internet. Without it you have a fraction of the reach that you have with it. Hopefully he apologizes to Elon and Elon lets him back on.

Praising Hitler and calling himself a Nazi is not going to have the same positive effect on his career that his other outrageous moments had. Those were entertaining and great for publicity. This is deeply offensive to people. Everyone in America is taught that Hitler and the Nazis were the most evil thing to ever exist on this earth. Most people believe that. When you say the things Kanye said you trigger a reaction in 90%+ of people of disgust and rage. It’s not about being right or wrong. They will never even listen to what you say because it conflicts so deeply with their programming.

What’s funny is that you have someone like Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of one of the most cucked countries on earth, openly praising Xi Xinping and Communist China and nobody even cares. Xi Xinping is a brutalist monster way worse than Adolf Hitler who has turned his country into the worst dystopian hellscape history has ever seen, complete with death camps, forced labor, racist genocide, forced imprisonment, famine… the whole works. You can’t say anything positive about some dictator from 99 years ago but you can say whatever you want about a contemporary dictator who is even worse and the entire media apparatus will cover for you.

what if he sensed that his career was already over and that the Jews who made him famous had no further plans for him. what if the Jews dumped him and in retaliation he went “death con 3” ( sic ) on them ?

if you listened to Alan Watt ( RIP ) he explained how the entertainment industry works - the Jews decide who will be famous and for how long - in some cases you may only be given a single “one hit wonder” …

Kanye said he wanted to make affordable clothes and the Jews said no, he basically got frustrated by the fact that even as a Multi-Billionaire he was being treated like a child with the Jews making all the decisions where he wouldn’t even be invited to meetings …

He realized he wasn’t in control of his life, that he was a slave to the Jews just like his ancestors were on the Jewish slave ships - and then he realized it was no way to live …

let’s say he sucked Jewish dick like everybody else - what then ? he would simply fade into the sunset because the Jews don’t need aging rappers - they can always make some 20 year old the next star.

when you are used to being the center of attention becoming irrelevant and forgotten may be a tough pill to swallow. perhaps Ye sensed this was coming so he decided to go Hail Mary on the Jews as he was already losing everything anyway with the marriage and so on.

Just today on Twitter i read that Ye laughed when he got banned. This is according to the guy who supposedly stood next to him at the time.

Ye will not apologize. And Elon is supposed to resign as CEO anyway.

Ye is done working within the system. He is now working outside the system.

well Ye isn’t even officially declaring he is running for President yet. He said he sees himself as Malcom X, and is ready to be assassinated. Best case outcome for Ye is he becomes the next Louis Farrakhan but instead of Nation of Islam perhaps he starts a Nation of Jesus or something. There is no future for Ye within the system, only outside of it.

But maybe there was no future for him within the system anyway. Think of people like Britney Spears or Vanilla Ice - here today - gone tomorrow. The Jews can make anybody a star but also when they decide to replace you with somebody else you’re gone like poof. Perhaps they were going to replace Ye anyway whether he sucked their dick or not.

well because Xi has power and so do the Jews while Hitler being dead does not.

“history is written by the winners” … and also “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

you know what is really funny ? i just googled the latter quote and every single result is from “fact checkers” who all say that anybody using this quote is a nazi.

Google of course was founded by Jews, most likely with capital from CIA venture fund.

If the Jews that made Kanye’s career are done with him and the media is done with him, then all he has left is self-promotion. If you are trying to promote yourself on the internet then getting banned off of social media is just about the stupidest thing you can do.

all right let’s hear it - what would YOU do if you were Kanye and wanted to defeat the Jews ?

would you defeat them by continuing to suck their dick ?

i mean - what Twitter rules did Kanye break exactly ?

he was banned for signaling that he is done sucking dick.

so if you were his place you would have done what exactly ?

what is the point of having Twitter if all you can do there is condemn antisemitism ?

i have been banned from Twitter like 5 times.

one time i was banned for linking to wikipedia article which showed that women’s mating behavior is identical to those of animals.

every time they ban somebody they tell you something about violence. but in reality it’s always about you rustling their jimmies. when you have them cornered and they are forced to admit that they are the assholes is when they ban you. then they make up BS excuse about you violating some rule.

Kanye did not break Twitter rules. Neither did 90% of people who are still banned like Stefan Molyneux whose crimes are simply that they were too influential and dangerous to the Jewish establishment.

They usually ban me when i get to about 250 - 1000 followers. They know who i am but they don’t mind me being on there as long as my follower count is low. When my follower count starts to rise they will ban me again.

They give you this false hope by allowing you to create a new account but they know damn well they are going to ban me once i start posing a threat to their narratives like Kanye did.

If I were Kanye I would use Twitter to promote my campaign and tell people that I am doing interviews with Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, etc. Nothing controversial would be posted there. It’s the most efficient way to communicate with the world. Without it, doing anything online and actually getting across to a large audience is basically impossible. I doubt Elon would have banned Kanye if he weren’t saying the things he said on Alex Jones on Twitter as well. You only get banned on Twitter for what you say on Twitter. Now when he does an interview or anything related to his campaign only a fraction of the people will know about it.

What I have learned over the past few years of internet censorship is that 90%+ of people will only ever use the mainstream platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If you aren’t on those platforms then you basically don’t exist. Most people will never follow you to Telegram, Rumble, Truth Social, etc. Even Donald Trump, who is the most famous person ever to be censored, only has a few million followers on Truth Social, vs. his 90 million on Twitter. Whenever he “Truths” he has a fraction of the audience he has on Twitter.

I don’t even use Twitter. I don’t care about social media. But Kanye is running a presidential campaign and trying to promote a message. He needs to care about social media. It’s all he has.

Kanye is an oddball for sure.

i mean when people ask him what his website is he just says “the bible is my website” or something like that.

he will literally not say what his website is when directly asked by either Alex Jones or Gavin McInnes

it is strange. i don’t fully understand it.

my own solution is not very original - i do what everybody does - i use social media to direct people to my own site ( here ).

i don’t care if i’m banned from 90% of platforms as long as i am not banned on some platforms and i can use those to promote my own site.

but Kanye will literally not promote his own site even when pressed.

very very strange.

He calls himself autistic, but I don’t think that’s accurate. He has strong intuitions and experiences emotions very intensely. His genius comes from his ability to understand feeling and emotion and not so much raw intelligence. This makes for great music and art but not really intelligent political philosophy or eloquently presented ideas. He is not intelligent in an analytical sense at all.

his decision to hire a GAY JEW ( Milo ) to run his campaign based on following the word of Jesus was certainly interesting … LOL

he may not be very smart but very smart people seem to be excited to work with him …

it would be cool if he brought Stefan Molyneux on his team but Stefan isn’t religious … Ye really seems to be bonding with Nick Fuentes because Nick is a Christian Fundamentalist to the point of not believing in Evolution for example …

Stefan might be Canadian though …

Kanye is not likely to become the president LOL but he still has enough money and celebrity that if the right people are able to get into this team they can make things interesting …

right before Ye was banned he let Alex and the rest of the crew tweet from his account … the point being that all of those guys had been banned already and of course that day Ye has joined them …

so him getting banned was in a sense a symbolic gesture … like Jesus hanging out with prostitutes or something … ( i don’t know anything about Christianity ).